Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things We Should All Quit Today!

Limiting Beliefs - You and I were both made in the image and likeness of our Heavenly Creator. Why then should we doubt ourselves? Why doubt the spectacular awesomeness that has been put in each of us? I think it's high-time you strip yourself of those old coats of limitation and adorn yourself instead with the luxurious robe of confidence, character and faith!

Worrying About What Others Think - Stop holding yourself back! Wait!!! Of course I don't mean you should sucker punch the clerk at Asue Draw! Or eat ALL 5 pieces of KFC all at once! No. I mean holding yourself back from doing the things that you love and that makes you feel good. If you're like me, that means never stopping yourself from singing in public (once you don't sound like a dying cat), inside jokes quoted from TV or dressing like Lady Gaga! Like Steve Jobs said, "Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice." Well said!

Fear of Success/Failure - Albert Einstein didn't see failure as most of us do now. He saw a battle of 1,000 tries and 1,000 fails only as 1,000 ways NOT to do something! Goes to show you it's all about how you choose to look at things. Here's the deal - you will never succeed at EVERYTHING nor will you fail at EVERYTHING! All that means is that you should NEVER STOP TRYING! You win some and you lose some but you sure will be better off than the ones who never even tried!

Beating Ourselves Up - Resolve to love you like you've never been loved by another human being since your infancy. Vow to care for your internal as well as external self. This means physically love yourself, mentally, emotionally and more importantly, spiritually; because once you are spiritually stable, the other areas will surely fall in line. Learn to accept life as it happens; live in the moment and trust that the Universe is working intelligently in your favour.

Re-living The Past - No amount of replaying prior events will make their outcome any better or change them in any way at all. The past is the past! It is, therefore pointless to continue dredging up old memories that no longer serve you (or never did in the first place) and causing yourself unnecessary worry, anguish and self-doubt.

Negative Self-Talk - I believe that life and death do lie in the power of the tongue. Just the same as if a man "thinketh", the same goes for the man that "talketh". Talk of prosperity, success and good feelings will magnetically attract like things because of a little LoA (Law of Attraction) principle that "what we focus on expands". Talk of lack, scarcity and ill-feelings will do more to repel those good things and bring exactly more of what you talk about. After all, you won't be talking about it if you weren't already thinking it now would you? My own quote here, "Think happy thoughts. Talk happy talks!"

Looking Down On Others -  Everyone has a story. Today for you, tomorrow for me. The way you look at another's condition and treat them can greatly affect your emotional vibration and keep you stuck in not-so-good place. Practice patience, acceptance, love and support wherever possible and start letting your light shine instead of bringing more darkness to a situation.

Procrastinating - If you're waiting for just the right time, it may never come! Perhaps you are the type who, like me, tend to over analyze things. I must make a conscious and deliberate effort to get certain things done not because of laziness or lack of motivation but simply because I wonder if, "it's the right time." You know what? It will never be the 'right time' because eve when it is, how will you know? So what do I recommend? That you go for it! Of course it is smart to weigh out the pros and cons, deal with technicalities and so forth before diving right in. Haste does make waste but procrastination is indeed a thief of time!

Forgetting Who We Are - You are of God, the I AM THAT I AM, the ALL THAT IS!
You are an important part of the infinite ocean of pure potential where all things are possible. You are a spirit creature having a human experience. You are the center of the Universe because you are an individualized expression of God. You are here to live this life experience and expand God Consciousness by turning what could be (potential) into what is (reality). This is why Kanye West refers to himself as a god. (I won't go as far as spelling it with a capital 'G').  He is one of the cockiest dudes I've seen in a bit but the thing is here that we truly are powerful beyond measure and loved beyond imagination so always keep that in mind! Just look at the magnificence done by man on the Earth throughout history!


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