Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Linda Hogan Tells of Terror With Hulk Hogan!

"Hogan Knows Best"

If you were one of the many swept up by Reality TV within the last few years, or a fan of professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), then you probably tuned into the, then popular, "Hogan Knows Best" that aired on VH1 in 2006. The show was a spin-off of the 1950's show, "Father Knows Best" and focused on Hogan and the family (daughter Brooke & son Nick) trying to balance family life as well as their professional careers. The show was a refreshingly clean one to me, especially since the opposite, "Flava of Love" was around during the same time!
In the show, the family seemed well balanced, only experiencing hiccups that any "normal" family does. Terry 'Hulk' and his wife Linda appeared to have a great relationship and like were in it for the long haul.

Linda Hogan & boyfriend Charlie Hill
This image, of course, became anything but "normal" after the show was cancelled in mid 2007 and Linda then filed for divorce at the age of 48 and having been married to Hulk since 1983! The divorce was the 'normal' part though, because afterward, it was revealed that she was dating a 19-year old who was a student at her son and daughter's school and a whole media frenzy ensued.

Well...of course there had to be a real reason to leave a man you've loved for over 20 years! Linda tells The 'Today' Show that she feared Hogan would "kill her during their marriage!" She says that he threw serious rage-filled fits, during which he would throw things like lamps, pin her down to the bed,  pound the walls and slam doors. Out of pure fear, she never told a soul about it and always had Nicole Brown-Simpson's story in the back of her mind.

The sad part, she also adds, is that he's never apologized for his animalistic behaviour. This is horrible, if true, as well as something that I can actually picture happening. Hogan never really came off as 'the bad guy' to me but after watching WCW and WWF for most of my life, I know that wrestlers must take on an an alter-ego, that is fictional and created to draw attention to the star. Negative most of the time.  Perhaps the comfort on the show came from knowing that she was "safe" with all of the camera crew around. Which was probably the reason she left right after the show ended.

Linda and Charlie (now 21) are engaged to be married. Hogan married his fiance, 

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