Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mental Inertia

Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest, or the tendency of an object to resist any change in its motion.
In my mere 29 years of being alive, I have encountered many people who seem to be the epitomy of the saying "Ignorance is bliss." I understand that the older you get, the more attached you become to routines, which become habits. You start to feel as if no one knows you better than, well...YOU! While you're right in that no one, besides your Creator, knows you better than you, no one is perfect and we all can grow and improve ourselves until we die. There's another saying that goes, "You pass nothing until you die.", which simply means that life is magically unpredictable and that anything in this world is possible.
Being the naturally inquisitive soul that I am, it absolutely enrages me when dealing with people who would have things no other way than theirs or who would rather pay for someone to "teach" them something that they know they have no interest in "learning" at all. Not only do they have no intention of learning it, but no intentions of "doing it" either. People who have such low self esteem that they would sit in a corner and waste away, rather than get up, get out and learn to simply do things themselves. Age does not even make much of a difference anymore as more and more young people are joining this group of "the mentally dormant".
A perfect example of this would be a woman in her late 50's who has owned multiple vehicles in her lifetime but never learned to drive and wants everyone else to "chaffeur" her around. This is one thing I just can't wrap my mind around. Can the fear of being in the driver's seat cause you to wait, bags in hand, for someone to pick you up your entire life?
Another bewildering example has got to be people suffering from chronic, non-communicable diseases and obesity who sit on their hineys day in and day out, complaining of their misfortune, discomfort and medical expenses without ever even picking up the newspaper or a book on the subject of their illness and ways to heal/improve it.
Even Steve Jobs said that he thought the Kindle ebook readers "will fail" because it seems like people barely even read anymore. To me, this is sad because reading not only captures your interest more by use of descriptive words and scenery but it captivates the mind and forces you to use it to its full extent by creative imagery and imaginative travel. I would choose a book any day over its movie counterpart.
A few reasons I have tried to use to justify why this happens to people:
  • Scars of life and overall mental fatigue from bad or exhausting life experiences.
  • Low self-esteem and fear of not doing something "right" and others' criticism.
  • Fear in general of increased responsibility and wanting to stay at certain "comfort zone" so as not to annoy others with your new found skills or knowledge.
  • Ignorance, purposely to keep others from asking for help in certain areas.
  • Pride, over- egoism and a "know-it-all" mindset that doesn't want to be "taught" by anyone else.
  • Lack of education and feeling like learning something new is similar to climbing a mountain. "What's the use" mentality.
People sometimes even get frustrated when they suddenly have no other choice but to learn to do something on their own. Many have associated learning with being in grade school and don't particularly like being in such a vulnerable position of being quiet (for a change), paying full attention (to someone else's wisdom and knowledge), and knowing that they now owe whoever's teaching some credit and gratitude. I often find that people who aren't humble and like to be the center of attention have this problem! Likewise, they become upset when those around them attempt to gain more of an education. 
In no way do I underestimate people however, it baffles me as to how one can just sit, complain, do nothing and WAIT! Perhaps my impatience is one of my driving forces! If you choose to sit and do nothing, then you should not be complaining. Change is not only about learning academics but about any aspect of life. Improving yourself spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally and psychologically.

Cubed Fetusby ~Ballistyc on

In this advanced technological era, being stagnant, to me, will only be to your detriment. Just as simple as a basic cell phone will be obsolete in a few months which will force you to change to a new and different one. The Earth constantly renews and replenishes itself. Shouldn't we be the same? When we bring children into the world, we are responsible for teaching them all we know and moreso. The human mind is one of the most powerful things on this planet. We are capable of even more than we can ever imagine. Man has gone to the moon, found ways to replace almost every single part of the body and now can even make the blind see and paraplegics walk again. These are human marvels that not only give us hope for mankind as we know it, but also tells us that we can do ANYTHING we put our minds and hearts to. Don't be a cubed fetus!

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