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Justice For Trayvon Martin!

Justice For Trayvon!

For the past month , the public eye has been on the tragic and untimely death of 17-year old, Trayvon Martin.  As we all know, George Zimmerman - Trayvon's shooter, has not yet been arrested! I was watching bits and pieces of this story for the past two weeks or so on evening newscasts but hadn't really understood the full details of it until last week Thursday, when his parents and their attorney appeared on the "Anderson" show.

After watching the entire show - listening to the 911 calls, hearing an account of the young man's friend who was on the phone with him at that time, also hearing a witness' account of the event, I am completely appalled and disgusted by the fact that this man, a self-appointed Neighbourhood Watch "Captain", firstly, even has any right to pursue a suspect with a firearm, the right to shoot and kill that unarmed suspect (except for the bag of Skitttles he was carrying), and then NOT BE ARRESTED but rather, is taken in for brief questioning and his sent home to his family!!! This cannot be! 

 911 Call

Many people strongly believe that this man had racially profiled this young black boy for being...well...just that in a gated community. The number one question at this point is, "Why isn't this man in jail?" Had a black man been the shooter here, I am certain that he would have been fighting to prove his innocence FROM BEHIND BARS!!!   

I am in no way a prejudiced towards human beings.  I am and have always been a person who sees people as spirit creatures housing human shells.  I love everyone regardless of colour, creed, gender or political influence. Sadly though, everyone is not like me.  

Young Trayvon had ran under one of the units of this community to avoid the rain when apparently Mr. Zimmerman notices him and contacts the local police. On the tape, we hear Zimmerman being asked if he was following the youngster, to which he replied, "Yes." The dispatcher advises him not to do so but Zimmerman is relentless in his pursuit of this child. What's even more heartbreaking about the tape are the cries for help coming from Trayvon after being attacked, which were identified by his mother as her son's voice.

"Self-defence!" Zimmerman pleads but self defence against what? My next question has to be, "What are police investigating?" What is there left to investigate? Zimmerman did no background check, no forensic evidence was taken from him, there's nothing left but the spot on the street that this innocent black child was slain. 
Is there any other justification?

George Hall, a retired Presbyterian minister, said he was Zimmerman's neighbour for 20 years in Virginia until about 2001. Hall said Zimmerman and his brother attended church, and he wrote a recommendation for Zimmerman for a police academy in 2004.
"Their parents taught them to treat everybody with respect. I'm tired of hearing about this race thing. It could be an element in it ... but I never would have thought of him as being a racist," Hall said. "His father was in the Army and was a white American and his mother was Peruvian. That makes him 50 per cent Peruvian. A lot of stuff I hear, it irks me because people are drawing their own conclusions with very little evidence.  Pay attention to the area that's highlighted! 

Although George Zimmerman claimed to police that he was pummeled and had his nose broken by Trayvon Martin just before he pulled his gun and shot the teenager to death, a Sanford Police Department surveillance video shows no apparent signs that he had been in a fight of the kind he described.
An initial police report said that he was bleeding from the nose and the back of his head and that he received first aid from the Sanford Fire Department. He told police Trayvon knocked him down, and began bashing his head against the ground, and a witness account seemed to corroborate Zimmerman’s claim. His lawyer said his nose was broken in the scuffle.

(PHOTOS: Trayvon Martin’s Death Sparks National Outrage, Mourning)
The video, obtained by ABC News, shows the 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer handcuffed and being led by police into the station for questioning. But he shows no apparent signs of injury — no bruises, cuts or bleeding.  Prior to the release of the video, Zimmerman had told police he shot the teen in self-defense because he was being attacked. But police arriving at the scene of the shooting found Trayvon laying face-down on the ground. He died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. Funeral director Richard Kurtz, who handled Trayvon’s body, told CNN that he saw no signs of a fight when preparing him for burial. “I didn’t see any evidence he had been fighting anybody,” Kurtz said.
Read more: News).

Trayvon's parents took their quest for justice to Capitol Hill this week, attending a forum on racial profiling and hate crimes and drawing attention to their son’s killing that occurred more than a month ago. 

As a mother of a young son, my heartfelt condolences are extended to Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin - Trayvon's parents as well as to all his loved ones. Justice will prevail in the end. Stay strong! God never sleeps.

 To sign  a petition to investigate  and prosecute George Zimmerman for the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin, click this link:

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