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Kick Fear In The Rear in 2014!


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      an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.
      "I cowered in fear as bullets whizzed past"
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      be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful

In our time, fear is the norm. Many people grow old, wither and die as very bitter and wounded souls because of a lifetime of disappointments and dreams that they let die a long time before. Many times, they are quite able to envision the life they wish to have and if asked why it was never achieved, they come up with all sorts of excuses as to why it was “impossible” or begin blaming others for keeping them from fulfilling their goals. What they often fail to say (or even realize) is that it was fear all along that was responsible for squashing their dreams. 

While there are, without a doubt, people in this world who simply do not have the means or resources to accomplish certain goals, they live in horrible places, face unimaginable situations on a daily basis and most end up ‘victims of circumstance’. At the same time, there are those who come from the exact conditions and even worse and rise up from the ashes to become true living examples and testimonies of faith, hope and determination. What could possibly be the difference between these people?

Most of the world has taught us to either directly or indirectly underestimate and fear our own power and divinity.
Clearance sale on fear? No thanks! I'll pass.
It’s sheer blasphemy ,to some, to call ourselves ‘Divine'.  If, then, we were “Made in the image and likeness of God” and “God in us all”, with God, of course, being Divine, doesn't that make us, human beings, Divine also?  If then, we are divine beings, what in the world could/should we possibly have to fear? So the difference must be that those people who made it out of adverse conditions became aware of their own power as spiritual beings, just living in a human shell.

To simplify this all, we lessen, minimize and shrink our own godliness (power, divinity) when we choose to live in fear. 

(I have learned that I am nowhere near my best and in fact, am weaker when I am in fear. Ever since I actively began connecting to this Higher Power through things like prayer, meditation, exercise, healthier eating, venturing into nature or maybe sitting by the beach for solitude, my fear of certain things diminished greatly and is not something I worry about anymore. God and The Universe has a way of working things out every time.)

We are taught to fear nearly everything in life! It’s absolutely absurd. Instead of focusing on what we want for our lives, we are taught to consciously and subconsciously dwell on all the things that we don’t; thus, we go into panic/worry-mode for most of our lives. When things are good, we’re doing just fine but in the back our minds, we do not truly welcome the  happiness because of the under-lying fear of something going wrong. The second something does go wrong, we say, “I knew it!” The time that was supposed to be enjoyable, was not fully experienced because of fear of being happy. As psychopathic as this sounds, I can vividly remember being told by my grandmother at a very young age that anytime you really get happy, like really, really happy, you ought to be careful and tone down the excitement before, like a bird, your wing gets ‘clipped’. What a sad, sad way to live in this whole planet of wonder and awe! This limiting belief, I have long since shed because I want to enjoy my time here to the fullest. 

Now, I know that this is a journey. Courage and faith do not come overnight. However, the things that I used to fear are almost non-existent these days, such as what people think of me, or not having enough money. I am in this life by myself, as myself. Why should the opinions of others be a bother? I am in a world of abundance, where The Father has promised that all that is His is also mine (ours), so why should I fear?  Even in the face of unpleasant situations and unfortunate outcomes, I move more now from a higher place, knowing that I will deal with it with the help of God, like everything else that I have dealt with in the past. 

Many people fear success. They fear the responsibility that comes along with it. They fear they won’t be able to keep up the pace. The pressure, the temptations. I have a book called, “Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway” that teaches us that we must practice and learn to push past the fear. No elevation or resolve will come if you stay in your ‘comfort box’. Growth is scary and a bit uncomfortable but is meant to pry you out of your so-called shell and make you step into your greatness. What’s the worst that can happen? Even if the worst does happen, we have to ‘deal with it’ right? The fear of
success is a great one. People become enslaved by success. They become afraid of losing the things that success has afforded them. They become connected to things rather than to themselves and can’t bear the thought of losing them because they equate themselves with worldly/material possessions. 

A whole lot of folks fear the unknown. They let others persuade them negatively and can think up all sorts of stories that people have told them to shoot down their dreams. Despite what may have happened to Mr. Moore when he tried and failed at his landscaping company, you can never compare any one person to another. His lifestyle, thoughts, actions, vibrational energy, resources,
motivation, beliefs, etc are unique to Mr. Moore and Mr. Moore alone. In fact, what people may deem to be a failure on his part, he may in fact, see as a blessing. The world may never know.  I lost my job a few years back and of course, was very hurt in the beginning. After I began to get sick of feeling hurt, I started praying about it and looking on the ‘bright-side’ a lot more. Before long, I saw this job lost as a blessing rather than a curse. The advantages far out-weighed the disadvantages. Now, I had the time to not only seek a better career instead of just a job, focus on developing and nurturing my passions (like writing & self-improvement), spend more time with my family, learn something new, feel more appreciated as a human being, I finally got the vacation that I thought I so badly needed, was free of gossip and oppression and had the time to learn how to connect with my higher Self. Hell yea, financially we had a rough time, but thank God, He always provided!) Just as I had feared while I was working, what would happen should I lose the job, I did; and the world did not end. 

“Perfect love casteth out all fear.” God is this Perfect Love and so when you live in fear, you live doubting God.  Fear is an illusion of our minds . When we begin to live in Spirit, our fears subside. Without fear, we can be free. Faith and fear CANNOT reside in the same house, meaning they cannot live together in the same place. Just like love and hate cannot reside together. An Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore, once said that, “Faith is the bird that sings
when the dawn is still dark.” I absolutely love this analogy! It lets us know that amidst all the darkness, the light is indeed on its way!
Scrap metal junk.
We are all connected to this wonderful Intelligence system that works in perfect harmony. All of the things that we fear as bad, are a result of man’s fear and man’s ego.  In one of his books, my most favorite life teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer, talks about a story he had once heard that totally changed his perception of God and of the Universe. In the story, you are to imagine a junkyard filled with millions of pieces of random junk. Vehicular, mechanical junk like metal scraps, nuts, bolts, cylinders, wires, glass shards, tires, seats, plastic bits, motors and anything else you can think of just haphazardly lying around. This was very easy for me to imagine because my mom and step-fathers yard looked similar seeing that my step-dad is a mechanic by profession. Like most mechanics I know, there’s always years worth of “projects” lying around the yard, all unfinished. 

Suddenly, Dyer says, there is a whirlwind that rips through the yard lifting everything in its way and whirling like a tornado. At once, everything comes to a complete stop. You look and all the scrap parts and debris are no longer debris. There in the middle of the yard, now sit’s a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, in perfect condition where there was just junk! Wouldn't that be amazing?
In my mind, I see a gigantic trailer head, like new in their backyard. This nearly brings me to tears because this exactly the way our universe came into existence and functions day in and day out. Quadrillions of “parts” so-to-speak, matter, all interacting and working in sync. In perfect harmony. No one can tell me there is no such thing as a ‘Higher Power’! No one can tell me that we are here accidentally. No one can tell me that I have anything to fear! My daughter is named Milani. In Hawaiian, her name means ’harmony’. I am so glad that her beautiful name also has a beautiful meaning behind it.  
Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet perfectly crafted out of scrap parts.

Sometimes in life we learn that we must let go. Sometimes we find that we've simply lost the passion for certain dreams. This is not a bad thing. “What no longer fits falls away”, I like to say. The key here is to NEVER STOP DREAMING! If we decide that we are no longer going to do something though, we must learn to let it go and keep it moving honey! No one deserves to live in regret all their lives because of the power you let fear take from you. Regret is a killer of life. People fear aging and death. When I was younger, I did too! I have now learned to love and embrace every stage of life. What if true life doesn't begin until we die from this one? No one knows beyond the grave precisely how things will be but I know what the Good Book has promised. Besides, with age, comes experience, wisdom, knowledge, respect (for most anyways). Certainly things that I seek each day, I don’t know about you! I've also come to realize that many people who oppress and belittle others are not as powerful as they would like for us to think or believe they are. They operate from a position of fear and powerlessness, thus, making them overcompensate to feel more powerful or better about themselves. They cleverly brainwash and deceive others into trusting them. Unlike God, man fails to see that fear and love are not equal. True love can never come from fear.

We must embrace this journey my darlings! Every hour of every day, there are countless opportunities to consciously realize your fears and  actively start eradicating them through faithful practice and effort. Start seeing yourself as a victor instead of a victim! A conquering lion! Replace those thoughts of doubt and worry with thoughts of blessings, abundance and happiness. After all, most of what we fear is all in our heads. The
funny thing about it is that the more we feel and focus on fear, the more circumstances will start popping up to bring us more of that feeling. What we focus on, expands. Let's expand happiness. Expand love. Expand peace and serenity. After all, our divinity is in no way based on how many bills we have, what limited resources or country we are from. It is based only on its undepletable Source and on our own willingness to realize and exercise its power.

Peace and love & A Happy New Year!!!

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