Friday, January 17, 2014

Wide Awake!

It's been a while but ever since I actively, consciously began practicing The Law of Attraction (LoA) and living with Intention, I felt a magical sense of empowerment. I was watching a video on Youtube about famous people who study and practice living these same laws just to get their insight on the matter. There is a video of Jim Carey and in it, he says that one of the results for him after actively 'connecting to Infinite Source' (apart from manifesting a major acting career and millions of dollars) was a feeling of himself being "bigger than his body", like John Mayer's 2003 hit that I absolutely loved.

 Take a look: 

"Bigger Than My Body" - John Mayer

This, amazingly is the feeling that I am starting to get also. Before I had ever even heard of any of these LoA principles, I always knew that there was a human and spiritual connectedness that we all share and that we certainly are more than just our bodies (shells).

I know that I have quite a long way to go but feel as if I've moved dramatically in terms of where I was mentally, emotionally, physically and especially spiritually. For that, I am eternally humbled and grateful. It is so exhilarating to me now that I want to keep going. In my past, it was the norm to start things and then stop them abruptly without ever finishing. Now, it is a complete turn-around. I start nothing unless I know it is 
possible for me to see it through to completion. Huhhh... the joys of budding maturity! Like I said, I want to keep going because I love the feeling that it gives me. The all natural high of transcending spiritually to higher heights while having all of your natural senses heightened as well. The sky is blue-er, the flowers are in HD and intuition stronger. I would talk about the smell of fresh oranges but my trauma-induced anosmia prevents me from doing so (at least at the moment). If it feels this good now, I can only imagine that the limits are endless when it comes to spiritual awakening.

By seeing all of these A-List celebrities talk about their 'out of this world' experiences in this real world seemed a bit far-fetched and unrealistic to me in the beginning when I was in my negative, depressed state of mind. The minute I learned to let go of the past, my limiting thoughts and beliefs and started to delve into the energy of life, love, togetherness and oneness, it all began making complete sense to me. Like Christ and The Buddha, there was a yearning and burning desire to 'awaken' all consciousness to the beauty and magic of life and the power we have been granted. Of all living things as a matter of fact. Their quest was not a phase but rather a lifelong journey to which they were committed beyond measure. It was astounding to learn over the years why they were both worshiped by billions (if not trillions) over the last two millenia. They did not came on Earth to be worshiped but to bring a message of hope to mankind. A message that was so inherently profound that people were somehow drawn to its power. They were the ideal models for humanity. They (among others) taught us how to be who we really are. Most would say that they know good and well who they are.  Who we really are goes entirely deeper than just our name, age, birthplace, skin colour, religion, title, marital/parental status, successes, failures and illnesses, among others. (See: Spritual Creatures Having A Human Experience) On the opposite end of that spectrum, I was raised by a family accustomed to holding on to negative emotions (like most of us have been) and equating who they are with all of those trivial things listed above. That only taught me how to do the same thing and it was like being trapped in a dark dungeon. You have no alternative methods of escaping the pain because that's all you've ever known. I grew up with my grandmother (love her forever) who ended up suffering a nasty divorce, three bouts of cancer, hypertension, menopause at thirty something and debilitating rheumatoid arthritis for at least ten years; most occurring from I was a very young age. Needless to say, she felt that all of her agony and emotional suffering was more than justified after having gone through ALL of that! So many people are affected in the same way these days. Little did she know, she was inflicting most of the pain and suffering on herself. Study after study has proven the effects of our mental state on our physical bodies. "What we focus on expands", one of LoA basic principles. Hard to believe that some family members were even in a worse mental state that my grandma was! 

Watch this captivating video on how your state 
of mind affects your health and physical body.

There has got to be more to life than living miserably! As 'out there' as it may sound, I intend to live forever and so my guess is that The Prince of Peace does not wish for us to live our lives in disconnect and strife. How are we supposed to behave in Paradise if we don't first learn it and live it here in this human form? "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all other things will be added unto you." -Matt.6:33 
To me, "The Kingdom Of God" is not just our Creator's Heavenly Paradise but also a place within us that can be reached through our hearts. To be pleasing as well as to please. "The Kingdom" represents a way or a system of being/doing that benefits all. God is a god of complex simplicity. Christ would not have told us to seek out something we cannot reach until we die. This is why He says, "seek ye FIRST the Kingdom". 

When I hear people say, "God don't sleep", it reminds me that He is wide awake. Shouldn't we be also? 

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