Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Linda Hogan Tells of Terror With Hulk Hogan!

"Hogan Knows Best"

If you were one of the many swept up by Reality TV within the last few years, or a fan of professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), then you probably tuned into the, then popular, "Hogan Knows Best" that aired on VH1 in 2006. The show was a spin-off of the 1950's show, "Father Knows Best" and focused on Hogan and the family (daughter Brooke & son Nick) trying to balance family life as well as their professional careers. The show was a refreshingly clean one to me, especially since the opposite, "Flava of Love" was around during the same time!
In the show, the family seemed well balanced, only experiencing hiccups that any "normal" family does. Terry 'Hulk' and his wife Linda appeared to have a great relationship and like were in it for the long haul.

Linda Hogan & boyfriend Charlie Hill
This image, of course, became anything but "normal" after the show was cancelled in mid 2007 and Linda then filed for divorce at the age of 48 and having been married to Hulk since 1983! The divorce was the 'normal' part though, because afterward, it was revealed that she was dating a 19-year old who was a student at her son and daughter's school and a whole media frenzy ensued.

Well...of course there had to be a real reason to leave a man you've loved for over 20 years! Linda tells The 'Today' Show that she feared Hogan would "kill her during their marriage!" She says that he threw serious rage-filled fits, during which he would throw things like lamps, pin her down to the bed,  pound the walls and slam doors. Out of pure fear, she never told a soul about it and always had Nicole Brown-Simpson's story in the back of her mind.

The sad part, she also adds, is that he's never apologized for his animalistic behaviour. This is horrible, if true, as well as something that I can actually picture happening. Hogan never really came off as 'the bad guy' to me but after watching WCW and WWF for most of my life, I know that wrestlers must take on an an alter-ego, that is fictional and created to draw attention to the star. Negative most of the time.  Perhaps the comfort on the show came from knowing that she was "safe" with all of the camera crew around. Which was probably the reason she left right after the show ended.

Linda and Charlie (now 21) are engaged to be married. Hogan married his fiance, 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shyness Cure!

A recent study done on hundreds of subjects, has shown that Oxytocin, that lovely bonding hormone that makes sex and baby bonding so great, may be a 'wonder drug', helping shy people overcome their awkwardness in social settings.  This hormone naturally reduces anxiety and increases feelings of empathy and promote more in-depth connections between people.

This is great because now, not only can people resorting to drugs and other substances to overcome their inhibitions benefit from it, but so can those suffering from Autism, as shown in other studies. Autistic persons tend to have lower levels of this hormone and so it can be a glimmer of hope as a potential treatment option for its sufferers. As exciting as it sounds though, we must take into consideration that it does no good for those of us who are already somewhat extroverted.

Shyness can be debilitating in a modern society. Just imagine Celie from 'The Color Purple' being taken to Metropolis and left there! Although things are becoming increasingly automated, social interactions are more and more inevitable as the population grows.  Unfortunately, many people believe that the only way to get the courage to socialize or even partially enjoy a social gathering at all, whether large or small, is by drinking alcohol or using some other drugs (illegal or prescribed) to take away their anxiety, self-consciousness and overall paranoia. This is fine in moderation, but we all know someone who has ruined their lives and the lives of those around them by becoming dependent on them. As with any other drug, there are side effects in the form of nausea, vomiting and uterine contractions (like after childbirth) in some, but most do not experience these or any at all for that matter. I personally don't know if all shy people were meant to be extroverted though. Even though oxytocin induces empathy, and this is supposed to be a good thing, to what extent does it? As a fan of new medical breakthroughs, as well as a critic of modern medicine, I'd like to analyze just a few of the potential pros and cons first. Can it make you fall in love with everyone you meet or have you so 'lovey dovey' that you can't tell when a robber seriously means "he's going to shoot you unless you give him the money? I've had two children and believe me...I know the effects of this hormone! During breastfeeding, it is secreted by mother and child and was a "high" far better than sex! It's quite magical and makes you want to 'feed the whole world'! Literally! Then again, by watching the news everyday and seeing how cold-hearted people are becoming, more empathy, compassion and love should not be such a bad thing.

Only time will tell how "wonderful" this "wonder drug" really is but I sure am glad there's hope for turning those cowardly caterpillars into the social butterflies that they dream of being.

If medical treatment is not your cup of tea and you would like to learn to become more comfortable in public, keep in mind that:

  • You have NOTHING to fear but God!
  • All the people you feel intimidated by are human just like you with the same embarrassing bodily functions, fashion faux-pas, and negative traits that they themselves are self-conscious of.
  • That many people love you dearly for who you are and would change nothing about you.
With those being said, go out there and make new friends. In order to do this, you can't run cowering the instant someone tries to strike up a conversation with you. Remembering all of the above will help you to appreciate your uniqueness much more. Join a group or club of your choice and practice becoming more involved in your daily life. Confidence is built or torn down because of circumstances affecting our lives starting from childhood. How we choose to look at them and what we are made to believe of ourselves because of them can positively or negatively affect our quality of life. Choosing to show the world your true self is not something you should be afraid of but rather embrace! There's only one you! That's great!

How to Lose Weight with Parsley Tea |

Lose Weight with Parsley Tea |

Thursday, June 23, 2011

America's Got Talent - Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is a 36 year old Car Detailer, who has been for about 10 years and aspiring singer. This was the final clip of the show America's Got Talent, and probably was for good reason. I was very happy I caught this part, as it was quite an emotional one for me and many others!

Landau came on, stood in front of the judges chewing gum and acting really weird. I say that because he was giggling, quite awkwardly, I guess from nervousness, and it seemed like he was going to make an absolute fool of himself! By watching the show pretty often, I think I have a knack for knowing when someone's about to mortify themselves.  He clearly was a Howie Mandel fan and even did a 'mini' impression of him. After that first impression of gum chewing, Piers said that that wasn't a particularly good idea, after which he removed it, then shoved it into his pocket as if nothing at all had happened. Sharon, noticeably disturbed with all of that, then told him to begin the act.

When Landau began to sing, the entire audience, as well as myself, was just flabbergasted! Where in the hell did that voice come from? I guess that's the reason why you should never underestimate people because we ALL have special gifts/talents and are genius at something! This man sang "Under My Skin" by Frank Sinatra and blew the world away! His voice was like Sinatra himself and you can tell that this was his dream. By the end of the performance, the audience couldn't sit down! The standing ovation seemed to last for an eternity and Landau, the judges, as well as the audience were all in tears. The only thing that kept me from crying, which I usually end up doing, was the sheer and utter disbelief at what I just heard. He had said that his dream was to sing and boy did he! Howie told him that after that, his life will not be the same and the overflow of emotion was simply beautiful!

Here's the video:

Sometimes, like Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks says, "it doesn't matter how many times you fail. It's about continuing to try until that ONE time you get it right and everyone says how lucky you are. Well Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. was real lucky last night! People say "lucky", but I call it "blessed"!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Billy Joel - Another Amazing Artist!

Joel & Paul McCartney
While on the topic of television, I was fortunate enough to catch a Billy Joel concert on PBS last night as well! Boy did I have an active TV night! I had a tough time deciding which of the two was going to be better. He performed at the Shea Stadium in New York, with over 110,000 fans all eager to feel the rhythm of this incredibly talented man, but they got soOOo much more, with emotionally charged performances by Tony Bennet, John Mayer & even country super-star Garth Brookes AND Sir Paul McCartney! This show had me rocking, singing, dancing, strumming, yelling and almost in tears all at the same time. Taking place in July 2008, this was the "last rock & roll performance" to be held there, as the stadium was torn down in 2009.

 'Piano Man' - Billy Joel at The Shea.

I have come to know and love Billy Joel ever since early childhood, seeing that he was one of my Step Dad's favourites and had owned just about all of his classics.  I can remember quite clearly, the double disc Collector's Edition that he had and that I LOVED that featured all of his greatest hits such as 'Piano Man', 'Uptown Girl', 'Goodnight Saigon', 'Longest Time' and 'Allentown'.  People often don't know (or think) that someone my age would be interested, to say the least, in this type of music but it's rather refreshing to hear music that tells of another time. A time when things were different, tells a man's story of his heart, his life, love and the struggles that many face. As I said in another post, music is one of my passions and so it's great when I can find uplifting and inspirational artists that draw your emotions to the surface. He also happens to be a great conversation starter and generation bridge between folks my age and the older era.

I love the fact that he is an all around artist. William Martin 'Billy' Joel writes his own songs, plays the piano, sings, plays the guitar, the harmonica and is just as passionate about one as he is about the other. Born on May 9, 1949, Joel is 62 years old, but don't let that fool you! The energy that he exudes during a performance is absolutely breath-taking and even a person who has no clue who he is, would be swaying along to the music. After his first hit, 'Piano Man', seen in the above video, he has become the sixth best-selling recording artist and the third best-selling solo artist in the United States, according to the RIAA.  The way he plays the piano, for me, is most astounding! His fingers are like crazy ants and the music is crazy/beautiful!  Giving tribute to the Mets fans, he played 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game' and the crowd went mad. Followed by a lovely rendition of 'Shameless'.
Joel & Garth Brookes

Built in 1964, The Shea Stadium had been the home of the New York Mets for 45 years. Designed as a multi-purpose stadium, Shea soon became the birthplace of arena rock when the Beatles appeared there August 15, 1965, establishing the ballpark as a pinnacle venue for rock's biggest names: The Who, The Police, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and others have all played there

John Mayer & Joel

This was a truly electrifying event and I wish I'd been there in person! On my bucket list is to 
get the chance to see him, as well as a few other favs perform live!

I'll leave you with just a few of his hits from the 80's: 

 'Longest Time'

 'Uptown Girl'

 'Just The Way You Are'

NBA Game #5 - Dallas Mavs vs. Miami Heat

I haven't really been out anywhere for a few days, (more like a week!) and so I've had plenty of time to think, do mundane household chores and complete tasks that I've been putting off for what seems like forever! Did I mention, watch TV?! Some really interesting shows were on, surprisingly, and I finally had time to actually watch a few.  I'm not that much of a TV person these days. Besides watching a bit of educational programs like The Doctors, other PBS shows, a few talk shows like Oprah, Ellen and Wendy or a tad bit of junk like The Kardashians, I'd rather be reading, writing or doing something more constructive. Then, of course Milani practically rules the box with Nickelodeon!  Well, last night, I had planned to watch the 5th NBA Finals game because I was pulling for the Dallas Mavericks. For some reason, I love that team. I do like the Heat as well, but not as much.

It was a real close game up to the very end, then the Mavs' started leading by 5 or more points.  Too bad I didn't have any money placed on it or money TO place on it for that matter!

The Miami Heat is a great team, don't get me wrong. I just think that The Mavericks has better, sharper shooters, Nowitski is real tall, 7ft, in fact and is real tough to guide. He can shoot successfully from just about any angle and is a near 100% free shot shooter. Then you have the other snipers like Terry, Stojakovic and Kidd.

Dallas 'cooled down' the Heat last night by taking game #5 with a 9pt lead! 112 to 103 in fact! Speaking of 'cooling down',  they were able to win on Tuesday, while Dirk suffered a 100+° fever! Talk about dedication!

 Recap of last night's game in Dallas.

The much anticipated 6th game is on Sunday! Seeing that Miami is many Bahamians' preferred shopping destination, I know lots of Heat fans who feel as though Dallas doesn't have what it takes to beat James and Wayde. I beg to differ!

Here, Dirk talks about their win:

Can't wait for game 6!!! Bottoms up!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Passion or Poison?

"Had a hard day! What shall I choose?"
These days, everyone is doing something or another for a 'quick fix'. With all of the chaoses of a modern society, when you finally get to relax and/or have a drink (or 2, or 3), you seem to have a sense of entitlement. Somehow, you feel as though you've "earned" it because of how hard your day was.  At least that's how I feel, dammit! After a long day of working, doing millions of household chores, chasing and yelling behind the kids AND trying to workout, I see absolutely nothing wrong with chillin' and "sippin' a Sands" when that break finally comes. My personal fav, an ice cold Heiney, would be even better. Then... of course if you're REALLY stressed out, a lemon Mojito or glass of Bailey's would be quite fitting. (Spiked please)!

Then comes the smokers. I've been smoking off and on since I was about 12 or 13, thanks to a Jamaican housekeeper we had at the time, named Marva. Marva would sit on the back patio every chance she got, chewing ice and smoking ciggies. "Ya' wah' wan?", she asked. Of course you know the answer to that! I started with "wan", and a serious habit followed. I can even remember one of my uncles spanking me at 12 because he came home and smelled smoke on my breath.  Oh well! You live, you learn. Next time I'll do it OUTSIDE and brush my teeth afterward. (Tee hee). I wasn't guilty mainly because of the fact that they smoked as well and kept their Kool's in their Sunday suit jackets! When you puff your first one, you feel your troubles literally lifting "up in smoke". That is until you've bought pack # 76 and you start to get annoyed at never having a lighter, God's fresh breeze for blowing out your lighter, the white ash that's all over your clothes and the fact that you smell like a DC trucker.
Bob Marley

When it comes to weed, I think just about everyone has either smoked it at least once in their life, has it occasionally like when out with friends once every few months or so, Or can't stop doing it and has to have it whenever it crosses their mind. It relaxes you for damned sure and takes your mind into the "Happy-Hippy" mode. I can't see a person really doing anything violent or inhumane if they are under the effects of THC alone. Perhaps other 'uppers', but not weed. For me however, it's not as "dope" as others claim and just is a great sleep aid. I would never want anyone to see me in that altered state and I get super paranoid. Not to mention, it turns you into a "Munchie Machine"! Some say that smoking marijuana makes you look wasted because you don't really want to eat, you'd rather smoke. But for me, the "food" my mind is on is either in the fridge or cupboards!  You crave sweets so bad that you'd eat Milo right out of the tin! If you're serious about your eating habits and fitness level, weed is not the way to go. Try a Redbull instead!

Coffee has also been my addiction since I started working out of high school in a quiet office setting. I don't go overboard with it though and limit myself to no more than 2-3 cups per day. Any more than that, I'm a nervous wreck with a fluttering heart and engorged fists. Caffeine in the form of a Diet Coke or energy drink will do if cafe's not available. In moderation, it wakes you up, makes you more alert and amps your concentration skills. Too much and you're a mess.

One thing I wonder though, is whether or not these things are too readily available, boring the users into trying 'other' things.  I you're so unhappy that none of these are really doing it for you, then perhaps you should do some serious soul searching. Ask yourself "what is it in my life that's making me unhappy and what do I need to change?" How are you feeling spiritually about yourself? Sometimes we don't fall victims to habits because we're just stressed and want to unwind. Sometimes it goes deeper and we're actually trying to drown a chronic issue or shut ourself out of 'this world'. Sometimes it's to follow fashion and look wild and spontaneous to peers. We go out and say we're "loving ourselves", when in fact we're hating ourselves. Getting pissy drunk, doing the splits in a short white skirt on the bare floor while sweating like Elephant Man and getting laid in the bush for a ride home is NOT what I call LOVIN' YA'SELF!

Finding hobbies and positive things that really interest you is a great way to gain self control and broaden your horizons at the same time. Boredom is a bitch and can make you do some silly shit. Take it from me! Think about when you are most happy and what has you feeling that way. That's how you know what your passion is.

When I'm listening to music or expressing my thoughts in writing or through art, I'm happy all over. Music and literature are my drugs of choice. I especially love the electric guitar and would say I am at an intermediate level of play! Too bad my 2yr old princess just yanked out 4 of my strings! (Again!)
 "Vangogh's House at Arles" by Suerenity (N.G.M Major High - 1999)
"Love is Pain" by Suerenity
"WhateveR" by Suerenity ('04)

What's your poison?..I mean passion? One is completely different from the other, but are often confused.

Sue Views