Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Bit About Gold Diggers!

"Nothing comes without a price." -Napoleon Hill

Gold diggers, gold-diggers, gold diggas... the name crowned to people (mainly women) who live high maintenance lifestyles and expect to be compensated lavishly for their precious time and romantic liaisons. After Kanye West's 2005 hit single, "Gold Digger" was released, the term took on an even worse connotation. What's rather funny and ironic is how he's now gotten himself one of the biggest high-maintenance gals of the new millennium (Kim Kardashian) and seems to be just loving it. Clearly there is something appealing and attractive about gold diggers, that is of course, to men with MONEY!

Men who are in financial straits, have been previously bitten or of course are cheapskates with limited beliefs about women feel whole-heartedly in this negative term and simply "can't stand a gold digger!" This is just one of their clever tactics to get them off of their backs and for her to reach into her purse and just pay the damn bill already! If you say the word "gold digga" around a broke dude and he would literally run the other way in sheer fright and intimidation as if he were a vampire who got sprayed with garlic spritzer! The very same way losers are intimated by strong, opinionated women.

To a man who is, on the other hand, financially able, what others may see as a gold digging bitch, may represent to him a lady who thinks highly enough of herself to be respected, and rewarded for her time, attention, affection and association. She, in fact, sees herself as THE GRAND PRIZE to be won.  Seeing
that she takes a great deal of pride in her appearance, public image and reputation, she requires money (lots of it) to do the things that are necessary in order to keep her man happy. "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." These days just about everything costs a pretty penny and so the exorbitant list of needs by the gold digger is continuously growing. Back in the day, the phrase "pre-nuptial agreement" was like a profanity. "How dare you make me sign a pre-nup?" Nowadays, it is one of the first things mentioned if the topic of marriage ever comes up for the financially stable or wealthy couple.

Like the old saying goes, "hand go, hand come", just as important as it is for him to have this sexy, sophisticated beauty-queen by his side- making appearances, boosting his ego, pleasing him physically while simultaneously making all of his male friends jealous, it is just as important to her to have her needs met - to be well taken care of, able to stay in shape, live relatively comfortably and stress-free to stay looking so fly in the first place. Both protecting each others best interests. There is no problem when the scale is balanced but oftentimes it isn't. It is all too common for gold diggers to be vain, materialistic, pompous and downright
mean without having much else to offer besides her innards; while many women who cook, clean, raise children, take care of bills and all the rest of the family/household operations haven't gotten a flower to show for it.

Some men ask the question, "Why do I always attract gold diggers?" It is critical for them to figure out the answer. It is my belief that a man plays a huge part in how far a woman goes in asking for money. If at first a man notices an attractive woman and behaves as though she literally descended straight from Heaven just for her to pay him any attention, he has already made the first mistake that a superficial woman catches onto from the jump and capitalizes on. It is important to flatter and compliment the opposite sex, but never to the point of conceit and self-centeredness. It is also important to read those red flags that appear in the early stages of getting to know someone, as they can save us loads of heart-ache. (And money!) For years we have all heard the cries of divorced men who have lost a substantial portion of their wealth because of their so-called "gold digging"ex-wives. It is unfortunate that they could not make their union work out but what is even more unfortunate is that after they've lied cheated on their wives for so long, they make her out to be the bad guy in the end because she was given what was 'rightfully due'.

Sex IS one of the MOST important things to a man so you can however, bet your bottom dollar that it's not going to come for free. Like the quote above, nothing comes without a price! It is all a part of life. What one may think of as being free at the moment, will cost something in the long run, whether that something is time, energy, money or all of the above.

When God created Eve, He placed the responsibility of her being taken care of onto Adam. This was one of man's major purposes ever since the beginning of human civilization. So then, although most of us have developed a modern attitude toward the subject of independence and self-reliance, we cannot deny or ignore our God-given obligations. There is however, a very thin line between true need and purely evil greed. No one wants to be taken advantage of and that's certainly not the way things should be. As with anything else in life, balance is key. A woman who has a gentle  and understanding heart and may be able to go without if need be will end up being far more rewarded in the long run. This loving personality can easily be discerned from the start of the relationship, whereas a zebra cannot easily hide its stripes. The same way I feel about Dealing With Mooches, no matter how much money a man has he will not be happy with a woman who is never satisfied. Yes we do deliver babies and cause men to go weak in the head and for that we should be paid homage. On the other side of the coin, it is man who was here first, put in charge of everything and we would have no babies without their seed. Homage is due on both accounts. What is really important in a relationship is mutual respect, understanding, love, selflessness and forgiveness; the things that make any relationship worth having. It is the lack of any one of these key qualities that results in the unhappiness and/or demise of a partnership.

You'll find most gold diggers weren't born that way but have been trained to have that attitude towards other people's money, especially men. Some females are responsible for the upbringing of their siblings and sometimes even caring for the entire household at a very young age. For some, it's a life or death situation and they have to do it in order to survive. The staggering amount of struggling single parent homes leave many young girls to  early prostitution.

Since that phrase became so popular, men do less for women in terms of money. Of course, women tooting
their horns and blaring out "Who run the world? Girls!" had something to do with it as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman being able to take care of herself. By all means, I think we should. But remember there are some things a man should do and be happy to do so. I'll gladly change a fixture or paint a room in a heartbeat but I won't feel dis-empowered by asking a man to lift a large box or push a car to the side of the road. Our  bodies were designed differently and for different purposes. Accept who you really are. That's not to imply that we, as women, are worth less. Instead, it's because we are actually worth more! "She is more precious than jewels and nothing you desire can compare to her." -Proverbs 3:15

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