Monday, July 25, 2011

Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number!

Green Mile, Lost and X Files actor Doug Hutchison married aspiring pop star and pageant winner Courtney Alexis Stodden in Las Vegas on May 20th. That's great isn't it? Well, even greater, is the fact that Hutchison is 51 years old and his blushing bride is...get this...16!!!

When asked about the dynamics of their relationship and whether or not there's any hidden motives to them being married, the two insisted that they are simply "mad about each other". Awww!!! Seeing snippets of their interview was somewhat unsettling for me however, because not only does Courtney look YEARS beyond adolescence but she acted so as well. I mean she looked like she wanted to strip the man right on set!

Age truly is nothing but a number as long as both parties understand and accept the life, experience and personality differences that come along with the age gap and can be quite fulfilling considering these but I get the feeling here that sex is the biggest part of this arrangement.  In my opinion, he really has to be immature, mentally disturbed or just has superiority issues. In less than a minute, I can tell that he's just loving every moment of this girl's nympho-like behavior. As for her future pop stardom, acting like that should definitely get her in the door! I have no problem with age differences generally, but what I don't get at all is how you can have a healthy, happy and fulfilling relationship with a kid! Love...a many splendid and STRANGE thing!

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