Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Scents For Sweet Dreams!!!

Difficulty Level: Pretty Easy

You may have heard about Dream Pillows, which are becoming increasingly popular for people who wish to have more relaxing sleep and lucid dreams. These are sachets of herbs and essential oils that are small enough to be placed within the pillowcase of your own pillow to enhance the quality of your slumber.

Dating from the early 1900's, aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine, has been used to alter a person's mental state, mood, cognitive abilities and memory functions. Numerous studies have proven a significant correlation between one's memory, which captures and stores scents from birth, and the odours we smell from day to day. Ever notice when you smell something like Old Spice or shaving creme, how far back it takes you or how vividly it reminds you of a certain person? For me, I say Old Spice because it reminds me ever-so-clearly of one of my uncles who lived together with my grandmother and I growing up.

The same concept applies during sleep!  You can actually control the quality of your sleep and the dreams you have by the use of aromatherapy! For many years, healers have used this principle for the sick and to even put fussy babies to sleep!

Start sleeping like a baby tonight by making your own Dream Pillow:  

Needed Are

Basic sewing ability. (If you lack that then fabric glue will do!)

Two pieces of fabric about 6" x 11' (Any fabric will do, however, I would choose silk.)

Small mesh bag.

Relaxing herbs/flowers/essential oils such as Lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and jasmine.

Orris root (used for retaining the wonderful scents)

Needle & thread



Velcro (For making your sachet removable for washing cover).


Turn fabric for your cover inside out and stitch around 3 sides. Then fill your mesh bag with herbs, orris root and about 6 - 8 good drops of essential oils, then securely tie the bag with string.

Sew Velcro onto the opened sides of your silk cover (or whatever kind of fabric you choose). Lastly, place your mesh bag into the silk cover and stuff around it with batting or cotton to fill the surrounding space and close your Velcro. There you have it!

Now you have your very own comfort pillow to help you sniff your way to sweet dreams and more restful sleep! Pretty easy right?

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