Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Rambling & Impromptu Fishing Trip.

Thank God for another great weekend! I usually have to regroup by Monday because it's back to regularly scheduled programming. I'm up to my loins in chores today and really don't know where to start but know that once I do, I'll go into 'work-mode' and just get it done anyhow. 

Friday was a great run. I had to go in the evening because Jarrod got home a bit later but I was determined to go. I know people see me and think that just because I'm not working at the moment that I have so much "free time" or that I have it so easy, but it's really not the case at all. Imagine also actively looking for a decent job AND trying to have a normal life outside of that. It's hard work, then being a parent and wife by themselves are already full-time jobs. Well, good thing is I got it done. By Saturday my body was aching like I'd been hit full-on by an 18-wheeler! (Thank goodness for painkillers!) 

I was practically bed-ridden the whole day and used the time to take a break from housework. I usually like feeling the after-effects of a workout because it means that I really pushed myself but not when it paralyzes me to the point where I'm so exhausted I can't get anything else done. The capabilities and capacity of the human body absolutely amazes me.
I wonder what it is these days with people trying to use and get over on others. Is it because people think that I am just a lonely housewife who's desperate for friends so they can just knock on my door a million times and I don't get annoyed? I do love people and want the best for everyone (just about everyone anyway) but why is it that I can have such a heart for them and they don't give a hoot? If I have to ask someone for something I would at least want to give it some time before asking them for something again. The things people could actually fix their face to ask you for and then turn around and act like you've never helped the moment you say no! I see things and sometimes act like I don't see. People will be amazed at the amount of things that a person can see when they're mostly at home throughout the day! I think I'm the one who's doing all the favors and believe me, that WILL change! (It annoys me to have to keep spelling "favour" the British way, with the 'u' and
seeing the silly spell-check error so for today I'm leaving it out!) Like I said about mooches, some have neither remorse nor conscience so it's up to you to put a stop to them. See: Dealing With Mooches!

On to lighter things, yesterday I ran again. Only this time, I did end up taking JJ with me. He was begging to go since Friday but I didn't want to take him at night. I went the same route but this time we planned to do a little fishing afterward. I decided not to bring 'Lani with us because I didn't find an ideal spot yet and knew that climbing over rocks at high tide wasn't the best idea, especially just after jogging. Just as I predicted though,

JJ slowed my workout dramatically but he was a good sport and it was good to get to spend some quality time with him. He gets tired of always having to hang out with Milani when his other little friends aren't around, which is understandable for an eleven year old. We had a great time. She'd be so angry if she knew where we went. We left around 9:30 a.m and didn't get back until afternoon. I stopped for a coffee jolt first and water, then we headed off. I can't wait to get some new jogging apparel so that I'm cool, more comfortable and looking hella' fresh at the same time. At least by then I should be jogging the entire way like a pro. I saw some really nice running shoes on that I want to order. I know they feel like heaven to run in. Once you have the right fitting, cushioned shoes, running is much easier, just ask Forrest Gump.

After we completed our run/walk for about 45 minutes, we made our way back to Saunder's Beach, looking for a good place to fish. We ended up settling for a spot towards the end where the water was much deeper and it was easier to get to. Our bait was sea snails (better known as whelks), which were abundant on those large rocks out in the sea! 

We even saw a baby octopus! It started climbing right up to us but just as I start to get excited, we saw some tourists making their way toward us as well.  I guess they heard the commotion (JJ can be even more of a drama queen than I am) and wanted to know what was happening. I went to get my phone out of JJ's backpack and saw that the power was off. How'd that happen? I don't know - but just as I got it back on and was ready to snap, the darned thing slithered right back into the water and under the rock! Turns out the tourists were from South Korea on vacation, two guys and their girlfriends. I know we must have looked absolutely ridiculous freaking out over a baby octopus like that but who cares! They got to see it too! It was so awesome how it completely camouflaged itself to blend right in with the rock! Nature's just amazing! The next time we go, we'll
  •  all go together
  •  find a better spot
  •  be more prepared for the unexpected!

I say this because we only caught about... ZERO FISH! It was funny, actually thinking about it now. The fact that we made fishing our SECONDARY plan, had no bait, were already hungry, exhausted and impatient from running all the way by Goodman's Bay and had a poor location. The next time we go, I'll have on my game face (for fish) and we'll come home with enough fish to cook for dinner! No shame in this game because "everyone who is now an expert was once only a beginner."

JJ checking his line.
South Korean tourists departing after octopus slid away.
Nice guns!

Some other nice shots: 

Too bad I can't say that Peyton Manning and The Denver Broncos are beginners because the way they got beat last night was nothing but sad. 

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