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Huge Concerns Over Bahamas Bus System!

Just thought I'd put this letter up, written to The Bahamas Press by a concerned citizen. Like her, this issue affects almost all of us at some point or another because the chaotic and lawlessness of many of these drivers has been pressing for far too long.   Last year, around this same time of year I had to literally pull the back of my babysitters' clothes to stop her from being thrown out of the door of the bus WHILE SITTING! This was of course following a "race" between our driver and another of the same route. So as not to hit the other bus, he slammed full brakes, nearly giving me whiplash and tossing babygirl's sitter outside.

Something desperately needs to be done with this situation because you should not have to risk your life for $1.25!  Since I'm often a passenger, I witness the most unbelievable and unethical acts known to any public transportation system.  Drivers would stop abruptly to the side of the road to go and take a pee right beside a lamp-pole, stop and park you on the side of the road (light or dark) to "dash" in a liquor store for a beer, have  their cohorts drinking and partying right along-side them as if they are off duty.  One even pushed the Heineken right behind him and right in front of me to dodge traffic cops patrolling the area. Then there's the issue of proper maintenance. Many of the buses on the road are in pure violation of traffic inspection requirements and are major "pollutants on wheels"!

Why do we even have a government if something as simple as implementing a decent transportation system is such a daunting task? These guys need to wake up and smell the jitney exhaust because not only our "little local Bahamians" catch the bus! Tourists do, executives do and so do the MP's loved ones!

Quite frankly I think $1.25 is too hefty a price to pay to feel demeaned and in fear for your life!

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A letter to da Editor

Dear Editor,
The public bus system in New Providence is unsafe and inefficient. On a daily bases bus drivers turn the streets of the capital into a race track in a mad dash for the next $1.25; displaying a wanton disregard for public safety.  At times the music is also painfully loud and customers are held hostage by the chaos and dysfunction.  Passengers are also assaulted by the distasteful language in the music played and DVDs shown.  Unfortunately, not sufficient attention is being played to the public busing system despite its potential to ease the notorious traffic congestion on this island.
Around the world, public transportation is used to lessen the negative impact of traffic by providing a cheap and safe alternative to owning a personal vehicle.   Yet, on New Providence, buses have become rolling discos or movie theaters, which is fun for youngsters but a nightmare for other passengers.  Another baffling fact is drivers change the bus route deciding where they wish to go, leaving you stranded.  There are also routes that are saturated with buses while there is a drought in other areas.  The problem is the busing system is profit driven rather that service driven, contrary to the prime directive of public transportation. I understand that the buses are privately owned and the owners must make a profit and the drives an income, but public safety is paramount.
As a citizen, I would like the Road Traffic Department to examine the current transportation system with a view to making it safer and more efficient.   Firstly, I think music and DVDs should not be played on public buses because there is no way of striking a balance between pleasure and nuisance for the comfort of and out of respect for all.    A quiet atmosphere is also more agreeable and may also discourage people, especially young men and teenagers from hanging out on the buses.  It goes without saying that the buses should be driven is a safe manner.
By Sheleta Collie

Kris Humphries Against Divorce!

Close sources of Kris Humphries say that he has some serious issues with divorce because of his religion. 

Humphries  filed for an annulment of the marriage so it would sort of "wipe the marriage slate clean" for him. While it is totally understandable to me why one may not particularly believe in divorce, when you make an assified move like marrying Kim K, I think you've pretty much set yourself up for it! 

It has also been said that should the judge deny their divorce request, Kris would then file for an "indefinite legal separation"!  Now that's just unfair! We all know that Kim thinks her dreams of becoming a wife and mother one day are really numbered now, so this would just be like pouring and scraping salt in her wound. He even says that although it will hinder his own marital future with anyone else, he prefers it to divorce. Kimmie K' weds a religious buff? Interesting... 

Actual court document for Humphries.
 After watching the start of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York", I don't think the two are at all compatible and now can clearly see why. The court system in California only needs one party to grant a divorce as long as they are presented with clear and convincing evidence against the other half. In this case, he thinks Kim defrauded him into marrying her. A friend of Kris' told TMZ: "He feels he was just slotted in the plot line of Kim's latest headline and latest business venture."  Once they were finished taping, she just didn't need a groom anymore."

How Much Should You Drink?

Use this cool guide to gauge how much you should drink at your Christmas/Holiday parties!

*After drink # 4 - Dispose of this list and call a cab!*

Justin Beiber Shows His Girly Side!

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What the hell went wrong here? The low-riding MUSTARD colored jeans may have worked alone but looks like Selena Gomez must have thrown her pink cardigan in the wash by mistake! I guess when you're "The Beibs", you think you can get away with anything!
Speaking of which, they must be a token of appreciation to girls like this: 

Ha ha! Way to get down! I'm still not diggin' the look though Justin!

Vamp Up Your Style!

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Star-studded style need not cost you a fortune as some may think. For just a few bucks, a stroke of creativity and most important of all - a heaping of confidence, you too can look like you're just off the strips of Malibu. 

1. Sunglasses - Be sure to protect your eyes from harmful UVA & UVB rays.  The trendiest styles are the large dark colored ones that Nicole Richie likes to sport and Aviators like Lindsay Lohan.

2. Statement Shoes - The 'in' thing now are shoes that tell a tale of 1,000 words.  Not only do they add to the slimming effect with 3-5" heels but have fierce bold colors and embellishments that attract full attention. You know us gals just love our shoes so don't be shy to show 'em off!

3. Animal Print - Leopards and tigers may not be liking this look much but Hollywood sure is! I love it myself as iy gives you a sort of "animal-like" edge.

4. Cool Carryall Bag
 As a super star you must have plenty to tote! Be sure to go for a nice and stylish timeless piece large enough to carry your essentials and a few trinkets. Dr. Oz recommends you always have large straps and try not to pile in more than 5lbs of junk!

5. The "Little Black Dress" - This is a no-brainer as  you definitely  need a simple piece in your closet that never goes out of style, can be dressed up or dressed down, according to the occasion and slims the figure. The simpler, the better! When it starts to get "played out", you can always re-adjust the hemline!

6. Sequins - A little sparkle goes a long way in drawing stylish attention. Just remember not to overdo it!

7. Skinny Jeans - Show off those long legs with the ever-so-sexy skinny jean. This style of jeans flatters the female figure by accentuating the hips and by giving the illusion that you're at least 5'9. Aim for darker denim and accessorize accordingly.

 8. Blaze it Up! - The blazer adds a touch of corporate sophistication and can be worn with everything from a mini-dress to the above skinny jean. If you're bold like "Pippa' Middleton (Prince Will's new wife), you can punch a sassy color to it such as hot red or even white. Otherwise, stick with basic black or blue. After all, it is fall.

GooGoo For Gaga!

Lady Gaga and all her outlandish styles have graced many a magazine cover during her chart-topping career but this year alone, seems like the world's just goneMulti-styled Text Generator at    Being a magazine junkie myself, I've decided to post a compilation of all her cover photos:

The Observer Magazine - November 2011

Spanish V Magazine  - Fall 2011

Visionaire Magazine - Winter 2011

Vogue Hommes (Japan) Cover 2 - September 2011

Vogue Hommes (Japan) - September 2011

Fashion Magazine (Canada) - August 2011

The Advocate - August 2011

More Magazine - July 2011

Spex Mag - July 2011

Rolling Stone Magazine - June 2011

Jezebel Magazine - June 2011

V Magazine - Summer 2011

Yo' Dona Magazine - May 2011

Glamour (Netherlands) - May 2011

The Man Magazine - May 2011
Metro Magazine - May 2011
Metro Magazine - May 2011

Vanity Fair (Spain) - May 2011
Glamour (Bulgaria) - April 2011
NME Magazine - April 2011
Joy Magazine - Romania - April 2011
Billboard Magazine - February 2011
i-D Magazine - Spring 2011

Vogue - March 2011

Kourtney Kardashian - Disick No. 2!

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Kourtney Kardashian - 32 revealed this week on the cover of US Weekly that she and her boyfriend, Scott Disick - 28 are expecting their second child! 

After watching the start of her newest reality show, "Kourtney & Kim Take New York", we all know that the couple sleep in separate bedrooms since baby Mason entered the family in 2009. Everyone is asking the question, "Is that immaculate conception or what!?"  Kourt' must've just woken up one morning and thought, "Gee...I feel kinda'...pregnant!" Just kidding! Truthfully I do like Kourtney the most of all the K-Dash' Klan and think she and Scot make good parents. (Good couple is another story!) 

She told the magazine that she is now 9 weeks along and took a test 5 weeks ago. Sister, Kim Kardashian blogged on Celebuzz, ""I am so excited for Kourt and Scott," she later told Us. "Mason is the best baby ever and I can't wait to be an aunt again!"

Later on in the pregnancy Kourtney says she and Disick plan to find out the sex of their baby. Scott's hoping for a girl this time but his partner of five years is just anxious for a healthy child. I don't know if this will make her change her mind about marrying Scott now though!

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