Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Makes A Guy Sexy?

Sex appeal is a quality that either one just has or...well, doesn't!  I don't care, you can have the body of Lebron James and STILL not be considered sexy. 

Sexy, to me, is a combination of attributes that blend together to make the total package. 

Let's peep and see what my definition of a 'sexy guy' is:

Confidence - Is sexy because it shows that this dude is sure of himself (not full of himself), where he stands and his capabilities as a man.  He needs no reassurance. 'Swag' is the slang term used to describe a certain confidence and presence  that a guy has that's like a magnet. This tells me that he can handle himself (in and out of the bedroom) and loves himself enough to be able to share it with me!

Lebron James
Style - He doesn't have look like he just jumped out of GQ Mag at me or anything but DOES have to pay close attention to his attire, the condition of it and the way it makes him look and feel. (Yes! Clothing changes your attittude!) My grandmother always taught me to check out a guys shoes as well. These usually are symbolic of his sense of style, his cleanliness, and masculinity. (Interesting, because it usually sums his story up to a T!) He may not be able to afford the top of the line, genuine leathers but how well he keeps the ones he already has tells a lot.

His Grill - Not the gold ones either! I'm referring to his mouth. The overall condition of it and what he allows to come out of it.  I can remember an encounter with this guy who was hot as lava! I thought it was love at first sight! Of course this was years ago when looks meant everything to me in a guy : (  When the guy finally had a chance to speak as part of the group, I almost wet my pants it was so hilarious! He spoke in a high pitched voice, almost like he was singing! I mean I swear this guy sounded like a cross between an out island fisherman who had never been to school and a lead for a broadway musical! Totally NOT SEXY!

Eye Candy - More often than not, a man with great facial symmetry is considered to be handsome. For me, this is so most of the time. A straight nose, mysterious eyes, good height,  a nice toned body, a charming smile and decent hair all contribute to a man's sex appeal and attractiveness. 

Josh Hartnett
Knowledge/Talent - There is something incredibly sexy about  a man who is experienced and knowledgeable. Not only does he have the skills necessary for survival, but he can also teach me some of what he knows! These skills are his for life! This shows that he is determined to grow and move towards his passions. 

Spirituality - This is a very important aspect of life and I feel like without it, one is lost and confused in the world. A man that is spritual, is a strong man because he knows how to be kind, considerate, selfless,  generous, HUMBLE and has a conscience. He knows what is required of him as a man.

Gerrard Butler in 300.

Optimism - I love someone who can make sweet lemonade from lemons instead of complain that all they have is lemons and that they can't do anything with them. No one like being around a negative, arrogant or trouble making person. Pleasant, positive people have a way of rubbing it off on you and making you feel good. Unlike the opposite, which I call 'vampires' that suck the life from your very core. 

Masculinity/Bad Boy Swag - I know I don't want to be the one getting beat up while my boyfriend is running away down the street! I want a man, not a man who thinks he's got the wrong parts! I need a man who knows who he is. A man who knows that God has him on earth to serve him,  provide and protect. There are men who, unfortunately have never had a male figure to instill that 'ruggedness' in them, and have only been raised around females. This does not always mean that they are gay.  Just the same as if a dog is raised by cats, all it knows is how to meow and purr, not bark and howl!

Mekhi Phifer, Wood Harris & Cam'ron in Paid In Full

Charm - When a man knows how to make you feel like you're the only girl in the world, that's called charm. I man who is unselfish enough to compliment you even when you have a nasty cold, chapped lips, runny red eyes and all, deserves to be noticed! 

Looks, for me, are not of such importance as they were a few years ago. Of course I don't want a guy who looks like Blackbeard either! As you become more mature and experienced, you understand that true beauty is skin deep. A guy as sexy as David Beckham can be the ugliest person alive once you get to really know him. Some qualities in people are so horrid that no matter how beautiful they are on the outside, you can't seem to look past them. A bad attitude renders you unattractive in my book.

Among others are:

A keen sense of humour. (But not be an ass.)

Being spontaneous and adventurous -  because I am naturally inquisitive.



An accent. (Either British, Scottish, German). American accents have been so common growing up that is doesn't move me.

A guy who is not afraid to get dirty when necessary! (Get your mind out of the gutter would you?) I mean a blue collared guy with grease on his uniform and sweat on his brows. Yeah baby!

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