Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Makeup Organization

Okay ladies, if you're like me and love  beauty products and cosmetics, chances are you have a junk drawer somewhere that's filled with dozens of products (sometimes multiples of the same item) and it's easier finding a needle in a haystack than what you're looking for at that particular moment.

I've been clicking around online, trying to find some inexpensive remedies to this agonizing problem. Organization just makes life a whole lot simpler and it can be quite a kick finding stuff that you haven't seen in months!

Check out these great ideas that you can put together yourself:

Magnetic Stick-Up Board

All you need is black spray paint, magnets, hot glue, a nice sized picture frame and a slighter smaller cut of sheet metal. I just love this idea because you can just even take the lids off one at a time, dip and dab! Voila!

Desk/Counter Organizer
Instead of filling this nifty counter-top organizer with pens, pencils and Post-Its, fill with eye/lip-liners, brushes, compacts, blush and lipstick. The only down-side here is that if you're a make-up hoarder like myself, you'd only be able to keep your most-frequently used items here and all the rest in a larger storage space. 

Hanging Jewelry/Makeup Organizer

Out of sight! Now this is interesting. Your favorite items have a comfy home behind your bed/bathroom door. Just ensure that it's a cool spot with plenty of natural light!

Two-Tier Stackable Platter

The only face being served up with these trays is the beautiful one you'll see in the mirror after you're done! With this DIY stack storage, all you need is two nice, lightweight metal trays and a  tin can in between. You can cover it with cute paper of your own choice.

Fine China Stakable

This is another favourite of mine. Cute and you don't even need glue!

Stackable Drawers

One drawer becoming too little space? Try purchasing these stackable drawers to devote an area all by itself to your 'collection'. 

Storage Containers

According to your needs, you can choose the appropriate sized containers to keep your counter-top and drawer mess-free. 

Stationary Organizers

Good for tucking into bottom drawers, at the top of your closet or under the cabinet. As long as it's a dry space, this idea saves you space and money. 

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