Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lazy Man's Trick for Better Mental health, Memory and Moods.

There are simple ways to better your day if you take advantage of these natural mechanisms of the body that most people take for granted. Here are a few to make you look and feel much better without spending heaps of money and the best part is, that you can try them anywhere:

Yawning - Not the best thing to do in the middle of class or at a meeting (you still can though), but this little, oftentimes contagious, natural occurance takes place to replenish your body's much needed air supply. In addition, the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia did brain scans that show where yawning activates the areas of the brain primarily responsible for social awareness and empathy so give your brain a good 'pick me up' and yawn as often as you wish. Too bad everyone else around you will be yawning too.

Blinking - Not flirt, but blink. It's optimal for healthy eyesight. This simple action moisturizes the eyeballs with a tear film, hereby washing away dirt and giving nutrients to the cornea, promoting good vision.

Proper Breathing - Deep, slow and controlled breaths help to lower our blood pressure, calms anxiety, asthma and helps to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with exercise as well as other sorts of pain. It helps us when we're stressed or upset, because most unknowingly hold our breath during tense moments, thus intensifying our distress. To ensure that you are breathing properly, place your hand on your abdomen, inhaling slowly through the nose (stomach should expand) and out by mouth. Repeat this 6 times and you should feel your body begin calm itself.

Napping - This is a no brainer. The body needs sleep in order to replenish itself. We also need to take naps in order to give the hippocampus the ability to process information without overloading. With doing this, we can learn more and prevent brain fog. Limit naps to about 30-45 mins and only do it during the day so that at bedtime, you don't have a problem dozing off for the night.

Standing up Straight - Good posture can prevent straining our muscles, pain and fatigue. It also helps you to look thinner, taller and makes you feel more confident. While standing, pretend as if you have a string attached to your head and you're being pulled upward. Square your shoulders back and tuck in that tummy.

Laughing - My personal favorite. This truly is the best medicine. Laughter lowers the levels of stress hormones that suppress your immune system, according to research and has similar effects to exercise. It lifts the spirits and boosts dopamine levels, which makes it ever so enjoyable. Like a drug, laughter activates your brains pleasure central.

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