Friday, December 2, 2011

Vamp Up Your Style!

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Star-studded style need not cost you a fortune as some may think. For just a few bucks, a stroke of creativity and most important of all - a heaping of confidence, you too can look like you're just off the strips of Malibu. 

1. Sunglasses - Be sure to protect your eyes from harmful UVA & UVB rays.  The trendiest styles are the large dark colored ones that Nicole Richie likes to sport and Aviators like Lindsay Lohan.

2. Statement Shoes - The 'in' thing now are shoes that tell a tale of 1,000 words.  Not only do they add to the slimming effect with 3-5" heels but have fierce bold colors and embellishments that attract full attention. You know us gals just love our shoes so don't be shy to show 'em off!

3. Animal Print - Leopards and tigers may not be liking this look much but Hollywood sure is! I love it myself as iy gives you a sort of "animal-like" edge.

4. Cool Carryall Bag
 As a super star you must have plenty to tote! Be sure to go for a nice and stylish timeless piece large enough to carry your essentials and a few trinkets. Dr. Oz recommends you always have large straps and try not to pile in more than 5lbs of junk!

5. The "Little Black Dress" - This is a no-brainer as  you definitely  need a simple piece in your closet that never goes out of style, can be dressed up or dressed down, according to the occasion and slims the figure. The simpler, the better! When it starts to get "played out", you can always re-adjust the hemline!

6. Sequins - A little sparkle goes a long way in drawing stylish attention. Just remember not to overdo it!

7. Skinny Jeans - Show off those long legs with the ever-so-sexy skinny jean. This style of jeans flatters the female figure by accentuating the hips and by giving the illusion that you're at least 5'9. Aim for darker denim and accessorize accordingly.

 8. Blaze it Up! - The blazer adds a touch of corporate sophistication and can be worn with everything from a mini-dress to the above skinny jean. If you're bold like "Pippa' Middleton (Prince Will's new wife), you can punch a sassy color to it such as hot red or even white. Otherwise, stick with basic black or blue. After all, it is fall.

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