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The Combat Boot: From The Trenches To The Streets!

The Combat Boot...
Black Standard Combat Boots

Unless you've been taking up residence on Mars for the past few decades, you would have noticed that this seems to be on of the most contagious trends in the world of fashion to date. No...seriously! Another hot celebrity seems to be stomping out every minute in this style. I must say, I like it!
Celebs out and about sporting army fashion.

 I was apparently oblivious to the whole 'Apocalypse Now' crew my whole life until last year, when my mom gave me a pair of army boots she'd had for quite some time and had no more need for them. There I was thinking, "And exactly HOW am I supposed to wear these???" It took me a few seconds before all of these images of punked-out, grunge type, rocker dudes popped into my head playing guitars like Sledge and flailing their heads back and forth. That was when it hit me!

They were perfect! 

  1. 1.
    having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Yup! That was the right word!

The Combat boot was designed for maximum wear during actual military training and warfare by soldiers. The main elements that were taken into consideration when they were designed were foot protection, durable and long-lasting quality, ankle stability and proper grip. Suitable for just about any terrain, especially rugged ones!

With The Hunger Games being so popular now, many young women consider the leading star of the trilogy, Katniss Everdeen, to be a very admirable fictional icon.

Sorry Crocs!
The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen prepared for war.
With her rugged lifestyle and hunting prowess, I think that it's safe to imagine these boots to be near and dear to her heart. Why, one would never make it in the woods OR in The Arena wearing Crocs! (No offense.)

Originally made of water-proof leather, making them virtually weather-proof, combat boots are meant to be worn! And worn and worn and worn.

Many people chose to wear them because of their durability and comfort. Some, as a symbol of rebellion against mainstream fashion 'norms' (which would be my main reason.). If you REALLY want to go in-depth, I would wear them for all of the above reasons, plus one. The  notion of an impending 'Doomsday' or some type of Zombie Apocalypse is sweeping across the Western World. (People on the other side don't have to play pretend.) The hit series, "Doomsday Preppers" is evidence of that and by the looks of things in our society, they may have serious grounds for believing it! (Relax! You'll be ready! Right?) The world is changing and we actually never know what can happen but I would guess that if we're all marching out in our Gideon Boots, mentally, we'll all be prepared to fight! Personally, my opinion is that the battle has begun a long time ago between good and evil. Now, it's all about picking a side.

Jamaican Rastafarian singer, songwriter, guitarist,
 Luciano, also known as "Jah Messenger", whose
message promotes consciousness and spirituality.
As we know, what we wear and how we look greatly determines our confidence level and can even do so much as put us into character. Who doesn't want to feel strong, brave, tough, fit, stern, powerful? All of the things that soldiers are trained to be and feel. One of my favourite Reggae/Culture artists happens to be Luciano (Jah Messenger). With his strong and positive lyrics, always promoting spiritual consciousness and love in a world of hate, his 'character' is that of a soldier; only, in The Army of The Lord. In a world polluted with dictators, oppressors, nay-sayers, haters, followers, evil-doers and cowards, I personally think this fashion statement KICKS ASS! 

 There is one teeny, little problem though...
It's the end of December now and it's STILL nearly one hundred degrees here in The Bahamas! What in Winter's name is going on? Not only that, females tend to lean more toward either the 'scantily-clad' fashion here or the 'follow-me' fashion. I can only recall seeing about two to three females in MY WHOLE LIFE donning military boots casually out in public! That's horrible and to me is either an indication that I should get out more, of mass conformity, country-wide metropolitan lifestyles, or simply put...
FEAR!"Fear of what?", you may ask. To which I will respond ever-so-gently -  Fear of looking absolutely ridiculous! As we here in The Bahamas like to call 'rig' up'! Here you are 'getting into character'. Walking across the street, you find a steady, rhythmic pace and feel like you rule the world! Just as you're about to enter that store and exert your "strong presence", a busload of people pass and they are all laughing. As you spin around to catch the joke too, you realize, to your horror, that they're all pointing and laughing at... you guessed it... YOU!

Of course this absolutely retarded scenario is ALL IN YOUR HEAD! Shake it out for goodness sake! Personally, I tend to be a bit self-conscious but have tried and true methods of shutting up the negative mental chatter and subconscious self-abuse. The thing is, most of the time, it's not our own opinion that matters. It's often the opinions of others. While some feedback is necessary, as long as we are raising and sharing our 'good feeling' vibrations and not harming anyone/thing, they don't matter at all. It's all about how you feel. Who cares what anybody else thinks right? So long as you feel (and look) awesome!

There is one thing though. Exactly how do you wear combat boots?

The 'Don't let the dress fool you' look. She may be
wearing a skirt but she's ready to kick ass!

Classic grunge style. These chics are bad-ass and they're not afraid to show it!
Yea she's just oozing style right here head to toes!

Rock the right accessories and you will carry this look off to perfection!

Urban style. Little black dresses truly are a gals staple!
Modern Military. The leather and camouflage combo gives
this look a definite edge. 

Justin Timberlake casually rockin' the look. Yea JT, you can get away with it for sure!
So go ahead, get your damned boots and you wear them and you feel proud! You tell anyone who asks that they're in honour of all the troops who give their lives to save us! (Just once you sprinkle some Gold-Bond Medicated Foot Powder in them, you should be good to go!)

Take a peep at these kicks  that just have me going gaga right now!:

Don't ya just love???

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