Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Exotic But Dangerous Pets.

Many countries have laws against them.  In most places around the world, including The Bahamas, it is illegal to import, capture, breed, or sell them.  Yet world wide there is a fascination with owning wild, bizarre, exotic, and most of the time dangerous pets. Humans are oddly fascinated by being different and dangerous?  Who owns these animals and are these animals that are owned, sold, and traded worldwide regardless of the consequences?
The United With Animal Protection Institute issued a report of incidents involving captive held animals, which provided an interesting background report to base the list upon.  There are also stories like this in papers around the world concerning the practice of keeping dangerous and exotic pets. Michael Jackson wasn't called "Whacko' Jacko' for nothing ya' know!

10. Turtles

A turtle seems harmless  enough to most, but did you know that they actually can carry salmonella?  The main concern is the baby turtles.  It is not that the little guys have more cases of salmonella, it’s that the smaller they are the more attracted little kids are to them.  And we all know how little kids can be; they will stick just about anything in their mouth – including their fingers after touching the turtles and the turtles themselves. This is interesting as well seeing that I just got one for my kids! Hand washing will have to become a serious habit around here!

9. Constrictors

This an obvious one.  Sure that red tailed boa at the pet store seems harmless and kind of cute.  But they grow quite rapidly; can get up to several feet in length, and speaking from a neighborhood experience, they have been known to escape!  Lets just say if you feed them rabbits, they would have no problem with getting themselves around a dog or a cat even.  One of the main concerns with owning constrictors is that once they start to get large, some people actually just let them go and return them to the wild, thus endangering other small animals and humans alike.

8. Scorpions

Being a "scorpion" myself, I am quite fascinated by these venomous little creatures. Don't get me wrong, I am also quite aware of their aggression! Did you know that there is a guy that as a performance and a world record chaser, he actually puts live Scorpions in his mouth?  If you ask me, that’s not one of the best ideas I have heard of.  These little guys can pack quite a punch with their venomous sting!

7. Camels

Camels are known to be pretty temperamental guys.  According to a report on Fox News when a local TV news crew was out filming exotic animal farms, an 1800 lb camel named Polo must have decided that they were not shooting his best side.  When Polo became agitated he attacked his owner, kicking her and sitting on her.  Ouch.  Oh, and if you didn’t know, camels like to spit too. Having seen this on a nature conservation show, I don't think I'll ever get that close!

6. Ostriches

Sure they seem cute and awkward looking.  They hide their heads in the ground right.  But apparently these guys will also chase you and they run pretty darn fast. Being chased down by an ostrich does exactly look too becoming now does it?

5. Chimps and Monkeys

They are adorable.  The human resemblance is amazing.  They are also known to bite and attack humans and animals alike. I viewed the damage that can be done to a person  by these wild primates. A single bite can mean the end of ten fingers as you knew them!  Sometimes cute isn't so cute after all. 

4. Venomous Snakes

Like scorpions, they're snakes.  They are poisonous.  They bite.  Not a great combination. After a bite,  anti-venom can be injected and you can survive but who really wants to take that risk? I sure don't!

3. Crocodiles and Alligators

Often people get crocs and alligators when they are little and cute and look like happy little lizards.  Have you seen the jaws on those things?  They didn’t make an entire TV show around hunting them out if there wasn’t some sort of risk and danger there.  So keeping one in a kiddie pool in the back yard may not be the best idea.  Just ask anyone who has lived in Florida and found one under their car.  

2. Big Cats

Again, it’s these cute ones that you have to worry about!  When they're are babies, who could resist?  But no matter how young they are or how well trained they are, they can turn on you in a second.  They feed them raw steak for goodness sake, shouldn’t that be enough of a sign?

1. Kinkajou

I had no Idea what the hell a Kinkajou even was!  A kinkajou, also known as a sugar bear, looks like a cross between a squirrel, a hamster, and a chinchilla.  They are pretty cute AND pretty creepy at the same time!  But again, it’s the cute ones. That's why my Grandma hated for people to call a person "cute". She always said, "Monkeys are "cute", not children!" I never really understood that until I grew up. Paris Hilton had a pet kinkajou named Baby Luv.  In 2005 she took it shopping with her and was attacked by it and it clawed up her face. By no coincidence did it do the same thing to her  in 2006!  I mean c'mon Paris! Is he THAT cute? Really? That's why this critter is number one on my list of dangerous pets!

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