Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray Close To Suicide!

Dr. Conrad Murray is now being closely monitored after telling his "baby mamma" as well as many others close to him that he "has lost his will to live" and sounds like he is on the verge of attempting suicide. according to TMZ. Dr. Murray was found guilty this summer of involuntary manslaughter after the death of superstar Michael Jackson.

Here's the thing, if I thought Dr. Murray had one ounce of innocence in this whole bizarre drug-fest that took place at the Jackson home, I would feel (just) one ounce sympathetic toward him. Fact of the matter is...I don't!

From the start of his trial for the propofol-induced death of pop icon, legend and hero Michael Jackson, I believed that for the world to be happy, this man had to serve some time. In my honest opinion, four years is NOT THAT BAD for murdering The King of Pop!

Everyone on the face of the Earth knew that Michael had been missing nuts and bolts since the early 80's and was dependent on serious medications for a long time for no particular reason. At the same time however, he could not have gained access to these drugs without the assistance (illegal) of a doctor, like Murray tried to make the court believe. No one was going to say that Murray was innocent after administering propofol (a surgical anesthetic) to help his patient "to fall asleep" and then following-up with amphetamine-type drugs in order to wake him up. This was seemingly a "normal thing" for Michael and perhaps Murray too until one day, his attempts to get him up failed.

When money is a person's driving force, they'll do anything to get it as was the case for Dr. Murray. There is no way in hell that Queen Elizabeth II could have paid me to inject her with that stuff for her to fall asleep at night and then be "medically awoken" later on! This is sheer garbage! I may as well keep a bottle in my fridge for the kids at bedtime too if I'm silly enough to do that! Be sure to repent first Dr. Murray before putting your own self to sleep!

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