Wednesday, May 21, 2014

24 Amazing Street-Art Creations

Graffiti to the 25th power!

#1. The Straw.
#2. The face.

#3. The Glasses in Russia. 
#4. Kenny in France.
#5. Hair in Fort De France, Martinique.
#6. The Shining in France.
#7. The Bicycle in George Town, Malaysia.
#8. The Ostrich in Rome.
#9. Sponge Bob in Rome.
#10. Sideshow Bob in France.
#11. The Seeder in Kaunas, Lithuania.
#12. Calvin and Hobbs in France.
#13. The Birds in Athens, Greece.
#14. The Girl in George Town, Malaysia.
#15. La Caravane Passe in France.
#16. The Cigarette
#17. Spiderman in France.
#18. The Pom Pom Girl
#19. Sluggo
#20. Bruce Lee in Saint Etienne, France.
#21. Satellite Dishes in Birmingham, UK.
#22. Legend of Giants in Białystok, Poland.
#23.The Face in Toronto, Canada.
#24. The Sum.
Aakash Nihalani

Not So Easy Come, Easy Go! Bittersweet Work Tale.

It's Hump Day! Well I haven't been as frequent as I would have liked to have been on here in the last few weeks due to the fact that I was job-hunting and getting Milani back into school. It's such a roller-coaster ride trying to find a job. It's crazy how much money is required of a person who has been unemployed for over three years in this country. Everything is super-duper expensive and people just act like, "Well don't you have someone you can call for a few dollars?", to which the answer is a resounding, "NOooooooo!". People try to help in some cases but most of the time they just want to hear themselves talk and sound good while doing so.

Anyhow, my efforts did not go in vain and by the grace of God I found something. It was not exactly what I wanted but it was a job! As a security officer, I thought I would be wielding a baton and fighting bad guys but instead, I was immersed smack-dab into the tourism industry. I was stationed at SuperClubs Breezes Resorts and got to meet a whole bunch of great people from all around the world. The problem however, my feet were KILLING ME and I was unable to run for over a WEEK! The security company let those who were hired get uniforms and shoes from a uniform shop and little did I know, NOT TO WEAR THOSE BLOODY Rhino Work Shoes! After the first day of standing up for eight hours and patrolling the beach, the skin on my heels were blistered to no end and my poor little toes were even on fire. I guess that's what it feels like to step into hell and feel the burn! That's certainly no place I wish to be!

Blistered heel.
On the second day, I decided to give my heels a break and wear my combats which really helped my heels but did another number on my toes after shuffling around all day (over 9 hours). I really did not know what to do until desperation finally got the better of me and I bummed a pair of soft Mary Janes from my sis-in-law that were much more cozy for a woman's delicate (size 11) feet. Although I had to paint them black and slit the back of the heel for relief. Whewww! What an experience!

Now, the real unfortunate part of all of this is that the company just lost the contract with the hotel and so I am once again OUT OF A JOB! After just one week, I am back to square one. My daughter came down with a flu and fever on Monday and so now I am back at home nursing her back to health. She has been home with me for more than two years and so the sudden transition to preschool has taken a toll on her. I know she'll be fine but I am devastated by all of this. Just when I thought things were going to be back to normal. I had planned already what funds would be allocated to certain things and was super-excited at the prospect of saving for a car and a new apartment. Our son is graduating on the 12th of June and is set to enter Junior High in September and so this was to sort of get the ball rolling for everything that we were behind on or in need of. When I first heard the news, (on my day off), I was crushed to say the least. I got a migraine out of this world and had to sleep it off amidst tears and swear words. My mom and sister even called me one morning to congratulate me and we had a grand ole mini-celebration for 5 minutes over the phone. I had to hang up because I started to laugh too loud and guests were coming out. They get started imbibing and tanning real early around there! Now I have to tell people I am no longer working. Again! Bittersweet is the word although it's a bit of an understatement. The above was the bitter part and the sweet was all of the nice people I got to meet and interact with. I will never forget them and I know a few of them feel the same way. There were a few of the Breezes staff who were really nice and gave me some good tips and suggestions. It's such a wonderful feeling of being connected and in the present moment. Oh...another sweet deal was getting to eat free lunch from the hotel cafeteria. While some would overdo it, I used that privilege, of course, to eat healthy, seeing that we only had 20 minutes to eat!

Chicken & mutton with tossed salad and watermelon.
I met a really nice French lady by the name of Dominique who would come downstairs every morning and have a little chat on the beach at about 7:30 or so. She is a sweet lady and she took me into her life in France and even showed me a picture of her cat, Topaz. I don't know if she figured I was that lonely out there that early in the mornings but whatever it was, I cherished it. There was also another British couple who I looked forward to seeing throughout the day because the husband had quite a quirky sense of humour and little moments like that brightened my days. Being there really showed me that I do love meeting people and that certain jobs are really suitable for me and some are SO NOT! Then another couple from Massachusetts used to talk periodically and told me of things back home, like the bird that lives next door to them that ironically attacks their cat, Peanut. If it were up to me, I would have pictures of everyone but unfortunately I was only able to take a few. I was not about to get fired over my love of photography. (Though I was so tempted!) Dominique did, however, get my address in order to stay in touch. I look forward to hearing from her.

 What I've learned from this experience is that: 

1. Life is a mind thing. Control your mind and you control your life. I always wondered how security officers could possibly just stand there all day and not be doing anything in particular, but I got to see that if you don't have some way of occupying your mind, you would lose it! I did things like pray, chant, affirmations, plan things out in my head and just generally observe my surroundings. (Not to mention, count the clock!)

2. People respond according to your approach. I had to escort quite a few people off of the premises and found that I got a much better reaction when I expected to and when I approached with the expectation of them cooperating. I didn't like the idea of running people off of the beach but there is a boundary between public beach and hotel beach. 

3. Vacationers are HAPPY people! I loved it because it was such a different experience from dealing with your typical stressed-out, over-heated and underpaid Bahamians. My people....I love you all but we've got to feel better and act better in order to GET BETTER! I wish more Bahamians would realize that the Law of Attraction is real and if they would only take the time to learn about it, they would see their lives change for the better. 

4. The beach is a powerful place to connect to Source Energy and for spiritual and self-awakening. Now I see why I've heard people call those crazy who would walk the beach and pray out loud. No they're not crazy, THEY'RE ALIVE! 

5. Too many cooks do spoil a pot! For a  company to have complete success, there must be clear lines. Who is who. Who does what and when. When there is confusion in these areas, problems arise. 

6. You can take a man out of the hood, but you can't always take the hood out of a man. The contract was lost because of some joker who tried to sell illegal goods to guests, making the rest of us all, as well as the company, look bad and lose credibility. 

7. When you give your best, there's nothing more that you can do. The Power That Is (The Almighty) knows exactly what He is doing and is working this all out in my favour. He knows my heart and mind and knows that although that was not my ideal job, I made the best of it and know that something better is on its way! the cycle of unemployment is now broken and I'm on to bigger and better things! 

8. The world is yours & mine and I want to see it! I want to travel around the globe and get a sense of the lives and cultures of different people. I have always loved National Geographic Magazines and seeing others' world so-to-speak but it is now an even more profound desire, having been directly in touch with so many foreigners. 

9. People really do love The Bahamas. This little island is beautiful and we need to start seeing it ourselves the way others come here and see it. I watched a couple from New Jersey walk the entire beach picking up sharp objects and anything that could potentially injure anyone walking or running along. I commended them for their good deed because more than likely, some of the things got washed up from the tide, but I'm many were just dropped my careless litter-bugs. 

10. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Here I was, going from part-time shut-in to smack-dab in the middle of resort-city. Perhaps this opportunity came just to show me that my personality will shine wherever I go, once I never stop believing in myself and my abilities. I am so grateful for the experience! I will push myself to do the things that I know I am destined to. (Like the ceiling can't hold me!)

11. Perhaps the Cosmos is trying to tell me that I am like a bird who doesn't need to be restricted to working for anyone and that I have what it takes to become my own boss. 

One other thing that REALLY bothered me was having to stand out there and watch all of the pumped-up morning runners pass me, looking all blood-flushed and exuberant with their fitness glow. I wanted to be doing that too! I would look at some of them and see myself. As funny as it sounds, some would just belt out a tune from their headphones as if it was just a sporadic attack of good-vibes! I love it. When you work-out, it gives you a sense of confidence and happiness that can't be described. Well, at least now I am able to again for the time being and even when I am working again, will schedule the time. Everyone is seeing all the weight I've lost already and so now it's just getting those final pounds and pooch in check for summer and maintaining.

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