Monday, October 17, 2011

Can Someone Pass The Mayo?!

Over the past several months, I have grown pretty fond of certain foods and food items that pretty much were ignored my whole life. I also have a very unusual palette and can eat just about anything that would make others bring up their breakfast! Diet is all in the mind I think. In order to follow an even somewhat healthy lifestyle change of eating, it's is indeed mind over matter. When your mind is conditioned to think of foods' health benefits, or society connotations it becomes much more satisfying and tasty OR downright disgusting.What's weird to one is perfectly normal for another.

For me, fresh, cold and ripe tomatoes is one that I've always had huge problems with. Despite my uncanny love of vegetables, I could never outgrow my dislike of those red, rosey buggers! Maybe it was the overabundance of liquid meshed with seed and the inability to tell them apart then the squishiness after you initially bite into it.  Now I've always cooked with it and love the flavor it adds to a meal or sandwich but as of late, I've started incorporating them in my fresh salads, and on toast.  Ketchup or tomato sauce on the other hand has been an obsession of mine for many years and I can barely eat a plate of rice or piece of macaroni without it. At times though, I like to taste a food's natural flavour and would opt to go condiment-free.

I must say that Peter Pan did a magnificent job when they made the Creamy Honey Roast flavor. WOW! Can you say "Party in my mouth?" That is the best tasting PB I've ever had besides organic and already is a fav at my crib. ...thought I'd toss that bit in there!

Spinach is my latest HEALTHY obsession and I've started putting it into EVERYTHING! Don't take it lightly when I say "everything" either! I buy the Earthbound Farm Organic every month (a 1b container usually lasts about a month). I love the snappy freshness of it and know that it's wholesome "superfood" goodness on a plate. (Or in a napkin, glass, cup or bowl)! It became a morning routine to mix a smoothie using about a heaping handful of spinach, a banana, some strawberries or cantaloupe and sweetener. This became a spin-off from my Oatmeal Flax Smoothie mentioned in an earlier post. The kids like  it too since they've barely eaten a meal in about a week without it. When trying to disguise it, I chop it really fine and then by the time it's cooked, they think it's parsley! : ) Dr. Oz also says that it's better to eat cooked rather than raw because when cooked, all the nutrients and are able to be better released and absorbed by the body.

Not so healthy though, is my latest mayo craze. I am so ashamed *hangs head*! Since my car accident almost two years ago, I've had seemingly different tastebuds and a stomach that must be made of steel! Since trying to eat healthy on a "normal' basis, I think I need (and deserve) a bit of a treat sometimes.  I don't crave the sweet snacks that I used to anymore and have replaced those with condiments. This is so weird and very repulsive to many that I would even consider mayo on ramen noodles, ketchup on scrambled eggs or relish in tossed salad! each his own right? Some strictly consider mayo as a sandwich spread or salad mixer but to me, mayo adds moisture, texture, and extra flavour to many foods. I guess this is why the Japanese love it so. I've read that much like Bahamians do, they slap it on the most unlikely foods such as french fries, chicken and even pizza! MMmmmm...I sure think I can live there! I still try to eat these things in moderation though because one teaspoon of regular mayonnaise is about 90 calories and 10g of fat and others such as ketchup and the like are loaded with added sugars.

Weirdo Eggs

Japanese Mayo. I'd like to taste that!
Mayo'd Pizza

Mayo'd French Fries

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  1. If you have weird eating habits don't be afraid to share. I'd love to know what other concoctions are out there to try. lol ; )


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