Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lovely Stuff

If you're like me, that is...human, we all have things we absolutely love and have to take a second look at. Just a few of the things I love:

Bone Thugs & Harmony

Bone Thugs & Harmony, a group that I have known and loved since I was about 14 years old. A hip-hop/rap group, originally consisting of five members, Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Wish and Flesh. All from Cleveland, Ohio, they signed with Ruthless Records under the late Eazy-E of NWA in 1994. Their first official album being 'Creepin' on a Come Up'. Songs such as Thuggish Ruggish Bone and Foe da Love of $ featured on this album.
Their harmonious and individual styles mesh together so well and their hardcore "leatherface" lyrics that are so rhythmic seem to penetrate the soul for the ultimate music experience.  I believe that even people that dislike rap music would agree that this group is one set of talented guys! The way they flow through verses is mesmerizing and leaves you to wonder how they could possibly make a song about violence, Armageddon, warfare on one hand, then peace, love and the crossroads on the other, sound so beautiful!
They released their second album, East 1999 Eternal in 1995. This was the album that got me hooked! The Crossroads, my favourites, 1st of Tha Month, Land of Tha Heartless and Mo Murder all featured on this album, selling more than four million copies in the United States and more than ten million world-wide. The album was released for months after Eazy-E's death. Even music critics could not argue that their melodic style of rap was genius and earned positive reviews.
Over the years since, they have released numerous new albums both within the group and launched their own solo careers. They remain my favourite rap group to this day and I'm pretty sure that I know the lyrics of more than 50% of their songs. Shockingly, it has surfaced that Krayzie left the group last month. The others believe that it was because of a feud with Bizzy Bone but we all know that no matter what, they made lovely, harmonious music together for a very long time and saw many hardships to get where they all are today. Whatever path he chooses beyond this, I'm confident will be a success.

Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

A few things I love:

My adorable children and all their antics.

My wonderful family. (Most of them anyway)!

A guy with good facial symmetry, speaks well, clean, well dressed and good shoes! (Blame Grandma for the shoes!)

Different languages.

Art, photography & interior design with unusual elements that are out of the norm.

My laptop and THE INTERNET!!!


Fashion, makeup & high heeled shoes.

Thick mascara.

My mole beneath my lip.

My angel and guardian angel.

Watching my plants grow.

Parsley, Basil, Thyme & Chives

Preparing a gourmet meal.

Having a gourmet meal.


An enriching conversation with someone.

A hearty joke that makes you snort and tears come out of your eyes.

Writing and reading.

Being paid positive attention to.

When someone doesn't judge you and accepts you for who you are.

Feeling appreciated.

Positive, uplifting people who can find the good in just about anything.


The truth.


A nice cup of sweet coffee.

They got Bin Laden.

Picking my cuticles.

Rock music, especially guitars!

Feeling like I'm a new person after a good cry.

Waking up before everyone else to get that one hour of total peace, silence and to watch the sun rise.

Bone Thugs & Harmony.

Training Day and Little Man.


That life itself is a continuous lesson and gives us second chances.

Alternative health and vitamins!

Being treated like a tourist downtown just for wearing shades& headphones! Also if reading a flyer! ; )

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