Thursday, January 23, 2014

Qualities of Resilient People.


There has always been a question lingering at the back of my mind. Exactly how are some people able to bounce back from life's toughest challenges, seemingly without a scar while others become as brittle as eggshells that have been hot-glued back together in the tiniest of dilemmas? In order for us all to develop a 'snap back' mentality to life's trickiest curve balls, we must discover what key qualities make up the resilient.

  • Resilient people make lemonade out of lemons. They've learned the ability to re-frame past hurts and limiting beliefs that kept them in a negative state of mind. They are able to find the 'silver lining' to every dark cloud. They get high naturally.

  • Resilient people see the world as their network. They build healthy, supportive relationships that will motivate, encourage, uplift and propel them forward. They've learned to let go of those who bring them down and hold onto those who make them feel cherished, loved, inspired and empowered.

  • Resilient people are easy on themselves in times of failure. They know that nobody's perfect and that everyone makes mistakes. Sure they are disappointed at first, but they refuse to wallow in self-pity and resolve to try even harder the next time around. It's not a competition to them. Instead it's a journey.

  • Resilient people have multiple identities. One major secret of the resilient is that they cannot be defined by one thing. Their job or finances do not determine their self-worth.

  • Resilient people live life with a definite purpose. Their unique values play a huge part in what their purpose is. They know what matters most in their lives and strategically plan their moves accordingly. The same is often true in the workplace; when workers lose sight of their purpose, they're often paralyzed.
  • Resilient people practice the act of acceptance and forgiveness. Similar to 'letting go' of past hurts, resilient people tend not to hold onto grudges and the past negative actions of others. They try to focus on all there is to be grateful for instead of constantly re-living unfortunate events.
  • Resilient people believe in themselves as well as in something or someone who is bigger than they are.

  • Resilient people practice self-awareness and know that ignoring one's own core needs is unwise. They learn to listen to 'that voice in their head' and those gut feelings (intuition). They know that it is more than just their physical/emotional needs that require attention and find the time to nurture themselves in all areas. They are comfortable with being alone because they have learned to love themselves and so are never really 'lonely'.

  • Resilient people stay occupied. They have learned the power of the human mind and know that boredom can bring on all sorts of thoughts and emotions that keep them from being their best. They're not robots by any chance but find a healthy balance between up/down time. 

Those who may be described as 'resilient' have an elasticity about them that allows them to "stretch" and "retract" in any circumstance. This doesn't mean that they don't ever feel hurt or limited at times; it's just that they learn and develop tools and other coping mechanisms that help get them by during the hard times so that they come out better, faster, STRONGER! We all have the power to do the same!

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