Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Perks of Dating An Older Man!

If you or someone you know has a thing for...well...an older guy, you shouldn't be so quick to question or judge. Older men are quite different, in that they have a wealth of knowledge to share with the younger generation and seem to like things to move a bit slower in their relationships. Some other perks are among these:

1.  There's a 'daddy-like' protective quality about him that you just don't get with a 25yr. old.

2. He has experience (in & out of the bedroom) and doesn't take forever to make a sound decision.

3. He treats you like  his princess and buys you candy, chocolate and 'treats' he knows you fancy.

4. He takes his time and doesn't rush into things because he's done it so many times before, he wants to feel you out first. (Then up! Hee hee! ; )

5. He goes to bed early enough to not call you for a booty call at 2a.m!

6. He has children that are grown or just about, so no 'baby mama drama'.

7. He knows the new tunes and can teach you all the old ones too!  Can I say John Lennon?

8. He gazes into your eyes while making love as if your souls have meshed into one.

9. He opens doors for you, drives to the sidewalk for you and pulls out your seat for you! Do young          men even do that anymore? Jokes!

10. He's not THAT insecure anymore and knows who he is and what he stands for.

11. He has loads of interesting stories to tell you throughout the course of his life like how he had warts on his hands as a child from catching tadpoles and frogs.

12. He takes his life more seriously and now actually considers his mortality and the mark he's leaving on the world when he is gone.

13. You will give your folks the shock of their life when your dad sees that this is the guy he worked with 15 years ago!!!

14.  He has his own place and his own stuff!

15. He is intellectual and can engage you in a healthy and engrossing conversation.

16. His graying hair and slight crow's feet are hot!
George Clooney
17. He believes in men cleaning up behind themselves and is organized. (If he doesn't, this guy hasn't yet fully matured!)

18. He cares greatly about his appearance and how he presents himself to the rest of the world.

19. He tries to 'let loose' every so often, pretending he's 18 again... to your enjoyment.. and humour! He's timeless and always ready to try something new.

20. He knows a whole lot of people and can pull strings when/if necessary.

21. He'll understand if you say that you want to wait a while before giving up 'tha nookie'.

22. He doesn't attack you for the slightest, pettiest things and surprisingly has a 'good way' to argue about anything.

23. He's not lazy and pays close attention to detail. Interesting!

24. He's not a video game freak and spends his time learning or doing something constructive.

25. He will walk to the ends of the Earth to see you and is not counting the things that he does to please you.

26. You can talk religion, sex, or politics and still have a satisfying discussion.

27. He doesn't like to text, so no 'blurps' all day long!

28. Likes watching Lifetime so the two of you can canoodle all evening in front of LMN.

29. 'Mama' has long passed so there's no 'Mama's Boy'to deal with but mommy sure seems to like him.

30. He can teach you a thing or two in his area/s of expertise.

Kim K Shows Off 'The Ring'!

        Kim Kardashian flaunts her $2 million engagement ring while attending a fashion event in Monaco. She and her fiance, Kris Humphries are there celebrating the engagement.

Although this is NOT Kim's first time being married, I'm not 100% sold on the idea. My observations say that Kim is very much into herself and I personally don't see her being 'wifey material'.  I mean she looks great on TV and in 'videos' and all but that's as far as I can see.  The family, namely her Mom and sisters are involved in just about every aspect of her life and I don't see that changing either.  Once this dude's like Bruce Jenner, then he'll be quite content! 

Sean Kingston Hospitalized.

Sean Kingston

American born hip-hop artist Sean Kingston ( Kisean Anderson) has been hospitalized on Sunday evening, following a horrible jet-ski accident involving himself and a female passenger. The pair reportedly crashed into a bridge.
Bridge at Palm Island & MacArthur Causeway

Around 6p.m. Sunday, they were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he is currently listed in stable, but critical condition. Police do not believe that alcohol was a factor in the crash, however, are investigating.

The star debuted in 2007 with his album entitled "Sean Kingston" which featured the very popular song "Beautiful Girls".  Kingston, now 21, was born in Florida, but raised in Jamaica and attended high school in Ocho Rios.

I pray for his full recovery as this was a very tragic incident. Jonathan Rivera, a Coast Guard said it was his day off and he was simply riding his boat around Star Island, when two people on a jet-ski beckoned him for help. He said that Kingston's life vest had come off and that the people trying to rescue him had difficulties doing so because of the star's weight.  He said that the female passenger was wearing her vest and complained that her head hurt. When he jumped into the water, Rivera said that Kingston was coughing up blood and convulsing, but was still responsive and spoke at a point during the rescue.

According to tabloids, many of the artists' friends are concerned and wishing the best for him. Tennis star Serena Williams just visited him in hospital today and here's what she had to say via Twitter:
"I am thankful that I have today. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I'm gonna make every day the best I can.  LoveuSeankingston."

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bone Thugs & Harmony

Bone Thugs & Harmony, a group that I have known and loved since I was about 14 years old. This is a hub that I wrote over on http://hubpages.com/hub/Bone-Thugs-Harmony but I thought it should be added to my blog.  
A hip-hop/rap group, originally consisting of five members, Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Wish and Flesh. All from Cleveland, Ohio, they signed with Ruthless Records under the late Eazy-E of NWA in 1994. Their first official album being 'Creepin' on a Come Up'. Songs such as Thuggish Ruggish Bone and Foe da Love of $ featured on this album.
Their harmonious and individual styles mesh together so well and their hardcore "leatherface" lyrics that are so rhythmic seem to penetrate the soul for the ultimate music experience.  I believe that even people that dislike rap music would agree that this group is one set of talented guys! The way they flow through verses is mesmerizing and leaves you to wonder how they could possibly make a song about violence, Armageddon, warfare on one hand, then peace, love and the crossroads on the other, sound so beautiful!
They released their second album, East 1999 Eternal in 1995. This was the album that got me hooked! The Crossroads, my favourites, 1st of Tha Month, Land of Tha Heartless and Mo Murder all featured on this album, selling more than four million copies in the United States and more than ten million world-wide. The album was released for months after Eazy-E's death. Even music critics could not argue that their melodic style of rap was genius and earned positive reviews.
Over the years since, they have released numerous new albums both within the group and launched their own solo careers. They remain my favourite rap group to this day and I'm pretty sure that I know the lyrics of more than 50% of their songs. Shockingly, it has surfaced that Krayzie left the group last month. The others believe that it was because of a feud with Bizzy Bone but we all know that no matter what, they made lovely, harmonious music together for a very long time and saw many hardships to get where they all are today. Whatever path he chooses beyond this, I'm confident will be a success.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Waistline Assassins!

Dancing, during the break of my P90X DVD

Starting on New Year's Day of 2011, I decided to whip my body into shape and take my health more seriously. Since that time, I've successfully dropped about 20lbs. (19lbs. to be exact), and am feeling better than ever. Just waking down the street seems easier and sort of like I'm going to 'lift off' now that I'm so much lighter. I still would like to lose another 15 - 20lbs but am much more patient this time around.  I say "this time around" because about 6 years ago, I went on a strict starvation regimen that included all sorts of weight loss pills and unhealthy eating habits.  I did, however, manage to lost close to 40lbs but because I did it the wrong way (basically by starving), not only did I start to look ghastly and gaunt, but the weight came flying back because when I finally started eating again, my body wanted it! All of it! My mom was of no help either cooking roast beef at Dad's every whim and begging me to eat it. Oh... and did I want to!

 My final pregnancy video at 38 weeks.

Well, since the birth of my daughter in January 2009, at a whopping 10lbs 5oz, I need not say that I got ridiculously out of shape and my belly looked like a hot (or not-so-hot) mess! The scariest thing for me was hitting 200lbs once again. I knew I had to do something about it because I want to be fit enough to keep up with my now 8 and 2 yr old and because I want to live to see them grow up and have families of their own. Since losing all of that weight the first time, I had an archive of Oxygen Magazines, Women's and Men's Health Mags stacked away in a box for years.  The wealth of knowledge that these magazines have given me over the years is priceless and it would be a cardinal sin to just toss them in the trash. The principles are still the same when it comes to fitness. Unlike the first go-round though, I am determined to make it a life-long process and to do it the healthy and more patient way. (Which I greatly lack but am working on)!

My gorgeous & ginormous 10.5oz daughter Milani, at 1 week old.
 The following are a few things I've learned that KILL the waistline and are absolutely detrimental to anyone's fitness endeavours. Learning to avoid these waistline murderers will be your best step in reaching success with your fitness goals.

1. Fake Sugar - In moderation, these can be a great way to calm that sweet tooth for 0 calories but in excess, they only lead to more cravings so go lightly.

2. Lack of Fiber - We require about 25 - 35 grams of fiber daily and on the Western side of the world, we usually don't get half of that in regular meals. Fiber is needed to keep things moving and fills your gut so you feel satisfied for a longer period of time because it takes longer to digest. This is probably why when you get a combo from a fast food joint, you're hungry in an hour's  time because it has hardly no fiber. Great sources are flaxseed, once ground.  For the more squeamish or those unfamiliar with health foods, Metamucil or Benefiber can be a great way to add fiber without the taste or texture. With time and determination, you actually start to crave more high fiber foods to give you that satiated feeling without being "stuffed".

3. Stressing Out - Stress ups cortisol levels which is a stress hormone.  Cortisol kills the metabolism and wreaks havoc on your appetite. Continuously high levels of this leads slowly to accumulation of fat around the midsection (the most dangerous).  Try taking at least 30 minutes daily to relax and forget about your daily stresses. Meditation, walking, a trip to the park or the beach can greatly distract you from your worries and balance your stress levels.

4. Refined Foods - Fructose, maltose and high fructose corn syrup (dreaded words to the fitness enthusiast) all are cheaply manufactured. Thus, piled into processed goods. Once it comes in a package that does NOT say 'Organic', it is highly refined and more than likely filled with sugar and/or excess sodium.

5. Medications - We all know that certain medications such as anti-cancer, anti-depressants and steroids cause weight gain because of their pharmacological make up and side effects on the body.

6. Biggie-sizing - This one goes without even saying! Many of us don't even know that a simple #2 combo from Wendy's or Burger King totes about a whopping 2,000 calories!!! (Yea...be surprised!)  That's an entire days worth of calories so just imagine how much more you're adding when you super-size a meal! If you've ever watched the documentary Super-size Me, then you will see the damage being done to your body by these kinds of meals on a continuous basis. Being the curious cat that I am, when I decide to lose weight, I ask for a nutritional list at the restaurant but since this is The Bahamas, that's not always available. All of the well known fast food places have websites that you can go to to find this much needed information and I do take advantage of this. Here are just a few of the more popular restaurants' nutritional pages you may find helpful:
McDonald's Biggie Fries
Burger King



Taco Bell


Kentucky Fried Chicken

Domino's Pizza

Marco's Pizza

7. Bad Posture - Oh Boy! This is one I have been guilty of just about all my life! I can hear my mom now telling me to "straighten up your back child!" Mommy has been yelling for years for me to sit up straight  but I must say that sitting like Quasimodo was just so much more comfortable! Lately, I've been paying much more close attention to my posture because it really distorts your figure. After carrying a 10lb baby, I need not say that I began having back problems and slouching only made it worse. Sitting/standing upright burns calories also because it takes effort to constantly support your back, suck in that gut and lift up your head!
Bad Posture

8. Thinking Fat & Weight Are The Same - No! They are not! Weight (the number on the scale) is determined by many factors such as water retention, lean muscle mass and food that's already in your gut. Base your fat loss on measurements and how your clothes fit rather than that number.  It took me a long time to finally  let go of this way of thinking. For many, like myself, when the number on the scale doesn't move or you see a pound extra, you tend to get discouraged and quit trying to lose. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat so if you frequently do resistance exercises, you will gain muscle weight and be heavier on the scale, but remember, the more muscle you have, the less fat will be there because the body uses up more energy to control and maintain those muscles.

9. Where You Eat - Studies have shown for years that people who sit on their beds or on the couch and in front of a television, eat more than those who sit at a dinner table. To feel more in control of the amount of food you're eating, try eliminating the distractions such as the TV.

10. Overworking The Liver - The body's own purification tool. Too much alcohol, medications and not enough water to flush out toxins lead to belly bulge.
OK in moderation

11. Beer - In the last 5 years or so I've started to appreciate the enjoyment of an ice cold Heineken or Budweiser on a steamy hot day. But loaded with sugar and carbs, it is not, by any means, something I indulge in more than once or twice a week. Even the so-called 'low-carb' ones, still aren't friendly to our waistlines. They don't call it a 'beer belly' for nothing hun!

12. Dehydration - We are mostly made up of water and require water to stay hydrated and to flush bad toxins from the body. Not drinking enough of it leaves us not only thirsty, but sometimes even hungry too because dehydration causes a myriad of problems and unwanted symptoms such as weight gain. In The Bahamas, although it's always sweltering around 90 degrees, people would prefer sugary juices, sodas and Kool-aid over water. Water is life! This is one of the reasons why we, as a nation, are so grossly overweight.  The other day I was at a store with a friend and a gentleman offered to buy us something to drink at the check-out counter. I said "I'll take water", and as I eagerly reached for the Aquafina jug, the guy shivers and says "OooH...but water doesn't have any taste!?", in sheer horror like I pulled a gun or something! This is sad... when good, plain, fresh water has become an abomination! : )
Wonderful water

These tips will help you to start paying closer attention to the choices you make when it comes to your health. Never consider yourself too young, or too old to start making positive changes to boost your health and fitness routine and last, but not least, don't forget to exercise!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Biggest Workplace Pitfalls!

Although you're punctual, a team player and pay close attention to details in your work, you may still be sabotaging your career growth unknowingly.

This list consists of things that most of us are guilty of on the job and that inevitably stagnates career growth:

Downplaying Accomplishments - Most of the time, your boss is far to busy to even notice you busting your butt on a project scheduled to be handed in...well, tomorrow! Rather than wait on him/her to come and ask for it, snag their attention as they whiz pass your desk and let them know that not only have you completed it, but that you are confident it is better than even you had expected.

Improper Speech - Once you've read my page 'Native Tongue', you should understand the importance of practising proper speech. No corporate professional wants to be talked to as if the're buying a half bag through an alleyway! Bad speech not only undermines your professionalism but your education level as well! When you appear sure of your point and are able to express it in an authoritative manner, you seem more confident and competent. If you don't believe yourself, who else will?

Settling Instead of Negotiating - Time to stop settling for whatever you are given. If you feel as though you are well experienced in a certain area or have more knowledge to bring to the table, negotiate the terms of your salary. (Do your research first)! Companies not only expect this but actually budget for for it. I feel as though in this 'every man for himself' kind of world, if you don't demand certain things, not only will you never get them... but others will not even stop to ponder whether or not you deserve them!

Being Stuck In a Comfort Box - Women often don't get as far ahead as we'd like to because of one dreaded, prevalent word...FEAR! The same goes for men.  Fear of rejection, criticism and sometimes even responsibility causes us to stay put in our 'zone of comfort'. In order to push yourself to greater heights and learn hidden talents and capabilities, we must force ourselves out of that comfort box and do something we're not used to every so often. Whether it is a task in a different department or a new career path altogether, my motto is "Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway!" (one of my favourite books, by the way). You'll never know unless you try. You may even surprise yourself!

Dressing Inappropriately - The saying goes "Dress For Success"! When you look the part, combined with all the above mentioned qualities, you are well on your way to be taken seriously and considered for more responsibility.  Hardly ever will you see an executive dressed like O-Dog or Lil' Kim! (Even if they own the company!)

Squidward Tentacles & his boss Mr. Krabs.  Doesn't he look excited?
Although there are many other pitfalls that some of us get sucked into such as being an office gossiper, the staff whore or like Squidward Tentacles, the plain ole' disgruntled employee, avoiding these negative traits will enhance your work experience. Even if they don't get you that much anticipated promotion, they most certainly will give you a good looking recommendation.

Sweet Scents For Sweet Dreams!!!

Difficulty Level: Pretty Easy

You may have heard about Dream Pillows, which are becoming increasingly popular for people who wish to have more relaxing sleep and lucid dreams. These are sachets of herbs and essential oils that are small enough to be placed within the pillowcase of your own pillow to enhance the quality of your slumber.

Dating from the early 1900's, aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine, has been used to alter a person's mental state, mood, cognitive abilities and memory functions. Numerous studies have proven a significant correlation between one's memory, which captures and stores scents from birth, and the odours we smell from day to day. Ever notice when you smell something like Old Spice or shaving creme, how far back it takes you or how vividly it reminds you of a certain person? For me, I say Old Spice because it reminds me ever-so-clearly of one of my uncles who lived together with my grandmother and I growing up.

The same concept applies during sleep!  You can actually control the quality of your sleep and the dreams you have by the use of aromatherapy! For many years, healers have used this principle for the sick and to even put fussy babies to sleep!

Start sleeping like a baby tonight by making your own Dream Pillow:  

Needed Are

Basic sewing ability. (If you lack that then fabric glue will do!)

Two pieces of fabric about 6" x 11' (Any fabric will do, however, I would choose silk.)

Small mesh bag.

Relaxing herbs/flowers/essential oils such as Lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and jasmine.

Orris root (used for retaining the wonderful scents)

Needle & thread



Velcro (For making your sachet removable for washing cover).


Turn fabric for your cover inside out and stitch around 3 sides. Then fill your mesh bag with herbs, orris root and about 6 - 8 good drops of essential oils, then securely tie the bag with string.

Sew Velcro onto the opened sides of your silk cover (or whatever kind of fabric you choose). Lastly, place your mesh bag into the silk cover and stuff around it with batting or cotton to fill the surrounding space and close your Velcro. There you have it!

Now you have your very own comfort pillow to help you sniff your way to sweet dreams and more restful sleep! Pretty easy right?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tererai Trent, A True Story of Inspiration!!!

Dr. Tererai Trent
We have all had those heart-warming moments on TV where we just find ourselves crying from so deeply within that our faces are the ugliest it has ever been. Not too often do I have those moments, and when I do, they are few and far apart.

Today, I had one of those moments. As I hesitantly watched the Oprah Show (I say hesitantly because I felt compelled to catch the final few episodes since I had not watched it for 2 years!), she talked about her favourite moments of the show and about people who were truly an inspiration to others.  Just as I was about to change the channel, she started to talk about a lady named Tererai Trent, who was from rural Zimbabwe.  A place where women were considered inferior  to men and were completely oppressed. Tererai and her family had no electricity or running water, which was the norm for the people there. Her father would constantly say how her brothers "needed" to be educated as they were tomorrow's breadwinners.  This made young Terarai's heart ache because she had wanted the same thing.

Tererai yearned for an education since her early childhood. Living in a country where only boys where allowed to be schooled and women were married off at a tremendously young age, Tererai would try to educate herself by sneaking and reading her brothers' school books and  doing their homework. She learned to read and write by doing this.

Somehow, a teacher found out about her secret efforts and ambitions and pleaded to her father to allow her  to attend school.  Tererai only completed two terms before she was married off at the age of 11!  By the age of 18, Tererai had already had three children. Almost unheard of in this part of the world, this was life for females in Zimbabwe.  When her husband heard of her dreams, he would beat her on a daily basis. She says that she has nightmares of that period of her life.

A visitor from Heifner International, Jo Luck, had visited Tererai's area in 1991 and changed her life forever.  She asked all the girls who were present what their dreams were. Although many of the other girls had none, not even believing that they could dream, Tererai said that she dreamt of moving to America and having an education. Not just a high school diploma either! Tererai said that she wanted to have a bachelor's degree, a master's and then her PhD. Tererai said Jo Luck looked straight at her and said that "if she desires those things, they are achievable."

Tererai's mother had also hoped her daughter could break the vicious cycle of poverty and encouraged her to take her dreams seriously. She instructed her to write her dreams onto a piece of paper, bury it and cover it with a rock.  Tererai did this. She fervently believed in these dreams she had had and wanted to accomplish them in order to help other females going through what she had for so long.

Tererai, in 1998, accomplished the first of her dreams by moving to Oklahoma with her then husband and five children.  All of Tererai's dreams were far from reality but just three years later, she earned her bachelor's degree in agricultural science.  Her husband's mentality was so primitive, in his mind that he could not stand to see a woman with more knowledge than he had and so he continued to abuse her. It was not until 2003, that he was deported out of the country for this very reason and Tererai earned her master's degree!

After she had achieved each dream, Tererai would return home to Zimbabwe, exume her dream tin and check off her accomplishments. She had one final dream to check off her list and did so in December 2009 by earning her doctoral degree!

Tererai continues to travel back home and with the help of her mother, they distribute stationary items to help girls in Zimbabwe. They even give them metals tins, as Tererai had had, to write down their dreams and bury them.  The story doesn't end there...

Dr. Trent on The Oprah Show
While on the Oprah Show today, Oprah, like myself, had become overtaken by tears. This was such an incredibly touching story of true faith and determination that Oprah donated  ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Tererai in order to start a school for children in her native land! This school ultimately will assist around 4,000 children in Zimbabwe in achieving their dreams. Oprah herself, had been so touched by this powerful story of personal triumph because of all the trials and tribulations she once had as a poor, black girl growing up in a once, segregated Mississippi.

Miracles happen everyday! I am a walking miracle as I was not supposed to be alive to tell my story or anyone else's for that matter since that horrible car accident in October 2009 that nearly killed me and my family.  The most incredible part of this story is that Tererai, like myself, had beaten the odds. But not only  had she beaten them, but took them down with full force! The second most amazing thing is that she wants  the very same for others like her. She knows how much harder it is to survive without a decent education.

Dr. Trent & Former U.S President Bill Clinton
When you have come to a point of success in life or feel as though you have reached an important goal, it is important to show your thankfulness to God by sharing what you have learned with others. It is the least you can do to show your appreciation by giving back. This story was so compelling, that I thought I would share with you to motivate and encourage you all to never give up on your dreams! ; )

Watch a clip of her story at: http://www.oprah.com/world/Tererai-Trent-Returns-to-Zimbabwe-to-Share-Her-Story-Video

Makeup Pouch Basics

Basic Look
As a working female and Make-up Artist, cosmetics are substantially important to my everyday life.  Most people I know are either not that into "putting on their face" in the mornings or are only truly familiar with very few cosmetic products.  Which isn't the end of the world by any means, however, I have become friends with so many different forms of make-up over the years, that I rarely get caught in public without it! There is, of course the small pouch that I carry with me from day to day, to which, I may add a few things occasionally or remove from and THEN...there's The Master Bag (as I call it) that sits at the top of my closet and is almost as heavy as my daughter! (Who is 30lbs by the way!) This is the 'store-it-all' bag that hold various shades of various brands of various items and is used more  for professional purposes, although I help myself to what I need every so often.

As a young adult, I can vividly recall family members asking me as I made my way out to the grocery store " And where exactly do you think YOU'RE going? To the Beaux Ball?", to which I'd respond "Uh..no...not really!"  Living in a tropical country where the average temperature is around 90° it's extremely impractical as well as uncomfortable to wear a full face of make-up for 8 - 10 hours on a daily basis! With trial and error though, you can find the right products to keep you feeling clean and looking cute at the same time.

It normally takes me no more than 5-10 minutes to 'put my face on' and be out. Here are the basics that get me out the door in no time:

Revlon Liquid Colour Stay Foundation - This baby glides on smooth, leaves no track lines and dries to blend right in with my complexion, giving me a more natural but evenly toned face. The oily skin formula leaves a matte finish and shine doesn't peek through. For about $12 this is affordable and well worth it.

*Ladies! Always remember to blend your foundations/powders not only around your face but also the areas surrounding and beneath it to avoid looking like Bozo The Clown*

Eye/Lip Liner - Gently contouring brows and lining the lower eye makes them pop and already gives you a near finished look. I have a natural mole below my lips so I like to bring that out as well. I usually use dark brown or black, applied gently.

Mascara - I absolutely adore mascara and think it is a cosmetic marvel! I always go for the ones that not only separate your lashes but add maximum volume and length, such as Avon's Super Extend which is one of my favourites. I have always loved my big, beautiful eyes and think mascara only makes them appear even more beautiful. Of course it doesn't hurt when you need a daunting favour from a guy and you bat your charming lashes at him either! Can you say 'damsel in distress'?
Avon Super Extend Mascara 

Lip Gloss - I have never been a huge lipstick fan and I believe for one reason on many different occasions. The reason? The scent! OMG! I will never forget my grandma's addiction to Fashion Fair Cosmetics. Growing up, this was all she used and the smell of their lipstick made me nauseous! Speaking of nauseous, during my first pregnancy with my son, even a whiff of  any kind of lipstick (make-up, perfume, deodorant, and fast food joints, to name a few) just made me have to spin my head around like the girl on The Exorcist to throw up! Hence, I do not wear lipstick and if I do want some more prominent colour on my lips, I'd always just dab a dot on  there, smack 'em together and smudge. Problem solved!

Blush - I don't wear blush too often, but choose to when I have more time to play around with my face and when it's not so bloody hot! My blush trick is to smile and blend from the apple of the cheek up to the sides of the eyes (naturally flushed area) and then blend. As a woman of mocha complexion, I go for a deep shade like plum that gives a warm hue on darker skin tones. Women of colour especially should  really avoid high pink or orange blush!

Other necessities in the pouch are: 
*Note that these are not used everyday*

Make-up sponges 
Liquid Liner 
Loose Powder
6 Shade Eyeshadow (These change according to my mood as well as the weather).
Metallic Shadows

There you have it! These basics should be all you need to complete your look. Customize, where necessary, to match your overall skin tone and texture and don't forget to play up those special features that you love either!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Combating PMS!

You really are what you eat! Especially around your monthly cycle. Believe it or not, the kinds of foods women eat just before the onset of their period can help to lessen those ravaging PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) symptoms and can keep you as cool as a cucumber approaching that dreaded 'time of the month'.

PMS symptoms typically occur around 5 to 11 days before the onset of your period and vary from person to person. These tormenting symptoms often include: 

  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches 
  • Moodiness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Constipation
  • Forgetfulness
  • Low sex drive
  • Poor self image
  • Sleep problems
  • Food cravings
  • Clumsiness
  • Low tolerance to light and sound
  • Acne
In order to lessen the severity of these symptoms however, here are a few things you can try:

Start with a Healthy Breakfast! 

A healthy combo of protein and complex carbohydrates will keep your blood sugar levels stable for a much longer time and will stave off hunger longer as well. This keeps you from crashing before lunch. About two eggs, a slice of whole wheat toast and a piece of fruit would be ideal.  

Eat Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

The high levels of essential nutrients and Omega 3's found in fish such as salmon/tuna or in nuts (in moderation) regulate your hormones and stop spikes, which render you a premenstrual monster! Try to get at least a serving of these daily, leading up to your period. 

Ease Up on Caffeine!

Caffeine raises cortisol (stress hormone) levels which is the last thing you need around that time!

Take Magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that has a calming effect on the body and combats irritability. Lentils and whole grains have loads of it but I'd opt for a supplement in order to get an adequate amount. 

So the next time you come across a female who just seems like a total bitch, just think...either she really is one... or, is just totally PMS'ing!

Tha' 'Governator' & His Secret Love Child!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

What the hell? Now I have been shocked over the years by numerous stories of notable people being caught up in scandals and controversy but this one just slapped me right in the face!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austrian American ex-body builder, model, businessman and actor turned politician  has fathered a secret love child about ten years ago, we learned this week! To add insult to injury, the child's mother has been employed by "The Governator" for more than twenty years! I know, I know...catch your breath AND your bottom lip while you're at it!

Arnold became the 38th Governor of California in 2003 until 2011. This goes to show that life is truly more than we see with the naked eye! Over the years, many people have come to love and respect him because of his uber protagonist roles in top box office movies such as Hercules in New York, The Incredible Hulk, Conan The Barbarian, Commando, The Running Man and of course, The Terminator, to name a few.

Schwarzenegger bought the child's mother, Mildred 'Patty' Baena, a four bedroom house with a pool and has claimed responsibility for the child since birth financially.  It comes as a total surprise and devastation, I am sure, for his wife Maria Shriver, to whom he has been married for 25 years! Shriver moved out of their home after deciding to 'terminate' the marriage upon finding out the news. 

Schwarzenegger is asking the paparazzi to respect the privacy of his wife and family because they don't deserve the negative attention and criticism.  At this point, I don't think that she will ever be able to trust again. I usually don't get too mentally involved in Hollywood stars' personal lives but this is one that touches my heart. I mean we all have some skeletons in our closets but this one is literally life sized! How do you even begin to heal after this? My prayers are with her indeed! 

Arm Candy!

Women are taught from an early age that she should always have a cute purse/bag to complete her look. My daughter is only two years old and already crying to wear my bags when we go out!

 I'm sure it happens to us all at some point or another, we see a bag that is Oh! SooOooo hot, it makes you take a second look and ask "Where'd you get your bag if you don't mind?"

The point for me is that I have young children and so I need enough space to tote a sippy cup, wipes, a spare diaper and maybe even snacks. I CANNOT do the small clutch thingy unless I'm going to a formal function.

Here are a few that I just love and would like to be added to my 'wishlist':

Jimmy Choo Tote

Tan Leather Shoulder Bag


Louis Vuitton Boetie MM

Miu Miu Handbag

Apple Bottom - Apple of Shade Satchel



Chloe Ruby Red Paratay Leather Bag

Jimmy Choo Batheth Large Snake skin trimmed Raffia Tote

Noma Monaco Tote Bag

Juicy Bling Daydreamer Bag
JC Bling CrossBody

Viaro Weekend Leather

Sue Views