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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries...Divorcing!

Like none of us expected, Kim Kardashian and here NBA player husband, Kris Humphries are getting divorced. Why..what happened??? Kim filed this week (on Halloween) after being married for only 72 days, stating 'irreconcilable differences' as the reason! "Irreconcilable differences" after just 72 days??? To me, you either reach that point BEFORE marriage and/or certainly don't know if your differences are that irreconcilable after just 2mths of marriage!

We all know that the Kardashian "brand" has taken over by storm! Not an hour goes by that E! does not air one of their shows, in particular, "Kim's Fairytale Wedding." The show is still airing and they're already getting divorced? What the Hell?

Since watching the show from early on, I was really hooked. I loved the K's and thought they were all exotic, beautiful girls who were down to earth and loved each other they way that all families should. Although I was never as hooked on Kim as much as the rest, I loved the bond that they all shared and the way they always seemed to make a good time of everything. It sort of reminded me of my relationship with my mom and sisters. (No one ever understands our inside humour and gags!) Now though, I can't say that I feel the same way.  Everyone seems to be taking on Kris Kardashian's (Mommy) attitude. They're all spolied brats now even though they've gotten older!
Taking this specifically to Kim...I'm not into her that much anymore. Kim's a lovely gal and I must say that just about every woman wouldn't mind looking like her. Is life and love all about looks though? Not at all! The impression I get of Kim is that she is superficial, selfish, spolied, hoisted on a pedestal and that we all have her that way. That's not a good recipe for a happy, healthy marriage.

Personally, I, like Wendy Williams, feel duped! I feel like this whole drag through Kim and Kris' relationship was a set-up! We all knew that they weren't exactly "right for each other". First off, the whole family thinks Kris' is like Frankenstein and is the polar opposite of Kim. Opposites do attract but that doesn't mean that we'll be seeing Snooki and like .... together anytime soon! Leading up to the "fairytale" wedding, Khloe and Kourtney finally accepted that this guy is going to be their brother-in-law (secretly knowing that an anulment is eminent) and put all their attitudes aside. For some reason, I couldn't find that "happy place". I fought to reason with myself as to why I was hating on these perfectly in-love young people! I'm a love advocate and believe that love conquers all. I always felt that no one should get in the way people who are in love because it is one of the greatest feelings on Earth that God has blessed us with. I convinced myself that I was just frustrated over the fact that people with money can marry and divorce who and when they wanted to and that this spoiled brat was just doing this whole shananigan as a publicity stunt to boost ratings. I guess I was right!!!

The very short beginning of Kris and Kim's marriage will be shown on the second season of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York," which starts on November 27. In previews for the show, the fans got a peek into the short-lived marriage. "How am I going to have my career and live in Minnesota?" Kim asks Kris when he suggests they move to his hometown. His response? "Baby, by the time you have kids and they're in school, no one will probably care about you."  At least he knows how Hollywood is!

Taken from E!Online, here's the timeline of the two's relationship:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Divorce: Anatomy of a Split

FD Spot, Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries, Wedding ReceptionE! Networks
The fairy-tale romance is over.
Sadly this morning, after just over two months of marriage under her belt, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her basketballer hubby Kris Humphries, citing irreconcilable differences.
So how did this couple go from being in love to being on the outs? Here's a timeline of the way they were:
December 2010: Kim first steps out with Kris, days after splitting from Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubrey. She later recalled how they met on the Tonight Show, telling Jay Leno, "We met at a basketball game in New Jersey, and I saw him and thought he was cute, and I told my friend, who was sitting next to me.
"I feel so pathetic! I saw him and I was like, 'Oh my God, this guy running in front of me is so cute,' and my friend was like, 'Oh, I know his friend,' and so they kind of set us up on this group dinner…and I thought, 'Why not?'"
Early January 2011: Just a few weeks after going public with Humphries, Kim meets the parents, flying out to a Minnesota Timberwolves game to cheer on her beau alongside Kris' sister, Kaela, and his parents. They later shared dinner together, and Humphries' rep said at the time, "Yes, they met and it was a wonderful meeting."
January 2011: Babies on the brain? Kim tweets a photo of Kris as a child, with the caption, "I want my son to look like this!"
Feb. 5, 2011: Kim helps Kris celebrate his 26th birthday with a surprise birthday dinner in NYC with his parents.
March 2011: Kim denies rumors that she and Kris are already engaged.
April 2011: Kim tells E! News that moving to New York (Kris plays for the New Jersey Nets, remember) is the "obvious" next step, but plays coy about any permanent plans. "We're doing good!" she said of her relationship. "I am very happy where I'm at...But as of right now, no marriage, nothing like that. We're happy."
Early May 2011: Just a week before Kris proposes (and two weeks before the world learns of the engagement), Kim again addresses rumors of an impending engagement. "I'm like, 'Seriously?'" she told E! News. "We laugh so hard. I mean, I guess it's flattering that they want us to get married instead of break up, so I don't know."
May 18, 2011: Humphries gets down on bended knee and pops the question to his girlfriend of roughly six months, asking for her hand in marriage with rose petals spelling out the question, "Will you marry me?" She, of course, accepts.
May 25, 2011: The couple announces their engagement to the world. "OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!" Kim blogged. "It's true! I couldn't be happier! Thank you guys for all the sweet messages!!! I finally found my missing puzzle piece, I'm complete." Kris sealed the deal with a $2 million, 20.5-carat diamond ring.
May 27, 2011: The couple makes their post-engagement public debut in Monte Carlo, where they attended the Amber Fashion Show, with both looking positively radiant.
June 1, 2011: It doesn't take long for the couple's first bout of pregnancy rumors to pop up in the tabloids, which are quickly denied.
June 8, 2011: Just as quickly as bumpwatch pops up, the couple faces their first allegations of infidelity, though the blushing bride-to-be isn't having any of it and threatens to sue over an In Touchstory claiming she stepped out with NFL star Bret Lockett during her courtship with Humphries.(Lockett later admitted he'd never even met Kim.)
June 8, 2011: A source confirmed to E! News that the couple was putting the finishing touches on theirprenuptial agreement.
June 14, 2011: The couple's wedding registry reveals the superstars set their sights on items from thesuper-posh Gearys of Beverly Hills.
June 30, 2011: Speculation that her wedding day is drawing nearer begins as Kim, Khloé Kardashian OdomKourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner are spotted at the Vera Wang boutique, chatting with the designer herself. (Spoiler alert: the rumors prove true!)
June 2011: Khloé throws Kim and Kris an engagement party at her and Lamar Odom's L.A. home. Among the guests were pals Lala VasquezBrittny Gastineau and Jordan Farmar, Lamar's Lakers teammate and the man who reportedly introduced Kim and Kris.
July 4, 2011: Kim and Kris spend the patriotic holiday in Humphries' hometown of Minnetonka, Minn., along with all of Kris' family and friends.
July 24, 2011: The couple's his 'n hers bachelor and bachelorette parties turned into hers 'n hers parties, as Kim crashed Kris' Sin City extravaganza.
July 24, 2011: Before she headed to Las Vegas to say goodbye to her singlehood, Kim was the guest of honor at a bridal shower in L.A. that very afternoon thrown by mom Kris at her home. Demi Lovato,Serena Williams and Mel B were among those in attendance. (Check it out!)
July 28, 2011: Save the date! The duo's wedding invitation leaks, revealing their wedding date of Aug. 20, 2011. Days later, they really get into preparations by going cake tasting.
Aug. 19, 2011: The Kardashians converge for an intimate rehearsal dinner at Scarpetta, inside the Montage Beverly Hills, before heading up to Montecito for the big day.
Aug. 20, 2011: They do! Before walking down the aisle, Kris sends out his last tweet as a single man: "This is it!" They tie the knot at a private estate in surrounded by family and friends, including Brody JennerAvril LavigneLindsay LohanEva LongoriaRyan SeacrestJulianne HoughKathie Lee GiffordMel BMario LopezGeorge LopezSerena Williams and more.
Aug. 21, 2011: Kim is clearly enjoying her first day as a newlywed, tweeting out, "God is good!!!!!"
Aug. 24, 2011: Ciao, bella! After briefly touching down in Paris, honeymooners Kim and Kris pop up in Capri.
Aug, 29, 2011: Trouble in paradise? Tongues start wagging when Kim shows up at the MTV VMAs just days after her wedding without hubby Kris. However, reps quickly put minds at ease, by explaining that Kris was simply back home in Minnesota packing up for his big move to New York.
Sept. 14, 2011: Now it's Kris' turn to make the (almost) solo rounds, turning up with not quite brother-in-law Scott Disick at New York Fashion Week.
Sept. 20, 2011: Oops. Kim lets slip that Kris failed to remember their one-month anniversary.
Sept. 27, 2011: Trouble in paradise? The tabloids go into overdrive when Kim and Kris are both spotted without their wedding bands, though the stars quickly deny rumors of a rift and claim that they simply do not wear jewelry while going to and from the gym—where most of the ringless shots were taken.
Oct. 4, 2011: While appearing together on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the couple again derides the tabloid gossip and Kim says that if she could do one thing differently, she'd choose to elope. The couple then staged a mock renewal of their vows.
Oct. 13, 2011: Once again traveling without her hubby, Kim (accompanied by mom Kris) touches down in Dubai before embarking on some promotional appearances around the city.
Oct. 18, 2011: Everything certainly seemed to be just fine for the newlyweds, as Kim told E! News that they were still planning on splitting their time together between Miami, Minnesota and L.A., saying, "We'll figure it out." She also revealed her thoughts on married life, saying, "The best thing about married life is, you have a built-in best friend." The worst? "The messy piles of clothes everywhere! I'm such a neat freak!" However, she praised her hubby, "He is just so funny and makes me laugh all of the time."

Read more:http://www.eonline.com/news/kim_krdashian_kris_humphries_divorce/272530#ixzz1cUJtcndN

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