Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy 2014!

Seasons Greetings everyone! 

Okay...for those who follow or are new here, you will notice that there hasn't been much activity AT ALL this year or last on here. For that, I would like to apologize deeply. This was due, unfortunately, to quite a few circumstances that  were beyond my immediate control. Namely, not having a PC (or monitor to connect my laptop to). Having to type pages of content out AND include pictures and links is nearly impossible to do on a Symbian!

Thankfully though, I must say that this year has been great and despite a few disappointments, I've seen many things change right before my eyes. Right now, it's surreal to be able to type a post once again! For this, I am so grateful! I've been doing mad writing over the course of the year and have completely filled out the pages of about three exercise books, have gone though tons of pens and have even started doing Youtube videos when writing became to slow!  

The biggest thing that took place for me this year, aside from the many other blessings I've received though, is my learning and understanding of The Law of Attraction. For about eight years now, I've been an active fan and follower or Dr. Wayne Dyer. Back in 2005, I saw a telecast on PBS of his. The topic was "The Power of Intention". This was my first time hearing about anything to do with 'deliberately living' instead of just having life just 'happen to you'. It was very fascinating to say the least! It's been years of me reading his books, finding other like-minded individuals who imparted wisdom and knowledge (such as Melody Fletcher & Tony Robbins), finding and living my own truth and making small changes to the way I use my God-given powers and abilities. (More about this in another post). I've realized that mentally, spiritually, physically as well as emotionally, I have indeed come a long way!  Sometimes, that's what is needed...Faith and time!

SOOOoooo... with THAT being said, I wish to thank everyone who is a part of this great journey and welcome myself back! Thank you for being here. I do hope that 2014 will be even more SPECTACULAR for us all!

Be blessed and stay encouraged! More to come soon!

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