Monday, February 10, 2014

Sexy Foreplay Tips To Spice Up Your Valentine's!

Having been married for nearly ten years (together for more than thirteen), I can assuredly say that maintaining intimacy and a healthy sex life is a bit challenging. Being with the same person for such a long time (especially if you have children) can become rather boring and it's easy to get stuck in a routine; waiting until the kids are tucked in, after your favorite show is over. The next thing you know, it's bright and early morning and now the hectic day-long routine starts all over again!

For a woman, foreplay is essential to 'rev' the engines' so-to-speak. We are hard-wired to be woo'ed and aroused in more ways than one. Guys, forget to take out the stinky trash and you've lost 2 pts. Remember it, and you've gained 2! Do you follow? Well if you don't, let me simply say that men and women are aroused very differently, not only physically but physiologically as well as psychologically.

Not to worry, there is yet hope for a dull love-life or one that seems like the fizzle has been sitting outside overnight. These sexy, sultry foreplay tips should ignite the flames once again and make you and your loved one feel like Valentine's night is the beginning of a whole new burning love!

Learn the art of the passionate kiss!

Pecking the lips is fine (if your kiddos or parents are in the room) but when it's time to be more intimate (or naughty!), it's going to take a lot more than lovey-dovey smooches to turn both of you on. Remember not to get too overzealous and try to swallow your sweeties entire mouth in one go either!

Explore outside of the bedroom!

Gone are the days of wild sexual escapades on the beach at midnight! (Unless of course you want to head home in a hearse.) Times have indeed changed and the safety of you and your partner should be of the utmost importance. Keeping that in mind, there are millions of other places where you can get flirty, touchy-feely and not be mugged or arrested. (Some of them are only feet away from the bedroom but it's this 'outside-of-the-bed' thinking that will create variety and give you some extra kicks!

Whip out the element of surprise!

Ladies, I am 100% certain that if you pop out of the bathroom in a red thong with whipped cream on your nipples, he'll whip out a surprise for you as well! Instead of donning the extra large T-shirt to bed, try mixing things up a tad with some sexy lingerie with maybe a few bells and whistles for more pleasure.*wink*wink* (cuffs, whips, feathers, massage oil, blindfold - whatever tickles your fancy)!

Play some naughty games!

Why not make it even more fun while learning more about your own tastes as well as what excites your partner! Naughty games are a great way to add excitement and imagination to the mix without going outside of your comfort zones. Try these:

Webcam chat: Just sit in front of the computer with your better half and log onto any web chat service. You don't need to have sex in front of the computer if you don't feel comfortable but just engaging in some online flirting and teasing should be a great way to build up sexual excitement. Remember to protect your identity if you plan on going commando!

Doctor and Nurse: Role-playing can be uber fun for couples. Dressing up as characters and persuading (or forcing) the other to do your bidding can be a thrill for those looking to add some heat to their sex-life. Simply choose your characters and do have a ball acting the part!

20 Questions: Get cozy and snuggled up under the sheets with your beau (in the darkness). You can cuddle, make-out and take turns asking each other intimate questions. Note*It will be much easier to answer those questions honestly because you are after all, horny and in the dark!

Read from an erotic book and play the characters: Can you say "50 Shades of Grey"?

Strip poker and dice: A classic and fun sex game which can be even more fun if there's another couple involved. Truth or dare can't even compare. If you're out of dice, just write out dares on tiny pieces of paper and take turns enacting them.

Get to know your bodies!

Take your time! When it comes to true intimacy, you must get comfortable with your body as well as that of your partners'. Gently run your fingers along his/her shoulders and back as you kiss ever so seductively. If a moan comes out, that just means you've got the green light to keep on going. Continue, closing your eyes and running your fingertips along their body, even using your lips to feel your way around, getting familiar with all of their .. parts!

Enact your wildest fantasies!

Nothing can be more fun than playing out your wildest fantasies with the one you love! Many women fantasize about things that they would be mortified if anyone ever found out. (Take it from me!) Fantasies are natural and nothing to be ashamed of however. We all have them, it's just that some are a little more bizarre than others. When you actually have the nerve to share them with your partner, it means that you may have developed a certain amount of trust in your relationship and want to take things a step further. I'm all for it as long as both parties are comfortable and willing. 

Talk dirty! you can talk dirty just about anywhere. There's hardcore dirty-talk and then there's soft-core. Dirty talk can add quite a bit of an 'edge' to your love life if you're able to get past the 'dirtiness' of it and let loose the sexy inner tiger or vixen within. It is a good idea to start off a bit soft-core and gradually add more intensity as you become more comfortable with uttering sexy street-lingo. Perhaps you may want to start of like, "I love the way you make me feel!" and start to make your way up the ladder, "That feels good. Do it again." The idea here is to get used to saying EXACTLY what it is that you want or want to do! Before you know it, you'll both be aching with desire and can't wait to get it on! Avoid using baby-talk like "tummy" if you want to keep the mood going.

Use a mirror!

This is a self-made, live adult-flick all in itself! Many couples agree that propping a long mirror sideways while making love adds just the right amount of visual stimulation and sexual excitement. The sight of your partner being pleasured is a turn-on all by itself, not to mention all of the other sexy moves between the two of you. For this one, you will need to leave the lights on! (Nice mirror by the way!) 

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