Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Greatness, Reality & Ass Wipes!

This morning I woke up feeling so happy and enlightened. My toothache finally went away and so I had a good night’s sleep. Thank God! I love it when I feel that way!
Of course, things seemed to be going a little too well so the heifer from out front had to call trying to get under my skin.
I am just fed up to the head up of people in this place taking advantage of people because they’re not as ‘'financially well-off’ as some. Everyone doesn’t go around crooking and bamboozling others to make it in life!
I had another rather disturbing call that freaked me out. What in the hell is going on? I have issues that must be resolved. On one end, you have people who act like they’re there for you and always down for you but nothing they do proves it. They are a complete waste of time to worry about because you’ve seen the ins and outs of their life which makes absolutely NO SENSE, but on the other, you think of all their kind words and end up wondering WHAT IF. I am sick of being that “What if..” person. Actions speak volumes and so if actions and talk don’t align, then kick rocks honey!
I have plenty on my mind right now and this is the place I chose to release some of it. It’s these personal thoughts and feelings that make up “Life As I Know It”.  I watched a few episodes of “Lottery Changed My Life” on Saturday and it gave me goose bumps to see how people would literally sit next to the toilet to wipe your ass when you have money! They speak to you as if they’re talking to a premie baby and laugh at the lamest jokes. I can’t stand ass wipes! It makes me think that when I hit it big, I will be cutting off plenty of people because my stomach won’t be able to take it. kiss ass I’d respect a person more if they stay true to themselves and express how they truly feel any day to one who would drop their dignity and self-respect to the floor just to be liked (or tolerated) by someone with money. I think about the gestures that some people who are sell-outs give to those who they feel aren’t as high up the totem pole and it makes my lips twitch. When my lips twitch, it means only one of two things. Anger is one of them. One day, I will purchase a 25lb ham, cook it, eat it and gently place the plucked up bone on their front porch. Everything in it’s own time and my time is swiftly approaching.
People are sometimes jealous of things that you will never know or understand. I quit trying to understand because at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t! As I get older I see that you can never please people. Hell, pleasing yourself is hard enough! Do what makes you happy and what will make you happy in the long run.
 I’m sick of holding back! I’m sick of holding on! I am sick of holding in!  It’s time to release it all and step assertively into my greatness! Bills don’t take that away from you thankfully! Suerenity HitGyrl mode!

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