Friday, April 4, 2014

~Life Is Art. Art Is Life~

This morning I was just craving a tuna sandwich for some strange reason and hot-glue. I got up, made myself a STRONG cup of coffee and went for my 'fix'. I have a couple of DIY craft projects that I'm trying to complete (with little 'Lani of course!) and ran out of glue yesterday, making a complete mess of things by trying to use All-Purpose glue. Actually there are two projects at the moment - one is a shell jar that I will be using as a vase. Shells were never really my thing but I find that since living this close to the beach, I am developing a strange fascination with them. I think Milani is to blame for that. Oh...the other is a piece of artwork that I'm 'putting together' of another of my favourite images.

My artwork tends to take time to finish because my style incorporates lots of textures, embellishments and 3-D effects. It's just so friggin' awesome how one still image with no particular meaning can transform over a period of time, new ideas form with each brush stroke or colour choice, and the entire thing just comes alive with vibrant personality. That's why I love art. It is objective and subjective all at the same time. A piece can mean just what you want it to and/or just what comes to mind the instant you see it. The untrained eye may see just crazy strokes on a canvas that looks like my 5-year old daughter did it and to another, it's a masterpiece!

Polyvore piece I will be calling 'Transcendence'.

  1. 1.
    existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level.
    "the possibility of spiritual transcendence in the modern world"

This looks kinda' creepy here but when I'm done with it, it will ooze with passion and significance. A dark goth-girl is all that is seen here (although I think it's magnificent already) but in the end, the message will be far greater. 

When I think about art, I think about life. Art is everywhere! Sometimes when I'm out running for instance, I see all sorts of inspiration and you can always find meaning in the things that just 'jump out' at you. Life itself is art. It's all about finding, creating and appreciating the beauty and meaning behind it. Beauty is something that is not only skin-deep or on-the-surface but that comes from within. Art, like life, tells a story and it's these stories that make the images come to life within us. Still movies. 

My husband calls me a pack-rack all of the time because I collect or 'save' all kinds of little trinkets and things that I can put to use in my pieces. The one reason I KNOW I'm not a hoarder is because everything I gather I DO end up using and using well at that! I go into fits where sometimes I just start throwing things away that have no use anymore or that is damaged in some way. He then looks in the trash and says, "Sue, you're throwing this shorts away? Why don't you throw away all of those shells or fabric you have piled up?" Okay then Mr.Mann, those shells are clean, natural, beautiful and to be used very soon whereas those damned shorts are bleached out, too big, to old to give away AND you haven't worn 'em in like two years! OH. OK then! Thank you kindly! You just have to learn to pick your battles sometimes. 

In time, you find that your true self is never really confined to one thing or defined simply. We grow, we change, we evolve. When I hear people say that they are trying to "find themselves", I am always confused. Find yourself? Where did you go? I think a better word would be to 'discover'. To 'find' something implies that it's been lost or misplaced. No matter what mistakes we make in life, we are not lost. We may sometimes be misled or off-course but this only the result of us thinking that we know the way. No two people are alike, like I said earlier, and so the way that one took may not necessarily be the way that works for you. We make choices and according to the energy and vibes that we emit,  The Universe brings us all sorts of things to match. So if you start to 'discover' yourself, you are actually uncovering what makes you you. The journey is a continuous one to self-discovery as opposed to just finding yourself. When you've found the 'you' you've been looking for then what's next? Do you curl up on a park bench and stay there? Is your life now suddenly complete? Far from it! This is why so many older people are so hardened in their ways. They think that they have "found themselves" decades ago and the fear of change keeps them stuck at one point. "God forbid I try something new and lose myself again!" Rubbish I say! Life resembles the Earth, the greatest masterpiece our human eyes can see. It's ever-spinning, ever-growing, ever-evolving, ever-changing. Try to stop the Earth and the catastrophe will be insurmountable, the same in life - stop growing and you start to disintegrate dismally. 

While on the subject of art, I was sitting and contemplating how important it is to be compatible with the person you are with. There is nothing more painful than being all alone in your dreams and passions. No two people are totally alike but when they share the same passions and visions, life is that much more special and purposeful. It is super difficult to do things that really matter to you when the other is constantly in opposition. Thankfully hubby has been very supportive of my endeavors thus far but the ones to come might just blow him away. (Figuratively guys! Okay maybe literally if it becomes too much!) I have so many big goals that I would like to accomplish with God's help. Once God is on my side, everything will be just fine. I am the type of person who will go after things regardless of who is with me or against me. If our Father has paved a way for it to be done and The Universe is collaborating, I really will not care who backs out or walks away because I know it's its intelligent plan to make things work in my favour. 

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