Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simply Stepping Back Brings You Closer.

My sincere apologies to all who have either stumbled upon this blog or those who frequented its delicious pages.  Sadly, for the past ten months to nearly a year, I have faced many changes and transitions along with my family all in a quest for happiness and truth. BOY did we find that!

In April of last year, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life and decided to leave my husband and to take my two children with me. At that time, I felt as though daily life with him, as well as in general, had become too much to bear and that for the sake of my kids' happiness, I had no choice. That decision was the best and the worst thing I had ever done and now I feel like we are not only stronger, but wiser as well. 

To God be the glory! In moving, He had revealed great things to me that I had never before imagined I would see. Sometimes in life, we must move by faith rather than by sight. It was that faith that made see what I had given up on and made my husband finally see the error of his ways. Not only did this short hiatus strengthen my relationship with him, but it also permanently strengthened my relationship and trust in Jehovah, my true Father. 

Though I am back to my home town  we're still not settled in as yet and the apartment search has been a rough one indeed. I am now confident though that good things don't come easy and so am exercising patience and diligence in the matter.  I miss my daily writing and cannot wait to share some of the amazing things (and some not so amazing)  we experienced in that time and the many things that enlightened and carried me through. 

Upon returning, we were to release some of the "dead leaves" off of our tree, so to speak, and contrary to their thoughts, we are and will be JUST FINE through Christ, who strengtheneth us! 

I will post again in short order but I would like to say a special "thanks a million" to all who have supported my endeavours. I look forward to expanding and hopefully creating my own site in the near future. 

Love You!

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