Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Set The Bar High To Reach Your Fitness Goals!

With all of the philosophical teachings about “being easy on yourself”, it’s easy to imagine that this also includes your health and fitness efforts. So sorry to say it but when it comes to fitness and weight loss, “going easy on yourself” will only likely result in succumbing to rambunctious cravings, skipping work-outs and wondering why and how you weigh more than you did just three months ago.
Here are just a few tips to help you set the bar higher when it comes to fat loss without pushing yourself too far:


Being more specific about your weight loss goals and setting attainable ones will help you a great deal in the long run. This dress should not be a size 3 either. Make sure it will fit within your first set of goals to boost your motivation and encourage you to keep pressing forward.

Take every accomplishment as a reason to celebrate. Split larger goals into smaller, more achievable mini-goals so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment more often instead of after long stretches and reward yourself for each achievement. Gorging yourself with unhealthy foods doesn’t necessarily count as “treating” yourself either. You can enjoy it without pigging out and regretting it later.


Remember the more specific you are about your goals, the more you solidify them, making them more real to you. Be sure that you set a realistic date and keep in mind that the body can only lose about 2 lbs. of actual fat each week healthily.

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