Friday, January 31, 2014

Jogging, Contortion and Other Happy Thoughts.

Despite having regular boosts in blogging there are still times when I am a bit reluctant to get into posts that I know will require plenty of time. There are times though, when there are things on
my mind that I would like to express and they nag me until I finally do. 

I was just doing a little research on running/jogging because since last month, I've kind of gotten into it. I was never really a runner and can only remember being good at sprinting back in primary school. That's crazy and so I figured it's time I changed that. I want to get better at distance running and building endurance. I mean people look at my calves and ask, "do you run track?", to which I have to meekly say, "Um...not really." The fact that I wore 3" heels for 6-7 years growing up and modeled on my tiptoe up and down my grandma's hallway in front of a giant mirror is none of their business! But hey... in that case, it is what it is and I could change that if I chose to. There are more important things to focus on. 

So yeah, I want to run. Sunday before last, I ran/jogged straight out west by BahaMar and turned around. That was a total of an hour and thirty minutes! The great thing about it too was that it was also the weekend of the Sunshine Insurance's 'Race For a Cure' so I had a smooth quiet strip, lots of police presence and motivation, but best of all, free water! Hallelujuah! About 45 minutes into it, I got a cup while I was running and tried to take a mouthful and swallow it slowly. Wishful thinking! I spewed water about 10ft. of water and nearly choked! The funny part was that I didn't stop running either! 
If someone had a picture of that! All the trials and errors of an amateur runner. It was rather windy that day with dry air. I also got cramps in my inner thighs. I guess I just had to stretch better and give myself some time off. I figure if I could run 2-3 times a week and workout at home 2-3 times would be great. 

While looking up running tips, I found some 

I feel like it's time for me to start doing all of (or most of) the things that I should've been doing in my 20's. I want to push my body and love to see transformation and progress. It's not perfection that I'm striving for, just steady progress. For the past 6 months to one year, I've been serious about exercising and eating properly or semi-properly at least. I still take my supplements and so there really is nothing stopping me. 

It's because of this that I also am getting into flexibility and contortion training. Just as I was no runner in my younger days, I
was no stretcher but oddly enough, was into gymnastics and even took gymnastic classes for a time. I was as stiff as a board and was never able to imaging doing a full split. But not anymore! Yeah ya' girl is well on her way to bendies from here to Infinity! As funny and silly as it sounds, I'm learning to do what floats my boat in life. Who's to say "What's the point?" or "aren't you to old for that now?"  That's exactly the point in fact! That time is not slowing down for any of us and so we must grab life by the horns right now and do what you love and what's good for you. Now! Besides my writing career, and other goals, I want my body to be in tip top shape and want to amaze myself. Here's the thing, you can't gripe and fret about what you didn't do back when that you "should've" been doing. When you know the time is right, you do it and will be as if you were doing it all along. Time doesn't care about yesterday or tomorrow. Only what you're doing right now! Now this part may
be a little peculiar but I also think that the time we live in is different. It's random, violent, dangerous and calls for energy. This, to me, is no time to be sedentary, overweight and tired. I want to make changes in my life and being in better shape will help with me doing so. Besides, I don't feel like 'Doomsday Prepping' is a such a bad idea. Not meaning I'm looking forward to there being a Doomsday, but being ready and able to take on all of what this life has to offer.

Finding motivation hasn't been much of a problem either. My playlist of music is pretty extensive so whatever I'm in the mood for get me "in the zone". That could be Lil' Wayne, or it could be my favorite 'happy tune' at the moment which is Pharrell Williams "Happy". Good vibes fi' di' good vibes! Wow! That chic has a nice behind! 

This weekend I want to take the kids fishing again. It's been years since we've done it as a family and it will  be Milani's first time. I already got all of the gear, the only things missing are rods but we'll 'manifest' those in due time. May as well take advantage of the close proximity and great weather. Besides, I could use a big pepper snapper for dinner on Sunday! I remember going fishing with my mom, stepdad, sisters and cousins-in-law as a child during school breaks and vacations. They were truly the good old days. We had the islands/cay practically to ourselves and caught all sorts of strange and exotic sea-life. I could remember catching a grouper that was about 10lbs. and had a scar in my hand from the line for about 5 years! My cousins caught swordfish, jacks, snappers galore and even an eel! Heck I can even recall the workers of Jewfish Cay (where my folks lived and worked for a few years) catching nurse sharks! I sure want my kids to have those kinds of adventurous experiences as well and great memories to share with their children.  It's not always about money because God has already given us the Earth to enjoy. It's man that has put such importance on 'stuff' that can sometimes steal our joy. 

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