Thursday, May 26, 2011

Biggest Workplace Pitfalls!

Although you're punctual, a team player and pay close attention to details in your work, you may still be sabotaging your career growth unknowingly.

This list consists of things that most of us are guilty of on the job and that inevitably stagnates career growth:

Downplaying Accomplishments - Most of the time, your boss is far to busy to even notice you busting your butt on a project scheduled to be handed in...well, tomorrow! Rather than wait on him/her to come and ask for it, snag their attention as they whiz pass your desk and let them know that not only have you completed it, but that you are confident it is better than even you had expected.

Improper Speech - Once you've read my page 'Native Tongue', you should understand the importance of practising proper speech. No corporate professional wants to be talked to as if the're buying a half bag through an alleyway! Bad speech not only undermines your professionalism but your education level as well! When you appear sure of your point and are able to express it in an authoritative manner, you seem more confident and competent. If you don't believe yourself, who else will?

Settling Instead of Negotiating - Time to stop settling for whatever you are given. If you feel as though you are well experienced in a certain area or have more knowledge to bring to the table, negotiate the terms of your salary. (Do your research first)! Companies not only expect this but actually budget for for it. I feel as though in this 'every man for himself' kind of world, if you don't demand certain things, not only will you never get them... but others will not even stop to ponder whether or not you deserve them!

Being Stuck In a Comfort Box - Women often don't get as far ahead as we'd like to because of one dreaded, prevalent word...FEAR! The same goes for men.  Fear of rejection, criticism and sometimes even responsibility causes us to stay put in our 'zone of comfort'. In order to push yourself to greater heights and learn hidden talents and capabilities, we must force ourselves out of that comfort box and do something we're not used to every so often. Whether it is a task in a different department or a new career path altogether, my motto is "Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway!" (one of my favourite books, by the way). You'll never know unless you try. You may even surprise yourself!

Dressing Inappropriately - The saying goes "Dress For Success"! When you look the part, combined with all the above mentioned qualities, you are well on your way to be taken seriously and considered for more responsibility.  Hardly ever will you see an executive dressed like O-Dog or Lil' Kim! (Even if they own the company!)

Squidward Tentacles & his boss Mr. Krabs.  Doesn't he look excited?
Although there are many other pitfalls that some of us get sucked into such as being an office gossiper, the staff whore or like Squidward Tentacles, the plain ole' disgruntled employee, avoiding these negative traits will enhance your work experience. Even if they don't get you that much anticipated promotion, they most certainly will give you a good looking recommendation.

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