Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Starseeds. Indigos, BlueRays, Crystal and the Rainbow children

The above link is a very in-depth, detailed look at the differences between these types of children/adults. To many, these are new terms used to describe people 'of another plane' so to speak. Click and read on if you are fascinated by this and perhaps know someone who falls into one of these categories. You may even be one of them yourself! I, myself, have had many of the feelings and exhibit many traits associated with Starseeds and so does my eleven year old son. To many, these could just be deemed 'normal emotions' we as humans go through from time to time and not a big deal; but to those who witness or experience them on a regular basis, they can be quite profound and meaningful. There will definitely be another blog post regarding the subject and perhaps a video to explain in detail as well. 

The world in which we live must change and I do believe that these 'souls' have an important role to play in it doing so. The Indigo, Starseed, Crystal and Rainbow beings are the 'new age' and have a definite purpose. The advancement of planet Earth is inevitable, but in what way are we advancing? The word 'advance' is to move forward. We are moving forward as a people, in terms of technology and materialism but not in the ways that we were meant to. The Earth is an ever-evolving place. Some say that its Creation was complete when God rested on the seventh day. To others, Creation occurs each and every day. It is my belief (thus far), that Creation is complete, however, Creation continues to advance. Man cannot see it in its entirety. The scientific explanations and developments are so gullibly accepted that it leaves little room for things which cannot be explained. 

What cannot be fully explained is our Divine spiritual nature. What cannot be explained is that love truly does conquer all. What cannot be explained is that there are people who are of 'another realm' (not aliens either!) who have an inner understanding of it all but have a hard time adjusting to this 'system of things'. There is a quote related to the topic that touches my soul and that I absolutely love. It says, "Life is a school where you learn how to remember what your soul already knows". I couldn't have said it any better!

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