Friday, May 20, 2011

Makeup Pouch Basics

Basic Look
As a working female and Make-up Artist, cosmetics are substantially important to my everyday life.  Most people I know are either not that into "putting on their face" in the mornings or are only truly familiar with very few cosmetic products.  Which isn't the end of the world by any means, however, I have become friends with so many different forms of make-up over the years, that I rarely get caught in public without it! There is, of course the small pouch that I carry with me from day to day, to which, I may add a few things occasionally or remove from and THEN...there's The Master Bag (as I call it) that sits at the top of my closet and is almost as heavy as my daughter! (Who is 30lbs by the way!) This is the 'store-it-all' bag that hold various shades of various brands of various items and is used more  for professional purposes, although I help myself to what I need every so often.

As a young adult, I can vividly recall family members asking me as I made my way out to the grocery store " And where exactly do you think YOU'RE going? To the Beaux Ball?", to which I'd respond " really!"  Living in a tropical country where the average temperature is around 90° it's extremely impractical as well as uncomfortable to wear a full face of make-up for 8 - 10 hours on a daily basis! With trial and error though, you can find the right products to keep you feeling clean and looking cute at the same time.

It normally takes me no more than 5-10 minutes to 'put my face on' and be out. Here are the basics that get me out the door in no time:

Revlon Liquid Colour Stay Foundation - This baby glides on smooth, leaves no track lines and dries to blend right in with my complexion, giving me a more natural but evenly toned face. The oily skin formula leaves a matte finish and shine doesn't peek through. For about $12 this is affordable and well worth it.

*Ladies! Always remember to blend your foundations/powders not only around your face but also the areas surrounding and beneath it to avoid looking like Bozo The Clown*

Eye/Lip Liner - Gently contouring brows and lining the lower eye makes them pop and already gives you a near finished look. I have a natural mole below my lips so I like to bring that out as well. I usually use dark brown or black, applied gently.

Mascara - I absolutely adore mascara and think it is a cosmetic marvel! I always go for the ones that not only separate your lashes but add maximum volume and length, such as Avon's Super Extend which is one of my favourites. I have always loved my big, beautiful eyes and think mascara only makes them appear even more beautiful. Of course it doesn't hurt when you need a daunting favour from a guy and you bat your charming lashes at him either! Can you say 'damsel in distress'?
Avon Super Extend Mascara 

Lip Gloss - I have never been a huge lipstick fan and I believe for one reason on many different occasions. The reason? The scent! OMG! I will never forget my grandma's addiction to Fashion Fair Cosmetics. Growing up, this was all she used and the smell of their lipstick made me nauseous! Speaking of nauseous, during my first pregnancy with my son, even a whiff of  any kind of lipstick (make-up, perfume, deodorant, and fast food joints, to name a few) just made me have to spin my head around like the girl on The Exorcist to throw up! Hence, I do not wear lipstick and if I do want some more prominent colour on my lips, I'd always just dab a dot on  there, smack 'em together and smudge. Problem solved!

Blush - I don't wear blush too often, but choose to when I have more time to play around with my face and when it's not so bloody hot! My blush trick is to smile and blend from the apple of the cheek up to the sides of the eyes (naturally flushed area) and then blend. As a woman of mocha complexion, I go for a deep shade like plum that gives a warm hue on darker skin tones. Women of colour especially should  really avoid high pink or orange blush!

Other necessities in the pouch are: 
*Note that these are not used everyday*

Make-up sponges 
Liquid Liner 
Loose Powder
6 Shade Eyeshadow (These change according to my mood as well as the weather).
Metallic Shadows

There you have it! These basics should be all you need to complete your look. Customize, where necessary, to match your overall skin tone and texture and don't forget to play up those special features that you love either!


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