Monday, October 26, 2015

12 Good Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed Everday.

Now THAT there is a picture of a well-made bed! It is the epitome of what yours and my bed should look like every single day. Some people may think that's a bit too formal and like, "What's the use? I'm only going back to it in a few hours anyway!" Well then, this post is not for them! This is for those people who take beauty, comfort, aesthetics and style seriously and desire to make a difference in their quality of life.

Growing up my grandma always admonished me that a young lady should get up early in the mornings and take time to make up her bed. I guess for this very reason, many people don't like doing it because there lies a certain sense of rebellion against the system and a degree of defiance of not being told what to do. Sooner or later though, you realize that there's more to things that older people told you than just barking orders and that it actually was for your own good. I love my bedroom feeling like a sanctuary; like a place of solitude that I can retire to to escape all the craziness of the outside world (and the kitchen!). I also like to change up the look of my bedroom every-so-often so I can feel like I'm on an exotic vacation in a lavish hotel room. Too bad I need lots more fluff to pull it off exactly the way I'd like to but I make the most of whatever I have on hand.

Below are just some of the reasons why you should get into this nifty habit and what a lovely impact it will have on your life: 

1. A messy bed signifies a messy day. When you leave your room (bed) in a mess and you return to it, you have no sense of organization, no sense of accomplishment and it's only yelling at you that there's some unfinished business in there. 

2. You spend upwards of 8-10 hours comfortably sleeping with it each night, so with that kind of committed relationship the least you can do is treat it right, appreciate it, and dress it to impress you again tonight. 

3. It's a good habit that leads to better ones down the road. You enjoy having a certain routine that increases your productivity and makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. 

4. A well-made bed can reduce allergies, especially if you are a pet-owner. Just by having the sheets layered, you prevent excessive dust and pet dander from accumulating throughout the day. 

5. My grandma always said that once the bed is made, the entire space seems tidier. It looks as if you cleaned the whole room just by making the bed up seeing that it is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the space. 

6. It fosters discipline by creating a routine that you will soon discover becomes a part of you. Small things count when we take the time to devote ourselves wholly to a thing and give it meaning in our own minds. 

7. It's a nice, mood-boosting activity while you wait for your coffee-pot to heat up.

8. A well-made bed causes you to be more active during the day. It is far more unlikely that you will plop down to watch TV after you've gone through all of that work. 

9. It's proof that you are grateful that you even have a bed and that you appreciate that there is a time for everything; a time to lie down and a time up. A time to roll down and a time to make up. 

10. You're setting a good example for those around you. You can't scold your kids about keeping their room clean when you don't even make your own bed! Practice what you preach. Kids learn by example and the best way to teach a lesson is by action. 

11. Chances are it will stay cleaner. It would be rather difficult to tell the last time you changed your bedding if it's been rumpled up since who-knows when. 

12. It indicates self-respect, self-discipline and time-management skills. It means that you probably aren't running around like a chicken without a head in the mornings and that you set aside the time to do the things that matter to you most. 

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