Monday, October 17, 2011

Dreams of Baby!

If you or someone you know has recently had dreams about a new baby or of giving birth to one, this can be a significant stage in your life. To give birth in a dream firstly shows that one's subconscious is now aware of the soon-to-come separation of the two individual beings. It's a stage of maturity when one's psyche is reaching a new, higher level of being.
I've always believed that dreams have meanings and that the quality or magnitude of the dream says even more. Symbolically speaking, the 'baby' in the dream can actually be a real life idea or project that one hopes will come to fruition. Which, like childbirth, too can be quite laborious!
Generally speaking though, having a baby in a dream basically is a reflection of all your thoughts, feelings and visions of being a mother. However, if one dreams of a non-human baby or some other 'creature', this tells that the woman has underlying fears that her unborn child is not healthy, as is very common in mothers-to-be, especially around the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

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