Monday, January 27, 2014

Best Ways To Manifest Money!

Drop The Desperation! Lack/Need and Abundance are polar opposites so choose wisely which side you'd rather be on!

Make Peace With The Present! Your resistance to your present financial state does a does deal in blocking the flow of abundance to you. Accept the present and trust that it will get better!

Skip The Middle Man!
Let go of any limiting thoughts you may have picked up over the years about having money. Don’t wait until you have more money to be happy. Be happy NOW!

Start "Acting As If..."!
Think and start feeling the same way you would if you already had all the money you needed or wanted! When you vibrate the feeling of wealth to the Universe, it responds by generating more of what causes that feeling. Suerenity on "Acting As If..."

Get Real About Money! Exactly how do you think about money/ How do you feel about it, treat it and act toward it? Well, the more grateful you are for it and the better you treat it, the better it will treat you!

Be Good To Yourself!
The Infinitely Intelligent Universe can pick up subtle cues as to how well you treat yourself and conspires for you to be well taken care of. This means by sending you more resources. Aka… cash!

Use Money-manifesting Techniques!
Call it in, sing it in, chant it in, journal it in, visualize it. See Suerenity's Vision Board, Suerenity’s Abundance Game. Better yet, pray about it! See Power of Prayer In Manifesting.

Watch Your Mouth!
Change your language regarding money. Don’t go around complaining about how you never have enough or talking of its scarcity. The better you talk about it, the better it will be!

Develop An Attitude of Gratitude!
The best way to align yourself with Infinite Abundance is to give thanks for what you have been given. Even if there aren't two pennies for you to rub together, you can always find ways to be appreciative for what you had/have/will have. See Suerenity's "Attitude of Gratitude"

Learn To Let Go!
After you've done all of the above, try releasing it to The Powers that Be. Perhaps you can’t immediately shake your hang-ups about the subject and need more fine-tuning. While you’re working that out, try letting go of the problem altogether rather than bringing the vibration down. Go wash your car or scrub that shower while the Universe works on your behalf.

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