Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sisterhood and Tia & Tamera Mowry's Bahamian Reunion.

I was watching an episode of ‘Tia & Tamera’ the other day and they decided to get DNA testing done to tell whether they were identical or fraternal twins.  It was very interesting to see how connected they are to each other on such a deeper level, I mean they say the exact same thing at the exact same time really often as if they are really subconsciously and spiritually in tune. I think that’s the way sisters ought to be. What makes it so great I guess, is that my two sisters and I are exactly like that whenever we are together.  It’s such a bond and close relationship that there's a hidden language that close sisters recognize and speak fluently.  Although we are  totally NOT IDENTICAL, people stop and stare us down all the time and are literally in awe at our quirky antics, inside jokes, subliminal messages and unusual approach to just about everything. It’s almost as if we are in our own world and other people just serve in making it  more fun. Even if there’s nobody around, we make our own fun and enjoy each other’s company. Because of them, I need to live on a very large property with very distant neighbours because I am LOUD! I love my sisters (Jamie and Peggy)! Now just hope they don’t kill me for posting these pictures!
my sisters P110911_09.31 
It was so great when they got the test results back and they proved that they actually are identical twins! Yippee for them! (Not like anyone could tell them apart! I have to distinguish by associating Tia’s flamboyance with something fiery and Tamera with something, well…more T.A.M – tame. Whatever, you get it!) What’s funny is how I was also in tears as they read the results! (Sap!) So…yea, I watched these young ladies since they were much younger on the sitcom, “Sister, Sister”.

They’re real women who have a heart for things that matter and I like that. The episode that followed actually let me  see  just how deeply they care about those important things, like family. They were interested in finding and connecting with the other side of their family who live… guess where? Right here in The Bahamas! I was not only touched, but shocked because for all of these years I didn’t know that they had Bahamian roots and am sure that many of my peers who grew up watching the show would be as well. Lots of beauty, brains and talent come from this blessed country!

So back in July of 2012, Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley spent two days on the lovely island of Eleuthera filming that part of the show, where they reunited with their mother’s relatives, the Sweetings of South Eleuthera. The final portion of the reunion lasted a few hours and they also got to meet cousin, Devaughn Sweeting, chef and part owner of Shantzii’s Restaurant in Tarpum Bay.  The pair were spotted a few other places checking out the scenery and getting to know where their ancestors lived, worked, worshiped and schooled. What’s wonderful is the amount of effort they each put into getting to the bottom of their search. Truly inspiring and what families should be doing more of.

I had to help JJ over the mid-term break with an essay entitled, Imagine a world in which everyone loved their neighbour as they loved themselves."  I procrastinated a bit in getting started but knew that that was a topic that would take patience and the right frame of mind. Considering the bad experiences we've had in the past and in recent times, it is actually very easy to imagine that we had a world like that. These days, there are so many people too busy being selfish suckers to care about others in need.  Being in need doesn't always mean that a person is hungry or in dire straits. Sometimes a person just needs encouragement or a silent prayer. Maybe the thing that they need most will be the thing that you have enough of to give away freely. 

The essay is due tomorrow and so I will post it then. I’m so excited for him and know that he will do well on this one. Some of the words that we  chose to use I decided to chop and replace with simpler ones that sound more like a 6th grader would use. What his teachers should realize by now is that my son is no average 6th grader and is advanced well beyond his years.  Many a time I think that the reason he is so negligent and careless with the simplest of things is because he is so over-analytical about things far more complex than he needs to focus on – like how much the light bill is this month or why some children who aren't mentally insane get sent to Sandiland's Rehabilitation Center! Son, reel it in!

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