Thursday, February 13, 2014

Radioactive Running Rant!

During my normal runs I get pretty deep in thought. In between humming and belting out songs (or gasping for breath), I sometimes speak out loud to myself without even realizing it. I know it looks like I've gone completely nuts to onlookers but it only happens when I've either had a light bulb moment or something hit me out of nowhere that irks me to my core or that I really love. It's like a slow and steady surge of thought oozing out like brain sweat if you will. Like:

  •  Why Bahamians always equate exercise with weight instead of health. 
I've been living in the west since birth and moved for a period of about 12 years to the opposite side of the island and nearly everywhere in between. In all of this time, I've always exercised and can basically count on one hand how many black, Bahamian people (particularly women) I see actually jogging/running. I mean there are lots who walk and do other forms of exercise but running... I don't know if it's just me. When I went out that Sunday of the marathon, I of course saw a load of people of all races racing for a cure. That's different! I mean running just because! What am I talking about? Most Bahamians hate working out! Kudos to those who do but we really should be taking more proactive measures when it comes to our own health. What gets me THE most is whenever I see someone I know or they see or hear about me working out, it's always, "What you have to lose?" Are they serious? Well I guess they didn't see this belly pouch after having 2 10lb. babies!!! Beside that, these are always the people who could certainly stand to drop a few themselves. It's good though because I do it for me, not them. It's so good to have reached a point where I'm not obsessed with a scale anymore and just love working out! It makes me happy. Maybe we would have a happier nation if people exercised their bodies more and mouth less!

  • Why negative people can't see that being that way ruins your life and those around you!
Now that I am on a steady path to spiritual and emotional enlightenment, I wish all could experience the joys that I do. It's not perfect all of the time and I do go through phases when I have to make a conscious effort to pull myself out of the rubble and keep it moving, but for the most part, I'm well on my way. Happiness is not something external or outside of yourself. It's all in how you choose to see things and think. Isn't happiness contagious? So why is it that those closest to you try to shoot you down like a balloon from the sky with their pessimistic views of life and everything in it? I've come to see that you MUST remove those that bring you down from your circle. Life is way too short man! There are enough haters and wet blankets to form a community on a deserted island and just stay there! As long as there's unlimited birth-control that is!

  • Why so many of my fellow Bahamians beg so damned much and always seem want something for nothing!
It sounds awful to say it this way but it is the truth. It is sometimes frightening to meet and make new friends because as soon as you do, they're at your door for any and every little thing that they think you have and they don't. That's what friends
are for but c'mon! Friends aren't there to be at your every beck and call and when they can't, you're no longer friends! Wtf? I listened to a lady having a cellphone conversation with a guy (I'm assuming by the way she spoke). She told him straight up after he called to explain why he couldn't send her money that, "Look here sweetie, I need real friends not fakers! I don't have time for that! Na you say you is my friend, well look out for me then." The dude hung up and called her right back telling her when to go to the bank to collect the money! Damn! I wish I could do it that well! Have some pride people. Just a little. The funny (and hurtful) part is that these are the same people who would go around bragging about what they have when it belongs to other people! I find myself torn about this because it's difficult to live more in sync with humanity and help out my fellow brethren/sistren without being fully goosed and taken advantage of. I'm so over it!

  • Why some stay in situations where they aren't happy out of fear. 
Life is really too short to waste it being miserable. Every moment that you are unhappy is a waste of time. We were born to live to be happy and to create. To improve. To advance. To create magnificent wonders, to replenish the earth and to create the lives that we want and deserve. All of us. Not some. It kills me inside to see the greatness beauty and wonder in others when they can't see it in themselves. Maybe they do see it but behind a filtered screen of some sort, like the levels on a game that must first be unlocked. Will some gamer come please and rescue/release these people to the next round? Maybe my son can do it for 'em! LOL

  • Why these days children are so friggin' supercalifragilisticexpialidocious all of the time!'
Yea it's as if they all have ADHD and come from some distant techno-planet! In the last 3-6 mths I've come across a heap load of kids, from family members, friends, neighbours and strangers and before, I used to complain about my kids almost all of the time. But now...I complain about them ALL! Complaining is not my style but when it comes to kids, it's my breaking point. They're basically alike and that's disturbing! It has nothing to do with their frolicking and never-ending supply of energy. That's the joy of kids. It's to do with their excessive nagging, premeditated cunning and calculation, invasion of personal space and constant surge of emotions. Day in and day out? That's pretty wearisome for me being a stay at home mom and all. The other day I had to apologize to the neighbours' little girl for snapping at her because I've been seeing so much of her lately, it feels like she's almost my own child. I think the same thing happened to her because she's usually pretty sweet but not that day! She came to the door and without saying anything else, she goes, "Where Milani tablet? Get it!" That's some trippy ass shit homes! 

  • Why it's taken so long to get a job?
It's been approximately 2 1/2 years (excluding a temporary gig I had in 2012) since working full time. I must say that it has been nice not being pressured on 'the man's job', not having to wake up at 5 a.m. to get ready for 9 hour days and 5hr. pay, not having to be broke before my little salary even fits into my wallet, not having to hear pompous superiors gloat and boast about all their toys that the 'little people' can't afford. But...I will say that it sucks not having a regular income. I'm glad though because had I not lost my job, many other things that I'm so grateful for would not have happened and I would not be the person I am today. God can truly turn negative into positive. Thankfully, this will have caused me to step into my own greatness and never look back! I can't say that I've been relaxing all this while for sure! I've been working on finding my true passions and developing them to the best of my ability. Every day teaches valuable lessons.

  • Why some people don't know how or when to take a hint. 
Okay so I figured that all of the semi-monsters and beasts had been removed from my life. I was WRONG! Why can't these people realize that I've moved on with my life and would prefer if they weren't in it for peace's sake?  That's what I want - healthy, loving, peaceful relationships, not Battlemania! To forgive is one thing but to forget? Well that's quite another story. Maybe I have unhealed wounds still. Maybe I don't. Maybe I just don't want to be the ass that gets burned for the one-hundred thousandth time! My family and I have come a long way to get where we are now. We don't have everything the way they used to be or the way we'd love for them to be but we're here and trying to be happy.

  • Why my deodorant stick guarantees 48-hour protection.

Am I not supposed to bathe for 48 hours (two whole days) to test this claim? I think not! Why would I even want those unpronounceable, illegible chemicals plastered under my pits for that long? Really? Wouldn't the aloe vera-like stench begin to seep through at some point in the tropical heat that we call The Bahamas? Questions.

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