Thursday, February 27, 2014

God Does Not Withhold.

I did a post on Wednesday with partly the same title, “God Is Not Punitive, But Karma’s Still a Bitch!” It was a pretty bold title but the purpose of that was to get your attention and to explain the dynamics of what we call, ‘karma’.  Today’s topic is somewhat along those same lines, only this time, it takes it to an even higher level and lets us know What and Who God really is  and what He wants for all of us. Please read on.

The word punitive means - “giving punishment”.  The Bible tells us, “God is love.” (John 4) God has promised us all everything that He has. God is Omni-present (all-present) which shows us that God is NOW; at this very present moment. God cannot and WILL NOT change. If He has not done something already yesterday or last year, He won’t possibly do it differently tomorrow or next year. This may sound as if I am putting limitations on God which it is impossible for anyone to do. What I am trying to say is that God is Infinite. Formless. Timeless. Boundless. If God has already set something into place, it will never change until it has fulfilled its purpose completely, perfectly.

Most think of God as this mighty being with large hands, a thunderous voice, sitting on a throne of gold and on top of an abundance of the finest luxuries. We think He’s just ‘dishing out’ to some who've been good, have said their prayers properly or had parents who were devout Christians that went to church on time. On the flip side, we think the He withholds all ‘the goodies’ from others because they must have been nodding off during sermons, stole chocolate from the store or had a baby at 19 and out of wedlock.

Both couldn't be further from the truth! When God said that, “Everything I have is yours.”, He meant just that - EVERYTHING! THE UNIVERSE! Although He was referring directly to Christ Jesus, we are included in that promise.  All that there is and ever will be to offer is already promised to us. All we now have to do is BELIEVE! The above scenarios may have been true one time ago, but since the creation, birth and crucifixion of Christ Jesus, the price has been paid.  “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:19. All of the things that we tend to “think” we need, we often don’t but God knows all things.
Whatsoever we focus on with a sense of love at this very moment, we have access to. God is in us, not outside of us. Therefore, we need not try to persuade Him but rather CONNECT with His presence within ourselves.
“Love the Lord, your God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy might.” Deuteronomy 6:5.  It is impossible to believe that He is the Lord your God and still lean on the belief in the power of evil over good. Knowing that there is “no other God but Him” will keep you in the mindset that good always triumphs over evil.

We can bring loving and powerful energy to those  areas of our lives that we see as being ‘problematic’ or think of as being our ‘punishment’ for some wrong past deed. Most of the time what we think of as ‘problems’ are just our flawed thinking that could stand to be corrected.
Organized religion oftentimes lead us to believe that God ‘condemns’ us for our misdeeds and punishes us for every mistake we have ever made but we know that God is a god of love, mercy and forgiveness. He Himself has given us all the gift of free-will and so why would He smite us for making a mistake. That is the way that humans think and behave. While it would be nice to think of all the wicked ones being struck down for their bad deeds, it doesn’t work that way. They will however punish themselves eventually. God is Supreme, Almighty and would never confuse us when it comes to His order. God is good and all things good come from God.

The real reason things commonly become troublesome, problematic or evil is when God or God-thoughts are removed from it. The moment a God-thought is brought into the picture, you walk back into alignment with Spirit and Truth. The so-called ‘problem’ then ceases to exist. This is the case with schools, nations and society at large. Many of the problems we face today simply need God brought strongly into it. The crime problem that we face here in The Bahamas (namely, New Providence) only exists because on a broad scale, the youth are uneducated and unfamiliar with God.

People who believe somehow that they are being punished, are ‘cursed’  or are hostages of some evil spirit have completely forgotten who they really are and Who GOD REALLY IS! No One but God has the power to ultimately bind ALL together in this universe; visibly and supernaturally. Since “God is good”, the only thing bad is the illusion of your own mind, perceiving problems. Nothing bad, imperfect or impure can come into contact with God.

Remember, God DOES NOT think and operate the way man does and so He cannot be a punitive or ‘punishing’ God. When we become more enlightened or ‘spirit-conscious’, we realize that the fear of God should be a healthy one. He wants only the best for us and so because of our love for Him, we act according to His Word. Punishment is created in our own minds and what follows is based on our actions moving forward.

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