Monday, June 3, 2013

A Life More Meaningful

The average man who does not know what to do with this life, wants another one which shall last forever. -Anatole France There are times when we all may feel as if we are just aimlessly wandering throughout life, simply going from day to day and riding the waves that crash upon us. There have been many times in my life when I wondered "What am I doing here?" Fortunately for me, at a very young age (which I still am), I found ways to make my monotonous life at the time more fulfilling. The ironic thing is that by implementing some key stategies, my life became more awoken. It is true that we are spiritual beings simply having a human experience, and so it is incumbent upon us to try to live up to more than just getting from point to point in this life, feeding our egos and trying to "win" at everything. By simply recognizing the God that is in us, you learn the first step to harnessing your true potential. I list some of these methods below of beginning to bring more meaning to your life: 1. Give more - So you alone may not be able to end world hunger, but I'm sure it is possible for you to donate food to a shelter, family in need or that old man who lives up the street. Sometimes giving does not have to be in money or tangible items. A sincere compliment or a gesture of love can do wonders for a person who is truly in need of it. Pray and ask God to show you how you can give more. Remember Jesus said, "Give and it shall be given unto thee." Luke 6:38 2. Tap Into Your Higher Spiritual Self- Study your Bible, attend church, practice meditation. Do what you possibly can to connect to the Divine energy that is higher than you but simultaneously in every living thing, including yourself. Become more knowledgeable about your connection with the universe. 3. Challenge Yourself - Push yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time. This gives you unique opportunities to learn new skills and re-affirms how awesome you really are! You'd be amazed at how courageous you were to try something new. 4. Be More Sociable - This can be tricky because it doesn't mean scanning Facebook and "like-ing" people's status' all day or dishing out your BB Pin on social media to get false friends! What I mean is get up, get out there and interact face-to-face with real people. Call up and old friend and plan a lunch date or join a group of some sort. There's no substitute for real human interaction. 5. Get Out of Job Rut - If you are anything like me, you hate monotony. You hate knowing that each and every day you must sit barracaded from nine to five in a two by four cubicle, surrounded only by piles of paperwork and gossipy co-workers. Here's where you must find your career calling. Find what you love and make that your job. Saying goes that those who love what they do never work a day in their life. It's true! 6. Read More - Knowledge is power and reading truly empowers that weapon we call the brain. Not only can you free your mind of the same scenery by drifting off to distant lands but you also stimulate creativity, concentration and not to mention intellect. Besides, by reading, you have more general knowledge which gives you an upper hand in those new social circles you're forming. 7. Find a Hobby - What is it that you enjoy doing in your spare time? Sewing, baking, playing tennis? Well, do it and practice getting better at it. Personally, I enjoy writing, reading, singing, dancing, exercising...the list gets longer. The point is, the more, the merrier. All the more things you can find to do to be more useful with your free time. Turn off the television and develop your skill. 8. Find Your Creed/Cause - There must be something that you are passionate about and are willing to fight for. Dr. Wayne Dyer mentions in his book "There Is a Spiritual Solution To Every Problem" that we are not to fight against what is bad and what we don't want rather fight for what is good. That which we wish to see take place. 9. Work Out That Body - Oh yea! This can give you plenty more than six-pack abs and guns of steel! Studies have proven time and time again that regular exercise boosts your confidence, increase happy hormone production like dopamine, give you a healthier heart, strips away stress and even helps you get a good nights sleep. I mean unless you have one lung, you should be working out. We were not created to drive everywhere we go and sit down all day long. Your body becomes stiff, weak and achy. Some people I know would drive TO their cars if they could, although they can throw a rock at it, and they wonder why they're so tired all the time and down in the dumps! The sun is life! Don't be afraid of it. 10. Let Love Be Your Guide - Do not allow the wrong doings of others to negatively affect your heart. God is love and God is in us. Whenever you wish, you can convert those feelings of anguish and discord to thoughts and feelings of peace and love. Loving yourself first will open the pathway to loving others. True spirit can and will only work in and through you when you are in this frame of mind. THE FINAL ANALYSIS People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-cenetered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you will win some false friends and true enemies; Succeed anyway. If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway. What you spend years building, someone may destroy overnight; Build anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you've got anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it is all between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway. - "The Final Analysis" is a version of the "Paradoxical Commandments" by Kent M Keith. Taken from "A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer whom I absolutely love in spirit.

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