Friday, June 10, 2011

NBA Game #5 - Dallas Mavs vs. Miami Heat

I haven't really been out anywhere for a few days, (more like a week!) and so I've had plenty of time to think, do mundane household chores and complete tasks that I've been putting off for what seems like forever! Did I mention, watch TV?! Some really interesting shows were on, surprisingly, and I finally had time to actually watch a few.  I'm not that much of a TV person these days. Besides watching a bit of educational programs like The Doctors, other PBS shows, a few talk shows like Oprah, Ellen and Wendy or a tad bit of junk like The Kardashians, I'd rather be reading, writing or doing something more constructive. Then, of course Milani practically rules the box with Nickelodeon!  Well, last night, I had planned to watch the 5th NBA Finals game because I was pulling for the Dallas Mavericks. For some reason, I love that team. I do like the Heat as well, but not as much.

It was a real close game up to the very end, then the Mavs' started leading by 5 or more points.  Too bad I didn't have any money placed on it or money TO place on it for that matter!

The Miami Heat is a great team, don't get me wrong. I just think that The Mavericks has better, sharper shooters, Nowitski is real tall, 7ft, in fact and is real tough to guide. He can shoot successfully from just about any angle and is a near 100% free shot shooter. Then you have the other snipers like Terry, Stojakovic and Kidd.

Dallas 'cooled down' the Heat last night by taking game #5 with a 9pt lead! 112 to 103 in fact! Speaking of 'cooling down',  they were able to win on Tuesday, while Dirk suffered a 100+° fever! Talk about dedication!

 Recap of last night's game in Dallas.

The much anticipated 6th game is on Sunday! Seeing that Miami is many Bahamians' preferred shopping destination, I know lots of Heat fans who feel as though Dallas doesn't have what it takes to beat James and Wayde. I beg to differ!

Here, Dirk talks about their win:

Can't wait for game 6!!! Bottoms up!

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