Saturday, February 25, 2012

J-Hud Offers Adele Weight Loss Advice!

...Uhhhhh...just a second while I close my mouth!  OK!  Don't you absolutely HATE when a newbie at something finally "gets it" and suddenly they start thinking they're a guru of some sort?  Well this was exactly the case at the Grammy Awards after singer Adele had racked up six awards and was literally gleaming from ear to ear.  Of course old Lucifer didn't like all that "happiness" in the air one bit and just had to poke someone to do hjs biddings. 

According to sources, Jennifer Hudson (singer/actress/wife of pro-wrestler, David Otunga/newbie Weight Watcher's goddess) , who hasn't had a big hit since 2008 approached Adele, congratulated her on her achievements and then proceeded to offer her weight loss mentorship!


Yes she did! She told her, stated the Enquirer, "I used to be heavy just like you and gosh, Weight Watchers saved my life! I can hook you up." Quite frankly, I get Mrs. Hudson's new found glory and all but a topic like that is something you let someone personally request! Some nerve! I think Adele looks great and seems totally happy in her skin so J-Hud, I love ya' but... DON'T DO IT HONEY!

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