We all have many things we like or love, some more than others. But what about the rest? For me, there are a myriad of things that totally get on my nerves and make me wonder what the hell is wrong with the world:

Considering all the bad things that are taking place in the world and on our island, I would like to dedicate a moment to all of my friends and colleagues who have been taken away too soon. Just yesterday, one of my peers and old classmates was gunned down near his home. Rest in peace Lamar Ferguson. Another is a very good friend of mine's daughter's father as well as former schoolmate, Narado Thurston. They will be missed. My condolences go out to all those affected by their loss and pray that young and old people in this country alike band together to put an end to all of these senseless, heinous crimes.

My favourite place to buy reasonably priced car parts and really affordable household items, AID (Automotive & Industrial Distributors) burned down yesterday (June 9th, 2011)

Bad looking lace fronts!

First, I must say that the overwhelming increase in vicious killings and crime in this small country is absolutely stupid and shameful! Murder count already 81 but then they aren't executing anyone! The quality of live is becoming worse and worse but dignitaries drive their pompous asses around with their ugly noses turned high in the air like a whistling gunshot can't hit their glass! People need help dammit! There's BEC monopolizing, Cable Bahamas monopolizing, minimum wage is $175, roads are torn up left, right and center, businesses are forced to close, copper export has been banned, making it harder for honest scrap metal guys to make a living, duty on cars has more than doubled, gas is ridiculous at about $5 per gallon, unemployment at about 30%, illegals taking over the streets...I mean the list goes on and on. What are the leaders trying to make of the Bahamaland?

Other things I hate:

Men who act like they're fresh out of prison and want to rape you with their eyes and try every whim to get your attention then insult you when you ignore them.  ("SsSSssKKk...Solid??? Solid???...Whateva..Gone with your ugly ass!") Ughhhh!!! 

The way people have become so self absorbed and nonchalant about serious issues that we face.

Why people with nice cars hardly ever offer you a ride.

Nasty people who are oblivious to the fact that their surroundings are a MESS!

When I drank my tea/coffee too hot and now my tongue gets roasted.

My compulsion with picking at my cuticles and biting the inside of my mouth.

Cowardly, rude and unethical bosses who act like they own a company when it's real owners are still alive!

When people call my cell phone and either hang up or ask for someone that's not ME!

People who act like they can kill a man with their bare hands and are 99% Hot Fart and 1% serious.

Men that are like Jekyll & Hyde who can call you a bitch one second and then try to make out with you in another.

Landlords who want their rent on time but always forget to schedule proper maintenance.

The over infestation with illegals in our country.



Women who think they look so good that they can't even tilt their heads to the side to say "Good Afternoon!"

Sexist men who believe in beating women and being the 'superior' one in the relationship.



Poor people who wear their Sunday's bests at the airport.

Deadbeat Dads.

Older people who would rather degrade and belittle younger folk instead of guiding them and setting good examples.

Compulsive liars who can pull a story out of their ass at the drop of a hat...get this...without even being asked!

Cable Bahamas and their new digital boxes that blank out at least twice a week.

Price gauging.

Extra Large people who are aggressive & assertive in small spaces!

When people say that Christopher Columbus "discovered the new world" when he met Arawaks ALREADY HERE!

Commercials during a good show.

Rude & Unruly children and the parents/guardians who defend them.

People who give no regard to their own health and love to complain about it.


Ill mannered people who won't let you get a word in edge-wise in a conversation and you must yell over them.

Out of shape, Jungless gals (or hoodrats in American terms)who come out of the house with a tube top on for a skirt and keep trying to pull it down in public! Ish! Have you never heard of stretch pants??? Then they get raging angry when onlookers snicker at them!

Guys that offer you a ride when you're working out!

Kids singing love songs! (Burning up? With what? A fever?)

Family/friends who only pretend to  care when they think you're on the verge of death.

Garbage men throwing your barrels onto the street after dumping instead of where they pick them up from.

People who start begging you just as you flash them a smile and ask if they're OK.

People who judge others or others beliefs without first trying to understand them.

People with degrees who act like they have been granted the 'golden compass'!

Oprah's going off the air.

I'm assuming this list will be updated every once in a while because nuisances are everywhere!

Feel free to comment with your own pet peeves. I'm sure many of you can relate to these!

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