Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Giving a Great Compliment!

As human beings, we all love being praised for our actions and efforts.  In terms of compliments, a little can go a long way.  Many of us see things worthy of praise, but fail to voice it oftentimes, because we may not know exactly how to or in fear of swelling the other person's head.

Here are few flattery tips that can benefit you:
  • Say something unexpected - If you're like me, you love being flattered about your looks or sense of style but when a compliment goes above and beyond the norm, it has a tremendous impact.  E.g "I think you handled that situation well."
  • Explain what you mean - "I think you handled that situation well. It really takes strength not to insult someone like that! You still showed her who's the bigger person!"
Compliments about qualities we can control are far more appreciated than those about things we were naturally born with. E.g "I love how you always try to stay so positive." Vs. "I love your eyes!"

One particular problem I have with females is that they tend to 'hate' on their fellow sisters and find things to criticize about one another.  Ever since my teens, I tried to steer clear of negative and cynical people who hate to see the good in others.  Life's too short to focus on the bad in EVERYONE!  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making someone feel good about him/herself. Perhaps, a single compliment can change a person's life for the better...better yet... it might boost their confidence enough to cause them to notice the good in another. 

Starting to notice the good in others WILL improve your quality of life and help you to see all of the beauties that God gave us to marvel at so ... Let's give props when they're due! 

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