Monday, February 17, 2014

Things New Runners Soon Discover


It’s Monday and I didn’t go running over the weekend because hubby had work to do so I had to stay home with the kids. I am determined to go this evening though.

Trouble is, I’m falling victim to the ‘Lady in Red’s’ spell and feel physically out of sorts. I’ve had a constant headache since Saturday, have TERRIBLE mood swings and am cramping like nobody’s business! I sense this won’t feel as awesome as the last time but I will just have to take the necessary precautions. There’s a first time for everything!

I was checking out another blog: and reading some awesome posts. It made me think that since I’ve only been doing this for a little over a month what other things I will run into along the way. Here are just a few of the things I’ve discovered so far:

1. Other people (especially non-runners) DO NOT CARE about your running!

2. Not every fellow exerciser greets you mid-huff. Neither do I occasionally when it’s just too damned hard!

3. Your feet will take a beating! My freshly ‘peddied’ feet and toes already look like crap!

4. Not everyone takes you serious in the beginning. That’s fine because I may have been just as skeptical had it been you. Please just hold me back if they dare to say I’ve gone “walking”!

5. Your kids think you’re using your “running” to get away from them. They’re like Mommy? Running? This has GOT TO BE an excuse not to cook tonight!

6. Your period WILL come on at its regularly scheduled time and you WILL have to deal with it, PMS, cramps, bloating, migraines and all! The good thing is that exercise helps with many of the typical symptoms.

7. Running is NOT CHEAP! Depending on how far you wish to take it, there’s running shoes/gear that is somewhat pricey and must be replaced often and then things like race entry fees, etc.

8. Not everyday feels the same mentally. One day you feel like Rocky Balboa then the next, like a slug on a dry day. Your mental attitude goes a far way in coaxing you physically but some days both seem off.

9. Passersby DO see you! Just by taking pictures of myself after a good run/walk session, I can see just how much of a drill-sergeant I look like and no matter how hard I try to fake a smile, the grimace of exhaustion won’t go away. That’s the glory of a good workout!

10. That progress doesn’t appear to be happening each day but IT IS! It’s important to keep track by using a journal or app to see just how you’ve improved.

11. Switch up routes to avoid boredom and to challenge yourself in other ways.

12. Running alone will not get you 100% in shape. You will suffer many injuries if you only rely on running alone for fitness. Incorporating other forms of exercise like resistance and flexibility training will make you fitter all around.

13. Your biggest enemy is your mind. Believe and you will achieve! Never make the mistake of comparing yourself to other runners. It’s good to seek helpful information but avoid trying to be like the next guy. We all learn, evolve at our own pace.

14. Never force yourself while in pain. Some pains are good and others are frightening. When your body is yelling for you to stop, STOP! If not, you will regret it later.

15. Never hold your head high when running on unleveled ground. Thank God it was dusk so I had about 10% daylight left to get my bearings before breaking my bloody ankle!

16. Always wear dark coloured bottoms! You may be surprised if you don’t!

17. An hour goes by pretty quickly when you’re preoccupied!

18. The right gear is UBER IMPORTANT! You can’t run the way you should be running if your shoes are too tight, clothes too thick or ear buds don’t fit and you have to keep adjusting.

19. WATER is your best friend. Just be careful to take small sips along the way instead of chugging it and running like a water balloon.

20. Don’t be afraid of carbs as these are your biggest source of fuel. Be sure to get adequate fat, carbs and protein to aid in proper recovery and minimize sore muscles.

21. Ease into good form. The first few minutes or so of warming up should feel a tad awkward but as you continue, you’ll ease into a good rhythm.


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